suzuki 650

94’ DR 650

I did a Super-motard thing with this bike about 12 years ago. The transformation was breath-taking. It has a very tight low mileage engine and kicks like a thai boxer. This is an Italian import too and came over here without a spec of rust. Again, it fell into my hands under ridiculous circumstances. I made the stainless steel exhaust which is 2 inch internal diameter straight through un-baffled. Yeh it kinda wakes the kids up for sure. Other than get the new rims laced up with st.steel spokes and rubbered , only other thing I made was the chain guard.  I had a tonn of fun on this bike though recently its being re-modelled into a flat-track styled hybrid. Ive shortened the forks by three inches , got rid of the tank , seat and back end and will chop off everything backwards of the swinging arm spindle so I can drop the ride height dramatically. Updates to follow.