‘Fujizuka’ mound in Shizuoka dates to Edo Period, survey shows

FUJI, Shizuoka Prefecture–Local officials here confirmed that a famed “fujizuka” (mound representing Mount Fuji) dates to at least the 18th century.

Located near Tagonoura beach in the Suzukawanishi-cho district in the city, Suzukawa no Fujizuka was originally considered for nomination as a UNESCO World Heritage site, but the plan was eventually dropped because little was known about the history and origins of the site. Mount Fuji was inscribed on the World Heritage list in 2013.

The Fuji city government began excavating the 4.5-meter-high mound in December. Measuring 15 meters in diameter, the mound site contained fragments of Hizen ceramics, as well as stones from the nearby shoreline. 

While the stones appear to have been piled up on the mound to show respect for Mount Fuji, the officials expect the potsherds to date to the 18th century. Read more.