Welcome to Suzoria!


- Wifi Rules -

  • You can take fruit (just not…ALL the fruit..), catch bugs, fish, shop, whatever.
  • Please don’t trample the flowers. I’m bad enough at taking care of them anyway.
  • No running, please.
  • Please don’t steal my mushrooms. I’m getting them from someone, but don’t have any stumps myself.


If you’d like to run and kill my flowers, here is my Dream Address. Also, my native fruit is oranges.

Dream Villagers: ( * = have)

Eunice*, Grizzly*, Ruby, Cole, Mitzi*, Renne*, Mint*, Lyman*, Kidd

I literally haven’t updated my dream town in almost a year. Villagers keep moving into bad spots and as soon as I CAN update it, I will. I think it might be fall in my game still. :/