A theory

Dirk gets to choose who the boy is because the prophecy is so vague so I think Dirk gets to kinda pick who’s going to save Wendimoor.. at first he thinks Arnold Cardenas and a lot of people were thinking Project Molluch (?i can’t spell) BUT the only person Dirk brought was Todd so this Todd is the boy. I don’t think the boy aspect matters as much as the fact of Dirk going to Wendimoor does.. while the boy does save Wendimoor I don’t think for a second that the boy (who everyone is going to believe is Todd) does it alone.


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What fall food brings you comfort? -nightlyvampirekakyoin

@nightlyvampirekakyoin: I’ve had a soft spot for ramen ever since @soothixg and @sometimesquatro cooked a big bowl of it for me the first time I went to Japan. It’s usually too humid to bother with soup when I’m in Florida, but I’ve always enjoyed the fall traditions of dressing up in cuddly sweaters, watching the leaves fall, pumpkin spice (much to Suzie’s chagrin), and eating lots of soup.

…I didn’t get why Miss Holly and Miss Suzie were giggling so much (and why Jotaro was so embarrassed) until Grandpa Joestar asked me outright when Jotaro and I were going to give him great-grandkids. We were in college, and had only just started dating! I love Grandpa Joseph dearly, but I was mortified.