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You said you liked Macbeth, what do you think of Lady Macbeth? She was my favorite part of the play

Oh my God, dear Anon, oh my God oh my God. I adore Lady Macbeth. I love her so much. She is my favorite Shakespeare character ever. 

(––like okay, I’m pretty sure she and the entire Fairy Court of Midsummer Night’s Dream are tied––)

I love her so much. I want to write a book about her. I have done so many drawings of her. I have written poems inspired by her. I have researched her real life historical counterpart and learned to love the name Grouch because of her. I’ve performed her Out Damn Spot scene for a Shakespeare competition and won first place. I have a teeshirt that says “Lady Macbeth’s Hand Soap.”

I’m sorry for the rush of this all, Anon, but you opened the floodgates on my love for Lady Macbeth. 

Jackson Wang OS - Rated M

Jackson walked in to see you leaning your back against the counter, furiously typing away at your phone. You heard the door click but you refused to look his way. You knew it was Jackson, and he was the last person you wanted to see. Immediately he could sense something was wrong, but knowing you, you wouldn’t tell him until you blew up about it weeks later. His steps became slower as he finally met you. “Um, y/n?” He tapped your shoulder awkwardly. You shrugged away from his touch and clenched your jaw. “Yah, what’s wrong? I came to drop off some money for the rent and get a few hours of us time.” He held pulled out a few big won bills and held them to you. You finally had it, you turned your sharp gaze to the money and pushed his hand with a force. “Get out.” You kept your face to the ground and Jackson felt incredibly confused. “What?” He bent his knees to try to see your eyes that were lined with the floor. “Me, Get out?” His grip tightened on the money, and he grabbed your chin to push your face to look at him. “You better fucking tell me what the fuck is going on right now, or else I will walk out that door and I won’t come ba-.” “Then fucking go Jackson! I’m pretty sure you’ll have somewhere else to go! I know I can’t keep up with your schedule all the time and keep our communication strong most of the time, but this is seriously fucked up Jackson!” Tears falling at the end of your sentence. “How am I fucked up?! What the fuck am I supposed to do if I don’t have a fucking clue what’s going on?!” He shouted back in your face as his grip fell to his side. He slammed the money on the counter. “Please do tell me y/n! Tell me what I could’ve possibly done to get kicked out without a notice?” He clenched his jaw and it was clear through his milky skin. “Suzy, Jackson! You’re cheating on me with fucking Suzy!” You hit his chest, which clearly he barely felt. He let a high-mocking laughter up to the ceiling. “Oh my dear. You’re very silly.” He took his glasses off to rub his dark under eyes. “You’re ridiculous… Just absolutely ridiculous!” You looked at him with large eyes. “I’m ridiculous, yet I’m the faithful one? Oh is cheating the new thing in the music industry, I mean… You are very obedient when it comes to moving with the times of your one and only thing which is music?!” You shouted and pushed him. “Stop it! Shut the fuck up!” He slammed his fist against the nearest wall he paced back and forth from. “Oh that’s just great! Another hole for you to fuck!” You laughed, a hint of hurt behind it as you continued to cry. “Oh really? Really y/n?” He grabbed a glass decoration and threw it. You shook your head, turning down the hallway. “What do you think you’re doing?” He shouted, following you behind. “Are you leaving?” You just threw whatever in a bag. He snatched the bag and threw it into the hall before slamming the door and locking it. “Jackson!” You exclaimed, hitting his chest over and over as you cried. “I fucking loved you Jackson! You were my first for everything! Everything.” Your voice grew weak. He grabbed your wrists to stop you but you still fought a little. “I am not cheating on you! I would never cheat on you!” He yelled in your face, causing you to jump. “I love you more than you love me, you were my first and my last for everything, y/n!” His face began to tint red. “I wonder where you got that idea? The fans, or your own brain because… Right now they don’t look too far apart in common sense!” He retorted from your burn about his job. “I don’t have to cheat if I’m perfectly happy where I am y/n!” He made you realize that what you were believing was stupid but your gut continued to twist. He got quiet and the silence sucked the sound out of everything in the room. He attached his lips to yours and pushed his chest, unable to pry his body from yours. Your back was pressed to the wall and you began to kiss him back just as angrily. He bit your bottom lip releasing it and began to trail kisses down your neck. You gasped as he planted his kiss swollen lips and sunk his teeth to suck the clean skin to a big purple bruise when done. He moved to the other side of your neck to mirror the other mark. You held his jaw and cheeks in both hands and moaned loudly. His hands snaked their way up your shirt to rip the bra from every clasp and thread holding it up and dropped it to the ground. He pinched your nipples and smirked against your skin that he was bruising when you let out a groan. “Ja-fuck!” You tilted you head back at the bitter-sweet feeling of his actions. He pushed your shirt up and over your head and pressed kisses to the hickeys. He fiddled with your shorts and sent them to the pool of torn and wrinkled cloth. He turned you to push you to the bed and stood at the end of the bed in between your legs and admired your body. He pulled his shirt off his toned body and a prominent bulge strained his bottoms. He slipped his pants off and left you both in bottoms. He grabbed his shirt and grabbed your wrists. He flipped you over and tied your wrists to the headboard. You moaned when he returned behind you to smack the skin. “I’m not a cheater.” He pulled your panties down and flicked your swollen bud. “Mm, wet already I see?” He licked you up and kissed your folds with his magic, pink lips. You whimpered, tugging at the restraints. “Then show me you love me.” You challenged. He took no time to rip down his briefs and pumped his member to a stiff perfection. He teased your entrance a bit before sinking when he heard you begin to talk. You swallowed whatever was on your tongue, a deep groan harmonizing with his. He slowly thrusted, picking up his pace after a few moments of torturous teasing for both. He smoothed his hand on your bum before smacking it and ran his hand up you back before he grabbed your hair and pulled it back. Your breathing was uneven and you were a vulnerable mess. He fucked you faster when you met his hips slowly. He let go, smacking both cheeks before grabbing them roughly and grunted as he felt your walls get tighter. “Fuck.” He mumbled, holding your bum an dug his nails into the skin lightly as he felt his tummy expand and tighten a few times, indicating his climax near. “Oppa treats you well. Your Oppa isn’t a fucking cheater.” He leaned down to kiss and bite down your back to where he could reach. Your tummy sunk more and more , your legs spreading. He smacked your bum and pulled your hips up. “Keep your ass up y/n.” You nodded and curled your toes. “I’m gonna-fuck! Jackson please faster! Yes. Yes. Yes.” You moaned out as you felt liquid drip down your leg in a rush. He angled his member and hips to press that spot that sent your loud mouth into the mattress with his name flying with cuss words. He grunted and took a deep breath and let it out in choppy sweet moans that you enjoyed coming down to hear. He moaned your name several times before pulling out and kissed and licked up any mess you made on your legs with his tongue. He kissed the red hand marks on your bum, untying you. You turned and looked him in the face. “I-I’m sorry.” Your eyes watered and he shook his head, leaning down to kiss you. He pushed you back to get under the made covers and got under with you. “Suzy couldn’t handle me like you, she’s weak. The girl can’t even walk and talk.” He kissed your cheek and you smiled. “Plus you’re my ideal type no matter what.” He kissed you over and over, drawing circles on your bum to soothe your cries that came out regardless of everything being blown over. “It’s fine.” He mumbled into your hair as your cried quietly into his chest and grew sleepy. “Lets just sleep before I have to go.” He said reluctantly and settled down more to cuddle you to sleep comfortably. “I love you.” Your weak voice cracked out. He nodded and kissed your head and smoothed your hair with his big hand. “I love you too.” He smiled and breathed slowly as he began to fall asleep. You smiled at how hot you guys always got when cuddling but neither wanted to move but wanted to stay and burn up together. You drew up and down his arm muscles and eventually found yourself falling asleep. 

Feel free to request more c: 

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