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“I’m going to live recklessly and take care of people who are bad mouthing me. I’m going to kill bast*** I don’t like. I’ll pick up girls at nightclubs. And I’ll sleep around changing girls every night. <…> Do you want to date with me, No Eul P.D.? Let’s say I die after three months. Just for three months. Deeply in love.

Scheduled New Releases: March 2017 - Week 1

This list will continually be updated when MVs, iTunes links, & additional new release information become available.

APRIL - So, You (digital single)
Release Date: February 26th

Lovelyz - R U Ready? (2nd full album)
Title Track: WoW [MV]
Release Date: February 27th
iTunes -

HIGH4 - Blessed (2nd mini-album)
Title Track: Love Line [MV]
Release Date: February 27th
iTunes -

IMFACT - Please Be My First Love (digital single) [MV]
IMFACTORY Project Part 2
Release Date: February 27th
iTunes -

gugudan - Act. 2 Narcissus (2nd mini-album)
Title Track: A Girl Like Me [MV]
Release Date: February 27th
iTunes -

Ailee -  Remisicing (digital single) [MV]
Release Date: February 27th
iTunes -

Taeyeon (of Girls Generation) - My Voice (1st full album)
Title Track: Fine [MV]
Release Date: February 28th
iTunes -

Code Kunst - Muggles’ Mansion (3rd full album)
Title Track: Fire Water (feat. G.Soul & Tablo) [MV]
Release Date: February 28th
iTunes -

Suzy (of missA) x Park Won - Don’t Wait for Your Love (digital single) [MV]
Release Date: February 28th
iTunes -

K.A.R.D - Don’t Recall (Hidden Version) (digital single) [MV]
Release Date: March 2nd
iTunes -

VICTON - Ready (2nd mini-album)
Title Track: Eyez Eyez [MV]
Release Date: March 2nd
iTunes -

BLANC7 - Prism (debut single album)
Title Track: Yeah [MV]
iTunes -

things i’m thankful for this year
  • exoluxion 
  • exo in chokers and heavy eyeliner 
  • kai’s crying scene in chocobank
  • seeing ksoo cook 
  • sehun saying saying sehun’s anus out loud
  • lucky one hipster photoshoot
  • ot9 bowling + chanyeol’s death 
  • exo-cbx 
  • lay solo album 
  • that’s right my type
  • xiumin’s rap in hey mama 
  • vivi’s debut 
  • ugly gnome outfits
  • infinite challenge 
  • lay’s singing lines in for life chinese ver. 
  • baekhee
  • baekhyun with suzy and k. will 
  • all of lay’s hip thrusting
  • wolf baekchen remix 
  • that one scene of ksoo dancing in the street
  • chen not laughing at suho’s jokes 
  • chanyeol inhaling a burger at 3 am 
  • 11 minutes 
  • all of exordium
  • tao trying to survive the jungle 
  • tao trying to survive the military
  • xiuchen’s park date 
  • bbh’s monster solo
  • chanhun’s rap duet in every song 
  • you’re my 24
  • funniest in exo kim junmyeon 
  • all of exo’s pets 
  • xiumin’s call me bae 
  • 10th prince wang eun 
  • all of kyungsoo’s movies 
  • exo’s abs !!
  • all the autotune in lotto
  • 4th album of the year
  • all 1000 of chen’s osts
  • dear happiness photobook 
  • kai’s singing lines
  • i married an anti fan
  • loving the size
  • suho’s confidence in his own jokes 
  • sehun missing ksoo during the hawaii trip
  • suho’s hawaian shirt 
  • all the exo music video theories 
  • that one shady krislutao reference in lucky one
  • baekxing 
  • all of exomentary 
  • lay’s speech at mama 
  • coming over leather pants
  • xiuchen ft. bbh’s karaoke 
  • suho’s ugly exo cake 
  • sehun’s ot9 instagram pics 
  • kai’s one lotto performance
  • artificial love dance 
  • dancing king 
  • when suho sat on lay’s lap 
  • underground king/black white 
  • all the times bbh lost at LOL 
  • ksoo spitting water on pcy
  • exo vs. exo 
  • chanyeol’s soundcloud covers 
  • ratatatata tactix
  • sekai’s one and only performance
  • lucky one and monster choreography
  • ksoo’s señorita 
  • pcy’s rap in she’s dreaming 
  • triple million sellers 
  • the entirety of she’s dreaming 
  • kai killing the enemies with his dancing in lucky one
  • sehun exploding heads with his beauty
  • chansoo destroying justin bieber’s career 
  • mama being performed 4 yrs after debut 
  • exordium 
  • ex'act era 
  • ot9 
  • exo



source:  DAY6 TV