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things i’m thankful for this year
  • exoluxion 
  • exo in chokers and heavy eyeliner 
  • kai’s crying scene in chocobank
  • seeing ksoo cook 
  • sehun saying saying sehun’s anus out loud
  • lucky one hipster photoshoot
  • ot9 bowling + chanyeol’s death 
  • exo-cbx 
  • lay solo album 
  • that’s right my type
  • xiumin’s rap in hey mama 
  • vivi’s debut 
  • ugly gnome outfits
  • infinite challenge 
  • lay’s singing lines in for life chinese ver. 
  • baekhee
  • baekhyun with suzy and k. will 
  • all of lay’s hip thrusting
  • wolf baekchen remix 
  • that one scene of ksoo dancing in the street
  • chen not laughing at suho’s jokes 
  • chanyeol inhaling a burger at 3 am 
  • 11 minutes 
  • all of exordium
  • tao trying to survive the jungle 
  • tao trying to survive the military
  • xiuchen’s park date 
  • bbh’s monster solo
  • chanhun’s rap duet in every song 
  • you’re my 24
  • funniest in exo kim junmyeon 
  • all of exo’s pets 
  • xiumin’s call me bae 
  • 10th prince wang eun 
  • all of kyungsoo’s movies 
  • exo’s abs !!
  • all the autotune in lotto
  • 4th album of the year
  • all 1000 of chen’s osts
  • dear happiness photobook 
  • kai’s singing lines
  • i married an anti fan
  • loving the size
  • suho’s confidence in his own jokes 
  • sehun missing ksoo during the hawaii trip
  • suho’s hawaian shirt 
  • all the exo music video theories 
  • that one shady krislutao reference in lucky one
  • baekxing 
  • all of exomentary 
  • lay’s speech at mama 
  • coming over leather pants
  • xiuchen ft. bbh’s karaoke 
  • suho’s ugly exo cake 
  • sehun’s ot9 instagram pics 
  • kai’s one lotto performance
  • artificial love dance 
  • dancing king 
  • when suho sat on lay’s lap 
  • underground king/black white 
  • all the times bbh lost at LOL 
  • ksoo spitting water on pcy
  • exo vs. exo 
  • chanyeol’s soundcloud covers 
  • ratatatata tactix
  • sekai’s one and only performance
  • lucky one and monster choreography
  • ksoo’s señorita 
  • pcy’s rap in she’s dreaming 
  • triple million sellers 
  • the entirety of she’s dreaming 
  • kai killing the enemies with his dancing in lucky one
  • sehun exploding heads with his beauty
  • chansoo destroying justin bieber’s career 
  • mama being performed 4 yrs after debut 
  • exordium 
  • ex'act era 
  • ot9 
  • exo

“I’m going to live recklessly and take care of people who are bad mouthing me. I’m going to kill bast*** I don’t like. I’ll pick up girls at nightclubs. And I’ll sleep around changing girls every night. <…> Do you want to date with me, No Eul P.D.? Let’s say I die after three months. Just for three months. Deeply in love.


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K-Netizens Angry Because of What CL Said?

Oh yeah, right, because all the things they’ve said so far do not promote those existing stereotypes CL mentioned… Right… so, I’ll give you some examples.

~ The three eldest members of Brown Eyed Girls (JeA, Miryo and Narsha) are constantly being bashed by netizens for having undergone plastic surgeries. They don’t seem to care however as they have replied with a humours parody of Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” called “Plastic Face” .

Their company doesn’t promote them as much as the group’s youngest member, Gain, because they are “too old” (if you consider 32 “old” ) so, therefore, not as popular as her.

~ Gain was heavily criticized for her performance of “Paradise Lost” for being “too provocative” (because heaven forbid a women being comfortable enough with her body) and therefore stopped promoting it alltogether on music shows and switched to promoting “Apple” , another song from her EP “Hawaah” , which also charted higher than “Paradise Lost” because she was being cute and all instead of mature sexy and confident.

~ When Girls’ Generation choose to release songs with more mature or sexier concepts than their usual cute concepts, they don’t get as muh support from Korean audiencies as they do when they choose to release songs with cute concepts.

~ Tiffany of Girls’ Generation usually gets called stuff like “attention whore” and “slut” because she’s usually more energetic and talkative during live performances and tends to wear sexier outfits than most of the rest.

~ 2NE1 are not as popular in Korea as they are worldwide because of their “strong independent women” image which they never abandoned to fit into Korea’s stereotypes. Bom once said that they don’t get much attention from men in Korea because they are “afraid” on their image, often calling them “scary noonas” . To stay on the dating topic, their CEO forbid them for having any romantic relationships from 2009-2014 to “focus on their career” .

~ CL and Minzy of 2NE1did not fir into Korea’s buty standards when 2NE1 debuted so they were less popular than their bandmates Bom and Dara. As time passed, CL adopted an even sexier image so people continued to judge her and Minzy was even pressured by her mother to have her nose done.

Bom of 2NE1 is constantly criticized by netizens for the plastic surgeries she’s undergone. Ever since the AON tour was over, her CEO, YG has, more or less, locked her up due to the amphetamine scandal and the way netizens and media overreacted.

4minute and more specifically Hyuna are always criticized and slut-shamed for their sexier and more mature concepts.

f(x) are not as popular in Korea as they are overseas due to their more alternative image and music style.

Amber of f(x) is usually teased for her tomboy appearance.

~ Jinri [formerly Sulli of f(x) ] was bullied and fat-shamed to the point where she could no longer handle idol life and was therefore forced to leave her group and abandon her singing carreer.

~ miss A were practically bullied by a reporter into admitting that they cannot, in fact, live without a man while they were promoting their song “I Don’t Need a Man” which promoted independent and strong women.

~ miss A’s Suzy is one of the most popular women in Korea because she describes perfectly the “shy, obedient, timid” sterotypes CL mentioned in her interview.