suzi takes the wheel


I visited my manicurist today to get my Shellac removed. When it comes to my nails, sometimes I feel like I need to take a break and try something that doesn’t require a three week commitment. 

I quickly fell for Suzi Takes the Wheel from OPI’s new Touring collection. It’s the perfect gray-sage mix. My manicurist also showed my Rainbow Connection from the Muppet’s collection. She told me she wanted to try doing a tip with Rainbow Connection and the base as Suzi Takes the Wheel. Let me just say, this made me a little uneasy! Now don’t get me wrong, this girl loveeees sparkle. However, I like classic things as well, and when she said ‘tips’ a horrendous image of chunky, gaudy white tips popped into my head. The whole conversation made me dizzy! OK, I’m being a little dramatic… in the end I figured I would let her go for it. It isn’t Shellac, so I can take it off in a few days if I absolutely hate it. When she was finished, I was pleasantly surprised! I’m in love with this manicure! 

Never mind my fat little fingers, but isn’t it adorable? (Photo taken with Instagram)