Maria Tsaguriya Sept1 

The story of Suzanne Valado, model/artists who in 1894, became the first woman painter admitted to the Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts

 After an accident as a circus acrobat which lead her out of the profession she went on to become a model/Mistress for top artists such as Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec,  Renior and Pierre-Cecile Pucas de Chavannes. She’s famous for the portrait she modeled for Renior, where she is captured braiding her hair. Meanwhile, she observed their technique and learned how to paint.

In 1883 at the age of 18 she gave birth to a son but the identity of the father was a mystery, which great artist was the dad? A man named Miguel Utrillo Y Morlius stepped forward as the father and the son was named Maurice Utrillo. The joke(as told by Diego Rivera)went that Utrillo didn’t mind signing his name to a creation by Renoir or Degas. The son showed signed early onset of mental disease and when it took hold of the 21 year old Maurice, his mother encouraged him paint and he become an awarded artists for his landscape paintings but he struggled with alcoholism and his mental disease having been put into a mental asylum several times.