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Georgia Martin/Suzanne Bittle based on @des-zimbits Gay Hockey Moms AU

women inspiring women

in honor of International Women’s Day, here are some hcs about few of my favorite OMGCP ladies’ female role models

Larissa Duan:  Yayoi Kusama. In grade school her art teacher did a lesson on Yayoi Kusama and she was immediately fascinated with all the bright colors and whimsical patterns and polka dots. It was the first time art actually looked fun to her, and she loved it. She owns Infinity Net, and sometimes when she’s in a slump she reads it or looks at Kusama works to try and spark that feeling from the first time she really truly loved art.

Camilla Collins: Serena Williams. Her little sister plays tennis, too, and Camilla always loved when they were younger and played doubles together just like Serena and Venus. When she was just getting into tennis, she admired Serena for her wicked backhand and serve. Now, though, she loves Serena for everything she represents - bravery, strength, grace, activism, courage. She loves how Serena always stands up for herself and for others, and she tries so hard to emulate that in her own life.

Georgia Martin: Laura Halldorson. Halldorson was her coach when she played hockey for Minnesota, and she really pushed Georgia to take her game to the next level. Still to this day, Georgia credits Coach Halldorson with getting her to the Olympic team. They kept in touch even after Georgia graduated, and it was Coach Halldorson that really encouraged Georgia to get into coaching. When Georgia was offered the HC job for the Falconers, the first thing she did was call Laura, who told her that she deserved it and she would be amazing and she should go for it.

Suzanne Bittle: Allison Bittle. Allison is Suzanne’s older sister, and from the time Suzanne was 3 and Allison was 7, Suzanne wanted to be just like her big sister. Their dad worked a lot, and there were three other kids under Suzanne, so their mom had her hands full, and it was up to Allison to teach Suzanne how to tie her shoe laces and do long division and make macaroni and cheese. She taught Suzanne other things, too - things that Suzanne didn’t even realize she was learning from Allison, like how to stick up for herself, how to be respectful and polite but still assertive, and how to figure out if a boy is worth your time.

Alicia Zimmermann: Audrey Hepburn. Alicia’s mom loved Audrey Hepburn movies, so Alicia grew up loving them, too. She loved how classy Audrey always was while still being pretty badass. Plus Audrey’s work with UNICEF really resonated with her, and she always wanted to be able to help peope - specifically children - like Audrey did. When she needs to slow down and take a minute, she’ll sit down and watch Breakfast at Tiffany’s or Sabrina or My Fair Lady

Roundup: The first half a week of George/Suzanne

The AU in which Bitty’s jock parent is Georgia Martin. So far, I’m the only one who’s published fic or headcanons of these two I think??

1997: George and Suzanne meet again

1992, 1994, 1997: Suzanne bakes her way into George’s heart.

2002 Olympics: George and Suzanne talk strategy for being gay as they plan to move to the South.

How Bitty’s life would have changed in an openly gay family in Georgia

Suzanne Bittle is a cool gay mom.

2013: Bitty tells his moms about his first couple days at Samwell.

2013: Bitty and Jack meet each other’s families at Parents’ Weekend and have a clash of worldviews

2013: Bitty explains to Shitty how growing up surrounded by pro hockey players has affected his perspective on the sport

korean!bitty headcanons 4 ur soul
  • (shoutout to tumblr user hwoozi who i cant tag inspired this)
  • moomaw is full korean, married an american army officer who was stationed in korea during the korean war
    • also im assuming moomaw is suzanne’s mom, so. suzanne is half korean
  • huge asian eyes
    • bitty has monolids
  • loves korean food but doesnt cook it much for ppl outside of family bc he’s used to ppl making rude racist-ass comments abt it :0(
    • (sidenote, he rooted SO HARD for kim chi on s8 of drag race. like he loved bob dont get him wrong but….. kim chi tho. #FirstKoreanQueen)
  • went to two different churches his whole childhood, an anglo catholic church w his dad’s fam & a korean presbyterian church w his mom’s
    • actually likes church a lil bit; finds a korean church near campus within a week of moving into his dorm freshman year
    • catholicism is too overwhelming for him tho
  • speaks semi-fluent korean, wants to get better but samwell doesn’t offer korean so he j talks to his moomaw on the phone a lot
    • his phone’s keyboard has korean as a secondary input option btw, he & his cousin sammi from san fransisco text in korean all the time
      • sammi is helping bitty learn korean bc her dad (suzanne’s brother) married a korean-american woman so sammi was raised speaking korean at home (unlike bitty)
      • incidentally sammi’s mom’s parents r korean immigrants too
  • has been to visit fam in south korea twice, bought TONS OF CLOTHES
    • video chats w his korean cousins a few times a year, they send him cool clothes for christmas
  • loves k-pop sorry
    • knows all the popular choreo j as well as he knows beyonce’s
    • sidenote this brings me to my headcanon that bitty is an actual trained dancer & has been taking class since he was a kid
      • he & a couple of the korean girls from his dance studio formed their own dance crew & learned kpop choreo & choreographed their own stuff
      • he has a separate youtube channel for his dance stuff but he mentions it on his main channel all the time
  • he & jack spend half their honeymoon in canada & the other half in korea

twitter-hikari  asked: knows that they are rare pair trash when that's the essential ships for the majority of their fandoms? How dare you entice me to love George/Suzanne! It makes me have feels. 💞💖💘I'm only sorry that there isn't more content.

Okay here’s more! (AU tag)

George is looking after Dicky at home while Suzanne picks her mother-in-law up at the airport. When they come in the front door she smiles up from a welter of building blocks as Dicky comes running to meet his mama and his MooMaw. Suzanne hands her child over to Linda for full hugs and kisses and carries her suitcase through the door, smiling nervously at George, who rises to her feet and dusts her hands off.

Richard’s mother makes a point of coming up to New York every few months to see her grandchild and stock Suzanne’s freezer. Suzanne’s still not really used to the level of love and support they’re willing to pour out for her; it’s one thing to help somebody who lives the next town over, but another to travel nine hundred miles.

“I’ve told you about Georgia,” Suzanne says as Linda comes over. “She’s my hockey player friend, she’s a real help with Dicky.” Which Dicky proves; as the two women shake hands and greet each other he leans over and grabs hold of Georgia’s shirt like he wants to be handed over.  

George rights him in his MooMaw’s arms and presses a little kiss to his head. “I’ll head home now.”

“You won’t stay to dinner?” Linda asks, which is… kind of her, though not exactly what they need right now.  They had this planned ahead of time, so George smiles and says she really has to go, mouths ‘good luck’ as Suzanne shows her out.

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Ok so Suzanne Bittle is most definitely the classy Wine Mom™ who left her crazy sorority drinking days behind her whenever Bitty was born


Whenever all of the old sisters get together, all bets are off. The wine is gone within the hour bc Helen’s daughter just got accepted to Brown and they need to celebrate that and then Carol decides that they need to make some Hippie Juice just for old times sake bc all of their kids are underage so it’s not like they’ll actually know but they’ve been using this recipe since the 80s (it was a requirement for any recruits that they be able to replicate the Hippie Juice recipe perfectly) and every couple of years they whip it out.

And then

One night while Shitty is making the Tub Juice, Bitty smells the familiar scent of Hippie Juice bc he liked to play with Carol’s son sometimes under the table before bed and he goes over to Shitty in confusion. “Why are you making my mom’s ladies’ night drink?” 

“Bro, this drink has more alcohol than your body weight. And it smells swawesome.”

And that’s how Bitty realized all of his mom’s friends were getting hammered subtly whenever they met up. Maybe that’s why he can hold his liquor so well.


Suzanne Bittle’s do in the update when she’s meeting her new son-in-law (so cute btw!) is literally the “I will fight you, Gucci bag swinging first, ask question later if you come at me or my family sideways” like it’s a close relative to the “let me speak to your manager” cut.

So with that said.

Do you think Mrs.Suz has ever put coach in a mean sleeper hold crossed into a armbar because he yelled at bitty during jv football?

longlivethefallen answered your question “I’m having a crummy night and want to write but can hardly manage even…”

Anything you can throw at me about your Suzanne/Georgia AU. It is what I live for. If you’d like specifics, so maybe either him telling his moms about school, or some of his the family dynamics +pro hockey players pre-Samwell.

George and Suzanne got married in 2003 when they were visiting Toronto for a friend’s wedding, but it was quick and breezy “get it before it’s gone” and they wore their travel clothes and not even Bitty was there. He felt super cheated.

So when he was twelve he started drinking caffeinated lattes and took to wearing a headset with his cellphone clipped to his belt like Jennifer Lopez in The Wedding Planner, stressed over colour-coded schedules and imperiously ordered tall hockey players to hang bunting around the inside of the local UU church while his Moomaw baked a cake in the on-site kitchen. He was in his element.

Not all the hockey players stuck around in the off-season for George’s wedding–or had anything to do with it even if they were in town. Not all of them really liked her, not all of them tolerated her being a lesbian, not all of them actually liked Bitty or Suzanne. On the other hand, some of them did all of those, in abundance, and made an arch of hockey sticks for the brides to exit the church under.

Let’s get Lost ch. 1

(photo creds: @the-ogoc)

New Series

Chapter 1
Word Count: 2,073

“Mom i’m only moving a couple miles away” You whined
“I know, but you’re my baby, I’m going to miss you”
“I’m going to miss you too” You said and hugged your mom
“Call me when you make it to your house”
“I will, love you”
“Love you too”

You just graduated high school, finally an adult but now on to college.  You grew up in Brooklyn, New York and now moving to Soho, New York.  Your mom didn’t want you to move since you were the youngest.  You got on the subway and went to your new loft.  Well you have a roommate named ‘Suzanne Olmsted’, you didn’t know her, she could be a killer or something.

You walked up to the tall narrow door and knocked.  The door open to a tall guy, he was wearing all black and his hair was gelled back.  He looked like a modern James Dean, he was quite attractive.

“Can I help you?” He asked
“Yes, um is Suzanne Olmsted here?”
“Oh you must be (y/n), come in” He said and opened the door more

“I’m Gerald but you can call me G”
“Okay, so how do you know Suzanne?”
“She’s my mom, actually”

“So you live here too?” You asked
“Yes, she doesn’t live here, her name is on the lease because I can’t use my name but I live here”
“Oh, so why can’t you use your name?”
“You ask a lot of questions, haha and because people like to charge you more since your G-Eazy”

You had no clue who he was and what ‘G-Eazy’ meant but you assumed he was famous or something.

“So, why so you need a roommate if you’re ‘G-Eazy’” You emphasized
“Because I wont be here a lot I have tours coming up soon” He said
“Oh, so what do you do?”
“I’m a rapper”

“Wanna see the house?” He asked
“Yea, sure”

He got up from the chair he was sitting in and started to walk to the kitchen, you followed.  He finished the tour of the house.  

“So where is your stuff?” He asked
“Well, it’s at my mom’s, I planned on seeing the house first then bring my stuff, which was a stupid idea”
“You want me to take you?”
“Um if you want, I could just call a taxi”
“No no, I’ll take you roomie”
You laughed a bit and headed outside to his car.  

You guys made it to your mom’s house, you went inside, Gerald following behind you and got your stuff upstairs.  

You grabbed all of your clothing, books, etc. and walked downstairs for the last time.  Gerald and your mom were talking, she turned your head and saw you.

“You never told me you had a boyfriend” You mom said
You blushed

“He’s not my boyfriend mom”

“Well I guys we should get going” Gerald said to you

You guys said bye to your mom and headed to the loft.  Gerald helped you carry your stuff to your room and you thanked him.  You put all of your stuff up and planned on decorating the room tomorrow.  

It was 7:46pm and you were hungry so, you planned on going to a small pizzeria near by and getting something to eat.  You put your coat on and walked down the wooden stairs, the heel of your boot clicking causing Gerald to put his attention on you.  

“I’m going out to eat, wanna come?” You asked
“Yea, sure”

He grabbed his leather jacket and threw it on.  You guys chose to walk instead of drive. You looked up at Gerald, he was a tall guy.  It was so cold that you could see the air that he exhaled.  He caught you staring and you turned your head quickly.  

“So, are you going to college?” He asked
“What are you going for?”
“I want to be a lawyer”
“Wow, that’s a lot of school”
“Yea, I know”

“So what about you, why are you here?”
“I’m here because I needed a break from work”

“So tell me about yourself, (y/n) is it?”
“Yea, well, there isn’t much to tell I’ve lived in Brooklyn my whole life, I have three other siblings, the oldest my sister Carmen, then my brother Read, then my other brother Stew and me the youngest, I’m going to NYC in the fall, what about you?”

“Ok, I grew up Oakland, California then I moved to Louisiana, I have two brothers James and Noah, I’m the oldest, I always had a passion for rapping I started when I was around 12 or 13 with a group of friends and now I’m rap for a living, i also went to college, i went to Loyola University”

You guys made it to the pizzeria, went inside and ordered.  

“Any love interest?” He asked
“Nope, haven’t had a boyfriend since sophomore year, you?”
“Me neither, I just sleep around and my last real girl was Devon”
“ooo you miss her or something”
“I don’t want to talk about”

The pizza was ready and you guys ate, paid and left.  

“So when are you going on tour?” You asked
“A month or two”
“Oh cool, I’ve actually never heard of you, not to be rude”
“You’re not like most teenagers then”
“Yea I know”

“So how old are you G?” You asked
“26 almost 27”
“Wow, i thought you were like 21 or something”
“Thank you”
“Welcome, I guess”

You guys made it back to the loft and it was 9:03pm.  You said night to G and went to your room.   You went on you computer and searched him up.  He was an actually rapper, who was actually famous.  You listened to a couple of his songs out loud and nodded your head on the beat.  He is very talented.  

You got up from your bed and went to the bathroom took a shower and went to bed.  

The morning light glared through the window in your room, hitting your face causing you to wake up.  Your eye lids flung back.  You brushed your teeth and walked downstairs.  

You went to the kitchen to see if anything was in there to eat but it was empty, completely empty.  

“Yea there is nothing in there” You heard G say as he walked int the kitchen
“Let me take you to get breakfast” He said
You nodded your head and got ready.  

You walked down the stairs with your nude coat.  Today was a cold day, you could tell because the floor by the front door was freezing.  

“So where are we going?” You asked
“Where every you want to go”
“Ok, well there is this place in Manhattan and its so cute”
“Then off to Manhattan we go” He grinned

You guys decided to take his car and drive but then you remembered the traffic in Manhattan is terrible so instead you too the subway.  G stood above everyone on the subway, you looked at him in his black vans, black jeans, black tee and leather jacket with little pins covering the collar.  He wore so much black but it was hot on him.  

It was your stop so you got up from the uncomfortable plastic chair and locked arms with G so you wouldn’t lose him in the big crowd, even though he was 6’4.  

You guys made it to a small cute diner in Manhattan and went inside.  You took off your long coat and G helped and put it on the rack connected to the chair.  He sat across from you and smiled a bit.  

“Thanks for bringing me” You said
“Anytime, I really need to get out of the house, I’m like a vampire”
You laughed

“I heard you listening to my music last night” He said
“Yea, you’re good at what you do”
“Thank you”

The waitress came, you guys ordered and ate.

“While we are out do you mind if I go to a couple of stores to decorate the room?” You asked
“No I don’t mind”
“Ok thanks”

You guys walked to a mall nearby.  


We made it to the mall and went to a random store.  I watch as (y/n) looks through the throw pillows.  She is such an interesting character.  She’s also really pretty and smart.  I look her up and down as she searches for the right pillow.  

Her lips move and she says something.  

“G?” She said
“Yea, sorry just thinking”
“I was asking should I do nude colors or black and white?”
“Uh nudes because it looks good in that room”

She continues searching.  I like her, she’s a cool girl but I could never date her.  She’s only 19 and I’m not ready for a relationship with anyone.  

We walk around a little more, covering the whole store.  She has a cart full of stuff, the thing is how are we going to get all of this stuff on the subway.  She pays for the things and we exit the store.  

“I’m going to call over an uber” I said
“Ok, good idea”


You watch as G calls an uber.  You guys start to walk outside because the uber is on its way.  G helps you out with a couple of bags and puts them in the trunk of the uber.  

You guys arrived to the loft and bring the stuff up to your room.  

“Thanks” You said
“Anytime, baby” He said and left the room

You started to put things up and slowly decorate the room, soon everything is done and the room looks great.  You smiled at the work and walk downstairs with your computer.  You sit on the couch and open up the laptop.  

G walks in and sits beside you.  You smile at him, he smiles back and lays his head on your arm.  You guys met two days ago and already best friends.  He soon falls asleep on your arm, you feel your arm go numb.  You want to move your arm but he was sleeping so peacefully.  

You look down at him and admire his features, you smile.  You put a pillow under his head and slightly move your arm.  He muttered something and moved around a bit.  You place your hand on his gelled hair and stroked it.  

There is a knock on the door, you get up and open it.  A tall blonde stands at the door with a small party dress and a long furry coat.

“Is G here?” She asked
“Uh, yea, who are you?”
“I’m a friend”
“Okay he’s sleeping can you come back later?”
“Actually no I can’t” She said and walked through the door

G wakes up and looks at her.  She bends down and kisses him.  He said he didn’t have a girlfriend though, you looked at them puzzled.  

“(y/n) this is Rebecca” G said
“Hi” You said and shook hands with her

You grabbed your stuff and headed up to your room leaving them alone.  You sat in your room and texted you best friend Samantha but you call her Sam.  She said she wanted to see your new place and she was on the way.

You heard the front door slam and foot steps.  Your door opened to G, he looked at you and smiled.  He walked into your room and sat at the foot of the bed.  

“Rebecca is a friend, she likes me, we’ve slept together once but that was it” He said

You looked at him weird, why was he telling you this.  You sat closer to him and crossed your legs.  

“So, why are you telling me, not to sound rude or anything” You said
“Actually, I don’t even know”

You stared in his eyes for a bit and your lips met his.  Your arms were around his neck and his hands were on your waist.  He kissed your jawline and worked his way down to your neck.  You moved your head to the side to give him more access.  

The door bell rang causing you two to stop.  

“My friend is here” You said walking down stairs

You opened the door.

“Sam!” You said and hugged her stepping outside

“Is that your boyfriend?” She said referring to G standing at the door
“Haha no, come in”

A/N: I already love this series, hope you guys like it too.  Btw the title is a g-eazy song, i recommend it, its good.  hope you liked it ! I like feedback or ideas if you have any :) thank u -i 


Suzanne Bittle HCs

She’s a quilter; the Bittle’s basement is full of fabric. Her favorite thing to do when she’s in a new place is to check out the local quilt shop. Very active member of her local quilt guild, has definitely roped Bitty & Coach into volunteering for quilt shows. She’s made several memory quilts for Bitty, including a quilt out of his onesies and one using fabric from his old skating costumes.

Medium FB Mom. She knows enough not to comment on his posts/interact with his friends, but she does post baby pics and mom memes to his wall.

Knows all the town dirt and dishes it to Bitty now that he’s moved away. She didn’t gossip with him while he still lived in Madison but now that he’s out of state, she makes sure to fill him in on all the latest updates.

Any and all of Bitty’s friends are welcome at the Bittle household literally any time. She’s the most hospitable mom. If they lived any closer to Samwell she would insist on having them all over for Thanksgiving. As it is she tries to get Bitty to invite them all down for spring break.

You know you’re really part of the Bittle family when Suzanne lets you help in the kitchen/wash your own dishes.

  • Friends and acquaintances: “Can I help with anything, Suzanne?“ Suzanne: “Oh it’s not trouble, sit down and relax!!!”
  • Family: “Can I help with anything?” Suzanne: “Yes dear, grab that knife and dice these onions, quarter inch pieces, please.”
  • When Jack is visiting over the 4th the first time Suzanne literally grabs a plate out of his hands and pushes him away from the sink. The next time Jack visits he comes down for Christmas and on the day that they’re leaving Jack asks if there’s anything he can do with the sheets and towels that he used. When Bitty overhears his mom say “Yes dear, could you strip the bed and take all the sheets down to the laundry room?” he almost cries.

Religiously watches Downton Abbey, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, and Call the Midwife. Got into it with Holster over Downton - Suzanne thinks the writers are too mean to Edith, that it’s just not fair how she always gets the short end of the stick, and that Mary should get off her high horse. Holster stans for Mary so hard it’s not even funny. 

fynneyseas  asked:

Suzanne??? Taught Bitty to bake? What kind of baked goods did Suzanne woo George with. We could nod to canon here and go with muffins and cookies, because that looks like what Bitty baked for the thank you baskets. Best way to the heart is through the stomach and all that jazz.


When someone showed up at her apartment with a Devil’s Food cake in a glass dome George’s first thought was What kind of Betty Crocker bullshit is this. Her girlfriend, meanwhile, just thanked the newcomer and told her to put the cake on the kitchen table. She explained offhandedly to George that Suzanne was in her Statistics lecture, and a fan of figure skating.

The cake was a hit, in a low-key way. Everyone in the apartment was pretty focused on the television and the Olympic Games. The cake, in the midst of bowls of potato chips and pretzels, shrimp rings and packaged dips, was uniquely homemade and good-tasting; the first person to come back to the couch with cake on their paper plate caused two others to ask where it had come from and go get their own slices, which extrapolated into a general stampede to polish off the tray before there was none left.

It was good cake.  Suzanne Phelps kept her eyes on the TV through it all and disclaimed praise very primly, but something about her mouth struck George as a little smug.


“Package from Suzie,” Lynnette said confusedly, then dumped her bag in the hallway and went off to shower.

George eked past Lynnette’s bag to dump her own gear in the living room, then stripped down to sweatpants and bra and said hello to the dog before picking up the box sitting on top of their accumulated mail.

God, she hoped it wasn’t a late good-luck package. She liked Suzie just fine, and in a couple of days she’d be less raw about losing the World Championship–again–but right now she’d cheerfully throw a Fabergé egg onto pavement if it had Go for Gold! on it.

Better luck next time, Suzie Bittle’s note said, and beneath it slid a freezer bag full of double-chocolate macadamia cookies. The smiley face on the note somehow managed to convey disappointment and reluctance, like it was a little hard for it to smile right then, and George mirrored it as she opened the bag of her favourite cookies.


“Nope nope nope nope,” George muttered, finally closing her arms around a sprinting toddler and plucking him off the ground. “You are not bugging your mom.” She hugged Eric to her chest and was about to take him back to the bedroom when Suzanne called, “What’s he doing, then?”

Rearranging Eric on her hip, George went back to the kitchen doorway. “I turn my back for one minute,” she said, “and he decides he’s gonna bust in on your Zen time.”

“Oh, he’s fine,” Suzanne said, smiling. The kitchen was transformed from an hour and a half ago; the dishes were gone, the countertops shining, and something delicious-smelling was at work in the oven. The remnants of a glass of white wine stood next to Suzanne’s current project, which looked… involved. Her hands never stopped moving.

“What’s this?” George asked, coming closer but making sure not even an extreme lunge on Eric’s part could put him in range of the hot stovetop.

“Dessert crêpes,” Suzanne said, ladling batter into a skillet and then tilting it to make sure it covered the entire surface.  “Gonna be berries and peaches in a kind of beurre Suzette, with chocolate sauce to garnish.”  Each of these needed its own separate stir, before she starting poking under the crêpe’s edges and prepare for it to flip.

“Crêpe Suzanne,” George said, and her lover smiled at her.

With great care not to disrupt Suzanne’s system, George took a teaspoon out of the cutlery drawer one-handed, and then positioned herself so that Eric was as far from the stove as possible while she stole some of the chocolate sauce. Suzanne made a show of protest, but didn’t intervene. George kept the spoon out of Eric’s reach while she blew on it, then tasted; considered that it didn’t seem to have too much liqueur, sucked the spoon clean, and dipped it in the sauce a careful fraction before blowing on it and handing it over to the baby.

“Geo-gia,” Suzanne said, fondly exasperated. Then, because she’d just put a finished crêpe on the pile and hadn’t poured a new one on the skillet, George took her opportunity to lean down for a kiss. Because it was still so wonderful and so new that it was more thrilling than anything else put together, just to be able to kiss Suzanne because she wanted to.

Suzanne kissed her, but also put her hand flat on George’s chest to warn here that there was kitchen business going on that shouldn’t be forgotten about.

“Tastes great,” George said brightly, and looked down at Eric, who had a trail of chocolate on his face and the spoon in his mouth. “We love it.  Call us when dinner is ready?”

“Yes,” Suzanne said, and, “Scat,” and George resettled the baby on her hip and left the kitchen, humming.

AU Suzanne Bittle Headcanon

Bitty’s mom finds his video blog some time during his sophomore year, and watches all the video of course. So naturally she finds the video where Bitty says “Never fall for a straight boy” and that gives her pause, but she reconciles to the fact rather quickly, her second thought being that Bitty has good taste in men. She keeps this to herself, because while it may not be something she fully approves of, she still loves Bitty, but realizes that others in their community (and family! Looking at you Coach) probably wouldn’t overcome their prejudices. She doesn’t tell Dicky either because she realizes how much he’d probably freak out. And find a way to keep her from seeing his videos. Which she doesn’t want, because she misses her son, only child that he is (?) and enjoys having this insight into his life. Fast forward to the summer. Bitty’s positively happy, always on his phone, claiming it’s just the SMH team, but she knows, just knows, Bitty has found someone that makes him happy. She doesn’t push it though. When Bitty asks if Jack can come visit for the 4th of July, naturally she yes, knowing that they were good friends, and is a good chance for Bitty to properly say goodbye. But when Jack gets there. Oh boy, she can tell. Bitty and Jack may think they’re being subtle (which to people who like to pretend everyone is straight they probably are), but she sees it. And so one afternoon while Jack is there, but off having Male Bonding Time™ with Coach, she and Bitty are trying some new pie or other from their Pintrest, she finally brings it up. In a roundabout fashion. Something how she tried one of the recipes on his channel and it hadn’t turned out quite right or something. And Bitty goes completely deer in the headlights stuttering and heeing and hawing finally getting out something like “You found it? How? When? How much have you see?” and she replies “Oh, months ago! And of course I watched about all of them. You don’t call enough Dicky, I need to know that you get up too!” and of course Bitty is floored and panicking and all that saying so you know. Suzanne just replies “I think Jack is an excellent choice. I’d better get to see Bob Zimmermann more often.” Bitty of course protests about Jack, saying he’s straight and such and Suzanne pulls a “Eric Richard Bittle, you may be dating an NHL player but that does not mean you get to lie to your mother.” To which the only appropriate response is a meek “Yes ma’am.” She then reassures him that she’s the only one who knows, and she won’t tell anyone until he’s ready, but she will work Coach around to the idea so he doesn’t take it badly when Bitty is ready to come out to him. Followed by an admonition that he and Jack better not elope because she WILL attend her only son’s wedding.

@nandrool is urging me to write a fic for this, and I might, eventually. Maybe. If any of y’all do, be sure to link me.