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Thank you escape-through-books for tagging me and giving me the color blue. You can’t see it, but there was this super bright sunrise during the morning I took these pictures.

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Happy Birthday to our queen, the wonderful Suzanne Collins! The Hunger Games trilogy has changed our lives, and we are inspired each and every day by the world she created in Panem.

“I don’t write about adolescence. I write about war. For adolescents.”

- Suzanne Collins

A Theory: Flaw isn’t trying to misrepresent Katniss, he’s trying to over-represent District 13

We all know about the red suit.

We all know that Katniss is being poorly marketed for MJP2. The recent stills, posters, and spots are portraying her as a leader, as if she’s about to take over Panem and rule it. We all know that this is nowhere accurate to the book; Katniss acts to protect the people she loves and to kill Snow, not to manage a country. She would never want this. So, why the hell is she marketed in a red mockingjay outfit, sitting in Snow’s chair, standing on metal hands doing the three-finger-salute, walking through crowds of soldiers with a cape, or standing on a fallen statue?

In reality, the answer is easy. Flaw isn’t misrepresenting Katniss. He knows that this is never what she would do, and that this red suit blatantly betrays the book. 

I actually think that he’s purposely doing exactly what District 13 would do. 

Let me explain:

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