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Forse ti sembrerà assurdo, ma ci sono alcune persone che si perdono e poi non fanno altro che vivere per ritrovarsi, per innamorarsi ancora l’uno dell’altro. Succede, sai? A volte l’abitudine, a volte il tempo. A volte la paura, l’orgoglio, il passato. A volte i soldi, a volte i sogni.
Succede, semplicemente, che ci si perda. Non avresti mai voluto, ma succede. 
Vai in giro e pensi che ti passerà, che è stato meglio così. Esci con gli amici, esci con altre persone, mangi troppo, mangi troppo poco, poi decidi che è il momento di rimettersi in forma. Così ti iscrivi in palestra, inizi a correre, oppure semplicemente inizi a prenderti cura della tua mente: leggi di più, ascolti buona musica e di notte dormi. E’ fantastico, quando rinasci.
Solo che ci sono alcune persone che, pur rinascendo, si sentono ancora attratte da quello che avevano prima. Ricominciano, stanno bene, ma continuano a vagare come anime in pena cercando chi gli aveva cambiato la vita, i pensieri, i modi di fare e di sentire. 
Dicono che tutto sommato sia semplice, basta un po’ di tempo, un po’ di birra, qualche amico, qualche svago. 
Tutto sommato sì, ma ci sono persone che sentono di aver perso qualcosa che non si ritrova in nessun bar del centro, in nessuna discoteca, durante nessun viaggio all’estero, durante nessuna pausa pranzo, a nessun compleanno o matrimonio.
Ci sono persone che non riescono a smettere di pensarsi nonostante gli anni, i baci, altri occhi, altre braccia, altri odori, altre passioni, nonostante la vita continui e tutto passi. 
Tornano lì, tornano a prendersi per mano, stanno lontani per potersi amare di nuovo, un po’ meglio. Cercano di diventare migliori per poter tornare indietro, e non lo ammetteranno mai, ma ogni volta che vanno a tagliarsi i capelli pensano “gli piacerò?” e ogni volta che si comprano una maglietta nuova pensano “le piacerebbe?” e ogni piccolo cambiamento che introducono nella loro vita non è un modo per allontanarsi, è un modo per ritornare.

— Susanna Casciani.

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If you're still doing the Inquisitor as a companion questions, 4, 15, and 18?

Yep, I am! Feel free to ask me for more of them, too. :)

4- What would their romance route look like? Would they be romanceable?

I think she would be romanceable, yes! As for what that looks like, it could go two different ways. She’ll roll her eyes at any blatant flirting but she’s not at all immune to it. If someone expresses an interest, she’ll engage, but it’s under the impression that it’s a no strings, no attachments kind of situation. She’s up for casual sex. She’s up for friends with benefits. And the Inquisitor could leave it at that and they would still get along fine (so long as the Inquisitor isn’t a giant dick, at least).

If, however, the Inquisitor makes it clear that they’re interested in more, she will withdraw and shut it down. It’s difficult enough for her to call someone a friend because even that could be held over her head in the Circle and used to maneuver her into all sorts of unpleasant situations, but romantic love, even just the start of it before feelings can run too deep… It was the absolute height of foolishness. She doesn’t let people in, not like that. The danger in it might be gone but old habits are hard to break.

It would take time, but a patient Inquisitor that genuinely cares about her and appreciates even her less savory qualities, one that doesn’t find her tendency to be a shit off-putting or is one themselves, they could win her over. I don’t imagine her interactions with them would change much from what they were before, but there would be, you know, hints of affection on her part. If the Inquisitor is given to shows of affection in public, she would be beet red the whole time but would find it really nice, too. The first person to tease her about it when the Inquisitor leaves would be unrelentingly glared at.

There is only one catch to romancing her: the Inquisitor cannot be a human rogue or warrior, because that would make them a former Templar, and she does not sleep with Templars, let alone fall in love with them. The most a human rogue or warrior Inquisitor can hope for from her is hard won friendship.

15- Without the influence of their decisions for the Inquisition, which of the companions do they get along with? Which ones do they bicker with?

Okay so right out of the gate, I’m going to throw this out there: Evelyn as a companion does not care for Cullen. Not one little bit. It’s rare that there is a need for her to interact with him and she certainly doesn’t ever go looking for one. If there is a need, she is caustic as all hell and just generally wants him out of her sight. She has no love for Templars, current or former, and knowing that he was the Knight Captain in Kirkwall does nothing to endear him to her.

She doesn’t get along well with Vivienne, but she doesn’t loathe her, either. Vivienne might play the system like a fiddle but she’s a mage, just like Evelyn, and every advantage she’s gained has been plucked from a narrow set of opportunities and mined for every possible gain. Evelyn respects how much she’s been able to make from so little, but they’re not friendly and if Vivienne ever gained traction in her bid to re-institute the Circles, Evelyn would fight her tooth and nail to stop it. They do have moments of camaraderie, particularly after the more devastating events, but those are few and far between.

As for who Evelyn does get along with:

She’s pretty friendly with Sera, if a bit, um…fondly exasperated with her from time to time.

She takes an immediate liking to Dorian, finding a kindred spirit that she can relate to on several levels–mage, noble, family disappointment (if for very different reasons). He’s as much of a shit as she is, if not more, and she enjoys their back and forth over wine pilfered from the Inquisitor’s stocks.

She loves Bull and the Chargers. They’re fun, they’re no bullshit and no pretenses, and she’d join up in a heartbeat if there was ever a vacancy, but she also hopes there isn’t ever a vacancy because she’s fond of Stitches.

It takes time, but she eventually finds that she enjoys Cassandra’s company and they form a close, no frills, no nonsense friendship.

She’s intrigued by Solas, particularly the knowledge he possesses about the Fade and those that dwell in it. They’re merely civil, at first–Solas is about as difficult to get close to as she is–but the more they’re out together in the field with the Inquisitor, the easier it gets to strike up conversations and she enjoys his perspective and insights, while he seems to appreciate her readiness to reevaluate her stances despite her willfulness in other areas. They build a strong friendship by the end of the game.

18- What’s their reaction to a dragon showing up?

She is absolutely that person that takes one look at winged death incarnate and turns right around to leave. Like, it’s been swell guys, good luck with not getting killed.

She will actually stay and fight, but she’s side-eyeing the Inquisitor so hard the whole time.

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OHMYGOSH, POST IT SUZ! I’d love to read some Sastiel, there’s never enough of it on my dash!

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I would love to read it

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DO IT!! I bet it will be AMAZING

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Post it!!! Please post it Suzana :) *does best Sam’s Puppy dog look impression*

All right then haha. I guess I’ll post it! I’ll do some checks and hopefully get it up by sometime tomorrow afternoon.

More interesting than Tumblr’s surge in revenue and users, though, is what Mayer has planned for the social media site: She wants to make it into a YouTube competitor.

Well then, we can now guess why they changed the posts size (to have bigger videos) and we can also be 99% sure that they won’t change it back.

Good luck competiting against Youtube Tumblr and from the bottom of my heart : fuck youuuu


i feel like this post is long overdue. i don’t know how many of my followers are still paying attention to this blog, but i need to write this post as much as for me as for the followers that are still here despite my inactivity. 

i’m debating whether or not to keep this blog as i head into college. firstly, there are many aspects of studyblr/appblr that i have become disillusioned with. The heavy focus on aesthetics over practicality, the inaccessibility for lower-income students, as well as the competition and the “ivy league or bust” mentality. and while there are many wonderful people in both communities and people who don’t subscribe to any of these beliefs, i still feel like some aspects of studyblr and appblr had a negative effect on me during my senior year. 

this school year has been excellent in terms of growth for me, but it also has been very very difficult. early in the year, my mild depression and anxiety began to take a downward spiral and it only got worse throughout the year. i felt hopeless, unmotivated, and suicidal. i won’t lie, my mental illnesses seriously damaged my ability to do well in school and apply for scholarships. i was on the waiting list for a therapist for three months, and when i began seeing him, he only made me feel worse. in april i began seeing a different therapist and started taking medication, and i am slowly but surely taking the steps to recovery everyday

school-related stress was not the cause of my mental illness, but it certainly contributed in making it worse. i was taking the most difficult classes that i had ever taken before, and i struggled with perfectionism and my enormous workload. in all honesty, the perfect notes touted by studyblr and the emphasis on prestige in appblr communities only contributed to my stress. that’s part of the reason i stopped being active about halfway through the school year. and once again, let me state that there was helpful advice that i found in both communities, but the general atmosphere of both appblr and studyblr proved to be negative to me. 

that being said, i’m not entirely sure that i want to stop being active on this blog. i don’t want to be a “regular” studyblr, per se, but more of a blog that showcases the realities that students face. i’m mentally ill, i’m a minority, i’m gay, i’m questbridge and low income. my notes and my grades don’t have to be absolutely perfect. i just need to do my best and take care of myself. if i do keep this blog i want to show that this is an ok way to be.

this has been really long but i have a lot of thoughts about studyblr/appblr, mentall illness, and the college applications process in general. thanks to the people who have stuck around even when i have gone months without posting. if you’d be interested in seeing me blog honestly about my college experiences i’d like to know



[Voltage Inc Fanfic/Drabble] [Seiji Goto, MSB] Boobies~


But it harmed Charl, Julie and I in the process of how this drabble got inspired XD 

–>How it happened <–

So here I was trying to finish writing the next smut fic and then took a break again to answer to the anon here

XD Was talking to Charlene & Juu on skype group convo about boobies and all the cracked sex jokes XD and here…I’m gonna quote what I said from skaipu: 


And then I couldn’t take it anymore and for a while now XD I can’t take steamy hot smuttiness to write for the in-progress next smut fic seriously so I took the liberty and opportunity to write this crack drabble. 

Why I choose Goto? I have absolutely no idea why honestly XD







Okay now I’m gonna go away and try to stay sane for a while before I go serious mode to continue the ACTUAL smut fic while you guys…well, enjoy reading this! XD After the cut! 

(I’m going to change this pic soon. Just waaait XD too lazy now)

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