suwa city



There are so many things that break my heart already, but the static colour they give Kurogane in the first panel definitely contributes. 

Also the sheer DISBELIEF the other people have that the monsters are here. 

They were so safe and has so much faith in the ruling family that their first instinct is to QUESTION rather than to run or fight.

Naturally, their first thoughts are ABOUT the ruling family too. 

What about the wards, they ask. Because they can’t imagine that Kuromama could be dead. 

What about the master, they also ask. 

Because if the monsters are here then he’s probably already dead as well.

Arranged Marriage AU ||

Fai would have never believed he would be marrying into the Japanese Royal Family. He himself was a prince, prince to the Royal Family of Fluorus, named after the mineral Fluorite that flooded the kingdom. Though after the death of his parents… the kingdom was falling apart. But if Fai were to marry, the kingdom would be rejuvenated under a new leader, added into the kingdom of Fai’s husband. The Japanese Royal Family had been seeking out a partner for their son– and what better way than to unite a kingdom of financial possibility? So it was arranged. Fai didn’t even know what this man looked like.

He didn’t even get to meet him before the wedding. It was too sudden, with Fai moving in, with the business of them taking over Fluorus, and the sudden wedding– Fai didn’t have the time either. The morning of the wedding he was dressed as a Japanese bride, married in the capitol city of Suwa where they would live. He wondered what sort of man that Kurogane would be. What his parents were like. Would he be loved here? A political wedding was a 50/50 shot. Either completely loved, or completely neglected. He prayed he would find love here.

The kimono as they called it was long and white, with little, sparkling light blue details of snowflakes on it to match the usual weather of his country. He was told his long hair was as beautiful as the queen’s, and that they had a feeling his soon to be husband would find it beautiful, so it was kept down. All that was added was a crown of silver leaves, which was to be replaced with a silver crown to match the gold one of his highness the prince. He even carried a bouquet of white roses. He was to walk down towards a shrine, where he would be met by Kurogane and the priests. Apparently here the wedding was a private thing that occurred in the shrines.

As Fai walked out, though, he saw the most handsome man in the most beautiful black and red outfit. He was tall, tan, and muscular as all hell– he could tell even under the clothes. He stood in front of the shrine alongside two men Fai assumed were priests. That was Kurogane. That was his soon to be husband. Oh, he was handsome. Fai felt his cheeks flush even as he walked up to the man and was escorted inside without even getting to say hello.

It was as any ceremony. Following the steps and sharing a sweet, but brief first kiss at the end. They still hadn’t spoken. The priests allowed them a moment before they were to step out and greet the people. “I suppose this would be a good time to say hello, your majesty.” Fai smiled softly, attention turning to the ring now glittering on his finger. “Shall we get to the party?”