Meanwhile in BH's room...

He was just sitting in the corner playing acoustic guitar. But it was easy to guess why he wasn’t so happy about the visitors.

He was partially in his Harbinger form, half by half, like Two Face.
It looked like a black armor made of something like coal, but harder. And slowly turning into liquid.
Half of his stomach and abdomen were missing, showing hipbones and spine.

Area around him was glitching, making the sound distorted and unnatural.

BH wasn’t going ‘old gods’, but rather 'new gods’, as he was the new death god. But being also the walking paradox corrupted reality around him.

continuing from the chat.

“Nice. If you have asked me… I really hate my job.” He sighed, heading out of the Mansion.

As he got on the street, he hissed putting his sunglasses on.