This post is about coasters and color. I don’t know why but a set of coasters always has my attention. I find it a great way to color your home or space, what ever this is (bar, studio…) So this morning i read a cute post about diy fruit coasters by Design is yay! Really playful and easy to do! Perfect to match with our faces coasters set of 6 for nursery space and more. Great as a gift! Enjoy… DIY is something you will enjoy much believe me, put the radio on and relax! Cheers

Little kids’ thoughts on questions regarding the adults’ way of life. The absolute straightness and the tough, but many times amusing, truth. It would be much better if we could live forever having a kid’s innocence. Coasters for your home, bars and coffee shops in order for the kids’ view to directly reach all of us!


These round coasters are made of paper mache laminated on top which make them resistant.

Size: 9 cm diameter (3.5 in)

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