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Untitled Excerpt from a future If You Call, I'll Answer Chapter

Summary: Emma works in a call center simply to pay off her student loans and she absolutely hates it. She lives with her longtime college friend Killian who moved her in with him after a pregnant Emma was abandoned by Neal Cassidy. Almost four years later, they still live together, raising Emma’s son Henry but they are only friends. Emma is afraid to ruin their friendship but maybe it’s time to take a leap of faith and find out if loving Killian is worth the risk.

Rating: Mature for the excerpt (Explicit for the full story)

Word Count: ~1200

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Prompt: CS + “not for sale”

Tags: if you call i’ll answer


May 2012

 “Swan, you cannot continue to drive around in this metal death trap,” Killian cried as Emma slammed the screen door in his face. He simply opened the door and followed her into the house. He shouldn’t have brought it up, but his mother insisted that Emma be “talked to” about the lack of safety of her Bug. And his parents might have taken action to prompt that discussion.

“Seriously Killian, it’s my car. I paid for with my own money and you can’t tell me what to do. You’re not my father, boyfriend or husband!” Emma stomped up the stairs, slamming the door to her room when she reached it.

“Oh, come on, Swan! You paid for it with your poker winnings from Will. And I am not trying to boss you around, I’m simply concerned with yours and the babe’s safety,” Killian defended, from the exterior of her bedroom door, which unsurprisingly she had locked.

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