soft!warren headcanons

a/n; this is long overdue bc warren is?? so soft?? i hope you enjoy<3

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  • Warren can legitimately sleep for? A whole day if you let him?
    • He’s a suuuuuuper heavy sleeper. Like, you have to shake this boy awake if he’s sleeping hard
      • Usually he’ll grumble and push his messy curls out of his face and yawn and say “five more minutes babe, please” and his voice is all scratchy and adorable
    • It’s good for you so you can be loud in the morning while getting ready
  • One of his favorite sleeping positions is on his stomach with his face smushed in your chest
    • “Your boobs are comfy, babe”
    • He can also wrap one of his wings on you
  • He’s super duper clingy when he sleeps
    • You don’t mind because he’s always touching you in some way when you’re not sleeping
      • Plus he has a naturally low body temperature and he needs to cuddle with you to warm himself up
      • When he gets cold the tip of his nose turns an adorable shade of pink
      • So do the tips of his ears
  • Listen…. This boy loves it when you play with his hair
    • He likes lying his head in your lap after a long day because you’ll mindlessly play with his curls
    • His hair is always soft and?? Really nice to touch??
    • Warren will actually become putty in your hands when your fingertips lightly massage his scalp
  • When he first got to the mansion he didn’t have a lot of friends and was weary about a lot of things
    • He visited the school therapist a lot and she suggested that because he relies on music for a lot, he should make playlists for his moods
      • When he starts dating you, he shares all of them with you and gets excited when you like his favorite songs
        • He makes a lot of playlists for you
        • Your favorite is the one that’s called “for when i’m away”
        • It makes you cry every time
  • When Warren was single it was a legit bitch to clean his wings
    • But now that he’s got you! It’s way easier!
      • You make time to help him clean them once a week because they can get pretty grimy
      • The first time, you bought a bunch of oils and stuff from lush and came back to the mansion with a huge bag and an excited look on your face
      • You sat on the backs of his thighs and washed them and deep cleaned them and it was? So relaxing?
      • Afterwards he cuddled you and fell asleep within seconds
  • Showering with Warren!!
    • It’s a bit difficult because of his wings but Charles gave him access to one of the bigger showers to accommodate his wings
      • So pretty much he gets his own private bathroom (in which you use as well)
    • He likes washing your hair and you like washing his (because his hair, again, is fun to play with)
    • You also have the radio playing sometimes and you both sing at the top of your lungs
    • Sometimes if he’s having an off day he likes to shower with you, so he can just hold you and disassociate for a while
    • It’s nice to have you there as a comfort
  • He has a cute photo strip of you two from when you went to the carnival
    • There’s two silly pictures of you both sticking out your tongues and the other one is of you squeezing his cheeks
    • The other one is of him kissing your cheek and the other one is of you two kissing, him smiling into it
      • He looks at it a lot when he’s in class
  • Warren likes taking photos and he’s pretty damn good at it
    • He likes taking photos to capture the moment and likes looking back at them when he’s sad
    • He loves taking candids of you. Like, he has hundreds of just you that he loves so so much
  • Okay but when he was younger his parents made him take up piano
    • He hated every second of it because his parents made him do it
    • Warren stopped playing after he left for Berlin
    • When he told you that he could play you were?? So excited??
    • He was way too nervous to play for you because he hadn’t done it in so long but he wanted to make you happy
    • So he did and you encouraged him to start playing again
      • He did
      • And he loves it so much
  • He’s blind as a bat and wears contacts, but he sometimes wears his glasses and they make him look SO cute
    • You love them so much even if he hates them
  • Basically, Warren is the world’s Softest Boy and no one can tell me otherwise
Seventeen: No Matter What

Anonymous asked: hello! can you please write a scenario where you are a trainee at pledis and as a test to see how much you have progressed, you have a solo performance as sort of an “opening” for svt on your bday but because you are so focused and stressed over your performance to impress pledis, you forget it’s your bday but seventeen doesn’t and as a happy bday surprise to you and for your hard work, they dedicate your favourite song to you and invite you back on stage to properly wish you happy bday. thanks!

Summary: There is no one who loves you more than Seventeen does.

-Admin Syrup (I changed it a bit, hope you like it nonetheless! Sorry for the suuuuuuper long wait!)

You replayed the song for what seemed like the fiftieth time for the day, limbs and mind numbed from the ceaseless practicing you had done since the morning. The squeak of your sneakers against the floor, your breath coming out in sharp huffs, and the pounding beat of the music was all that registered in your mind as you observed your form in the practice room mirror. Each movement had to be perfect before you could rest, even though your muscles were screaming at you to stop. You were so focused on the mirror that you hardly noticed someone had entered; you were only dragged back to reality when the music suddenly stopped and it felt like you were doused with cold water.

“How long have you been here?” You didn’t even have to look to confirm that the owner of the deep, rumbling voice was Jeon Wonwoo.

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Okay, so I’m, like, really suuuuuuper late to the party but I finally got to see “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” (Ultimate Edition) tonight and something that honestly surprised me was how well I thought Ben Affleck handled playing Bruce/Batman.

He definitely had the bulk and size the part called for…

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…but I wasn’t expecting him to hit all of the right emotions.

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And, yeah, then there was this, too. I’m shallow, what can I say? ;)

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I knew I’d love Henry Cavill because, well, I already love his Clark/Superman…

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…but Ben surprised me by holding his own. Which was a hard sell because, like, 97% of the movie is him trying to KILL my beloved Clark/Supes, so I was fully prepared to curl my lip at him through most of the movie. ;) The fact that I could still feel for him, even at the times when I was thinking, “Bruce, c’mon, man! Don’t be a jerk!” definitely says a lot!

So, yay! Well done! \o/

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Suuuuuuper tentative WIP colors for the new Creature Feature Vol 1 wraparound cover (I say ‘tentative’ because this is the only non-garbage color test I’ve gotten from picking at this the last two days)

I’ve never colored this way before (a mix of greyscale shading, gradient overlays and multiply layers after my regular methods failed-thank FUCK for layer masks) so this is taking a lot longer then I’m used to. Still have quite a bit of rendering before this might be acceptable :(

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Exactly. Lexa gets kisses everywhere and bites marks too. So when she is at practice and they scrimmage shirts vs. skins Lexa always has literally like 10 love bites on her abs and v-line. And the guys are like teasing her (but really actually jealous) and then she throws a football at their head for laughing cause she's so proud.

Yeah like someone try to tell me Clarke wouldn’t be suuuuuuper possessive and give Lexa a thousand little love bites bc she’s low key jealous of all the attention Lexa’s getting

Talking about bath bombs and bath buddies with @ismoresjunkie and here we have…

Goku with a space themed super colourful something and mandatory rubber duckie
And maybe later, have a shower with something pine scented to remind him of the forest.

Vegeta with his favourite colour, pampering himself!
I think he might like something glittery. He’d say it’s the sweat glistening after a hard workout but…it’s glitter.

And Bulma being dramatic and fabulous as always!
The only other choice would be something suuuuuuper strawberry scented!!


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How do you learn different languages? Is it easier hearing the language? Or being shown the thing and how it translates into Spanish or Japanese?

Listening and speaking are suuuuuuper important but I think studying is just as important (esp with Japanese since there’s so many ways of talking). As for what’s easier for me personally–being shoved into an environment where I’m forced to speak those languages helps my improvement a TON.

I did the best with both Japanese and Spanish when i worked part time in mexico helping out some japanese speaking family friends of ours. It was a good month of nothing but spanish and japanese and it helped a lot!

But likewise I find that translating manga/text in spanish helps a ton with reading comprehension. Idk man just immerse yourself and you’ll learn!

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dignitywhatdignity replied to your post “Fellow Chicagoan who would love a head and feet massage from a…”

Can you publicize how you found the place? I’m in New York, so there must be options for sinus massage, but Google only turns up suuuuuuper fancy spas or probably-brothels (and not the kind I’d like to see legalized, let’s just say).

It was local, so that’s not much help, I just kind of saw it and looked it up on Yelp. :D 

A few suggestions – search for reflexology or trigger-point massage rather than general massage, or search for massage therapy (therapy is a key word that helps to distinguish trained massage therapists). Check out what people say about them on Yelp. Look on Groupon – the more legit places often offer Groupons (mine does). 

And be aware that places that look a bit fly-by-night may be more legit than they appear. The place I go is not fancy; you don’t like, do a consultation with your massage therapist first or even talk much with them, you just follow them and do what they say. 

Another option is to find out where the massage schools in your area are, and see which ones do cut-rate student massages. I go to Cortiva once a month and get a $30 one-hour massage from a massage therapy student, and they will do specific focus if you ask them, like, students at Cortiva DO consult with you and if you say “my sinuses are insane, can you focus on face, head, and neck” they’ll usually agree. 

bethanythemartian replied to your link “Do Lays A Flavor”

I went with the Controversial PIzza, ham and pineapple pizza.

Oooooh good call! 

bootsandbosons replied to your photo “You guys I just had a moment where I think I might have temporarily…”

I was sort of hoping for your friend just slipping a copy sock into your home over and over again. Would be a great prank.

Oh man that WOULD be a great prank, just hiding the same sock everywhere.

spiderine replied to your post “Today in Sam Plays the Ukulele”

Anyway, here’s “Wonderwall.”

Hilariously, as soon as you said this I went and looked up Wonderwall because I was like yeah, I should get in on this joke. And the first tabs I found for Wonderwall on the uke were actually pretty difficult, because they depended heavily on the B and E chords, both of which are a tremendous pain in the ass on the ukulele. 

I found one that’s easier, chordwise, but it’s still such a varied chord pattern that I’m not confident I’ll be able to play it without the tabs in front of me :D 

danceswchopstck replied to your post “Sam Explains It All”

I am curious about the first two–are you willing to say more?

They’re not as interesting as they sound :D “Travel: Don’t Fuck It Up” is just a guide for how to use our corporate account while traveling, because we’re transitioning me away from handling most of the travel except for our one big group trip, and people who don’t know about stuff like hotel credit card clearance forms (if you check in using someone else’s card, the hotel needs prior documentation that you didn’t steal it) need to be made aware, so that at least if they still screw it up, I can say “Look, I told you this, you needed to pay attention, so that next time I don’t have to fix it for you”. There’s a sliiiiight tendency among certain members of our team to decide something isn’t relevant if it’s not interesting, and I’d like to correct that.

“Safer News Reading” is really about being more efficient with the daily news reading we do – it’s a primer in how to set up feeds of news websites so that you don’t have to go to the site and comb it for new reading every day. It’s kind of a tie-in with a revision of the way we do news reading, which one of my colleagues is trying to push through and getting some pushback on (it’s related to the above “if it’s not interesting I don’t really have to do it, right?” stuff.)

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I'm sorry, but beyond appalled by the "He's on the posh stuff, so he'll probably be fine, but it's no little thing..." Its not weed or even coke, Heroin is literally the most addictive substance on the planet and very very few ppl come back from that. Not to get preachy, but this blind is sickening and unless they have any sort of proof, they need to STFU

Its not at all a light thing to throw down, yet those rumors have been floating around about various members for years, which is suuuuuuper fucked up. 

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(I hope this activates Izuru's return) Oooooh Hajiiiime! *whispers* Suuuuuuper booooooat. Jokes aside, who do you prefer? Real Nanami or Island Nanami? Besides Ko, it seems that no one really got to know Imposter and Hanamura, will you be treating them as equally or will you be leaving them to someone else? (They just weren't as close to someone in the anime and it would be cool to see different sides of them. Well besides how they act towards Mikan.)

No, no, no. I refuse to talk about boats agin !

And hum…I don’t know if I should say that but I guess if I really had to choose then it would probably be the Nanami I met in the Neo World. Don’t get me wrong, the real Nanami was my friend too but I didn’t spend as much time with her as I did with the one in the program…

I’m going to treat them normally but as you said, I’m probably the one who know them the less so I think someone else will be more able to help them.


The Mirkwood royals’ private affair Part 1 || 2 
A suuuuuuper delayed modified request from leepacejustawesome3. I’M SO SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG. I hope this comic will make it up for my delay. 
Yes that part 2 is exactly what follows after the last panel. You know exactly what’s coming.

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The "I want you" with Kidd and Mihawk plssss!

The last NSFW post was hot!Can I get a similar one (“I want you/am horny) hcs for Doffy, Roci & Cavendish or Crocodile pls?

of course! ;D

*NSFW warning*


  • Kid would be surprised by that and his eyes will widen a little but that would be quickly gone with the evil smirk 
  • your clothes would be tared off by him and he’d be hovering you and just pound into you
  • Kid is quick to engage in this sort of rather primal sex, you don’t have to catch him in the rare perfect moment like two certain other guys who could go too wilde on their s/o as well


  • He will lift the corners of his mouth in a way that you cannot decide if he’s smiling, smirking or grinning
  • Taking things suuuuuuper slowly just to get you more and more riled up
  • Mihawk is probably the teasing grand master alongside Law
  • During the act he will be faster and just a tad more possessive than usual, but he’d still treat you like a gentleman considering you’re his s/o


  • Fufufu” 
  • will laugh his evil signature laugh and loudly so while taking off his clothes
  • Bro wherever you are, it does not even matter he will mercilessly take you then and there
  • you won’t feel your legs the next day 
  • and Doffy will teaaaase you a lot jfc, like “You wanted it.” and stuff


  • oh my god the only moderately pure and innocent one here xD
  • WOW this will catch Cora-san off guard and he will be even more clumsy and awkward than usual
  • I think he will respond to your neediness but in no extreme way
  • he’d try to go faster and rougher than usual but there won’t be any pain involved, he’s just a little embarassed


  • will smile his dazzling smile that puts the stars to shame
  • I think at this point you probably lost your arousal
  • If not, which could be possible, actually, he will make you ride him with a TON of body worship on the receiving end of course 


  • believe it or not if this grumpy old man is busy with work he could get irritated actually
  • buuuuuut if he’s in a similar mood or wants to meet his s/o’s desires he’ll smirk and play along
  • He’d tease you too, but he’s a dirty talker so he could get a little mean and call you needy brat or something
  • He’d go fast and rough but you’ll be able to walk the next day