The yokai Yuki-Onna seen in an illustration by Sawaki Suushi for the 18th Century from a series of scrolls called the Hyakkai-Zukan “The Illustrated Volume of a Hundred Demons” as well as the two versions appearing in Ninja Sentai Kakuranger and Shuriken Sentai Ninninger.

Yuki-onna (Snow Woman) is the ghost of a woman who froze to death in the winter. She appears as a beautiful woman with skin and clothing so white is blends into the snowy environment she inhabits with only her long black hair and blue lips standing out. In many stories, she appears before travelers lost in the snow and freezes them to death with her icy breath.

In some tales, she takes on a more vampiric or succubus-like aspect, invading homes (though some stories say she must be invited in) to steal the blood or life force from the inhabitants.  She is also said to seduce weak-willed men and drain their lives through freezing either in the act of sex or through a kiss.

Yuki-Onna appears in episode 48 of Kakuranger in which she summons snowmen to attack the heroes. In Ninninger, Yuki-Onna is brought to life when one of the sealing shuriken comes in contact with a kakigori (Japanese shaved ice) maker.