Karen: Sumire-san has ships like Jagappa [SumirexIzurina], or SuuAya, or SuuKyan. You have different partners, haven’t you?
Suu-chan: Yes, if you count them it’s not good.
Karen: Among them, where am I?
Suu-chan: Eh? Not good this question! I have different memories with the ships you said. Isn’t “Suu” easy to attach? So I attached to various things. But hasn’t SuuIwa rised suddenly?
Karen: It has. That makes me happy. You know, lately you’re turning over young Kenkyuuseis…
Suu-chan: Hey, hey, you’re really jealous! You know when I say them “Cute~” you’re like “Geez, Sumire-san is falling for a new person”, aren’t you?
Karen: That’s because I’m only Sumire-san’s.
Suu-chan: You’re not only mine.
Karen: I am.
Suu-chan: Then try to make me feel jealous.