How long Rose gone wandering around on her own tho?

Buddy didn’t know her at all.

“I felt a familiar hand. It was two of the Crystal Gems!” 

“Lo! It was the third Crystal Gem!” 

He is totes under the impression that there is only three of em. 

“A large figure in the shape of a giant woman” 

Buddy then goes on to describe her a bit more and then tell Rose about founding Beach City. Bro has never seen her before. 

Dewey and Buddy were rescued only by Pearl, Garnet and Amethyst. Which we already knew form Historical Friction. 

And while Buddy doesn’t seem familiar enough with them to know their names, it is apparent that he has interacted with them at least a few times, or perhaps seen them around the beach while the town was being developed. But Buddy stayed put in Beach City until it was fully founded and operational enough to put a bronze statue up. That takes many many years. And he never saw Rose in over a decade or so? What she been up to? Obviously time passes differently for gems but like. what. Rose please visit your fam. The humans moved in and its kinda cute watching them run around. 

My homage to CLAMP’s minimalist sci-fi masterpiece, Clover!

I love the non-linear narrative, the way it hints at a vast and rich world with so few words and lines, and the patented CLAMP tragedy that they do so well.  This comic has haunted me for years and it felt good to exorcise it a bit with this painting!  Also I’m pleased because I drew huge CLAMP dudes.

(you can get a print here!)