I LOVE POEMS. I AM GENUINELY OVERWHELMED BY HOW MUCH I LOVE THAT SONG. Everything about it. The way Jake’s voice sounds when he sings the low notes. Nathan’s guitar riffs. They way you can get lost in the chorus and the way it builds.THE SECOND VERSE IN GENERAL. SERIOUSLY THAT KILLS ME. The bridge. The incredibly amazing bridge that I seriously can’t even comprehend. I’ll never forget hearing it for the first time. It was when they were in Denver and I remember thinking “holy shit this band is so fucking special.” It was such a surreal moment. It made me realize how important and how cool music really is, especially seeing it live. It was a moment that made me realize that these boys are doing what they love and I really freaking want to do the same. They had something to say, something to share with us and I’m so grateful they did. It was first song I memorized from the album. This song hasn’t been out for that long but it’s crazy how much it has effected me. It blows my mind that a song that is about a person I don’t even know can feel like a chapter of my life. I LOVE THESE BOYS SO DAMN MUCH. What hc song are you especially grateful for?

Marble Hornets eBay Masterpost

If you are a Marble Hornets fan and enjoy either cosplay or collecting memorabilia (or both!), you’re in luck! I’m currently auctioning off several props and clothing items that I wore/used in the series, and this is the post where I will be adding links to each eBay listing. Be sure to bookmark this post to check for updates! Just click the text beneath each photo to go to the eBay listing.


Marble Hornets - Tim’s Jacket


Marble Hornets - Tim’s Mug


  Marble Hornets - Gray Plaid Button-Up Shirt (Entry #53)


Marble Hornets - Blue Ringer T-Shirt (Entry #61)


Marble Hornets - Red Henley Shirt (Entry #66)


Marble Hornets - Red Ringer T-Shirt (Entry #63)


Marble Hornets - Gray Ringer T-Shirt (Entry #69)


TimMan’s Rollerblades - Troy Moves Out



“I do not regret being who I am, being as open as I’ve been. And I am proud of myself for not apologizing for it. I don’t fit into any of the boxes that so many petty-minded little motherfuckers love to put me in, and I don’t really care.”

i really, really want a plot where muse a is a naive, sweet, romantic, whimsical little thing with a whole lot of optimism and sunshine in their veins and muse b is the complete opposite; a total player who has someone new in their bed every weekend and hates responsibilities and just spends a lot of their time fucking around. somehow these two have been friends for a while, despite their differing personalities, and one day muse a ends up having to move out of their apartment due to a fire or an infestation or something and muse b is the one who offers to put them up for the time being. it’s all well and good except muse a has terrible nightmares constantly and one night muse b is sick and tired of it (and deep down a little concerned) so gets into bed with muse a until they stop crying and shaking and fall asleep in muse b’s arms instead. cue awkward muses sleeping in the same bed every night and it actually helping muse a a lot with the nightmares, and lots of cuddling and feelings ensue. muse b, being the player they are, are terrified of the idea of liking someone but muse a is pretty much already head over heels and ANGST !!