livevamaria I had the chance to meet this extraordinary woman seconds before we performed a few Sundays ago. She is full of grace and will always remain the theatre inspiration I’ve always seen her as. What a moment I will never forget. Thank you Broadway for being so lovey. You all have made the cast and I feel so welcome. Thank you. (I still fan girl hard even when Jonathan Groff took this 📷)

Chance Sutton - Secret

You were one year younger than your brother, Jake.  Making you three years younger than your oldest brother, Logan.  You moved out to LA to live with them right after you graduated high school, and since Jake already had enough people in his house you were living with Logan.

Logan was the only person who knew that you were in a relationship with Chance, of course besides the two of you.  “Logan I’m going out,” you said as you sat up from the couch, putting your phone in your pocket.

He entered the living room from his bedroom.  “You going out with Chance?”

You nodded.  “Yeah, I’ll be back in a bit.”

He nodded.  “Be safe, don’t drink, use protection.”

You rolled your eyes.  “I’m not having sex, Logan.”

“Best form of protection you can use.”

You rolled your eyes again.  “Yeah, yeah.  Whatever.”  You went downstairs to the apartment complex entrance/exit and went out to your car.  You drove out to you and Chance’s rendez-vous spot, and sat waiting.  He probably had to come up with some excuse, because he didn’t want anyone knowing either.  You knew everyone was getting suspicious, but you weren’t ready to say anything to anyone yet.

He showed up a few minutes later and walked over to your car, getting in the passenger seat.  “I’m running out of excuses,” he said once he was in the car.

“I know,” you sighed as you started the engine back up.  “We’ll tell them soon.”

He nodded.  “Just…  Not tonight.  Tonight is for us.  Happy anniversary, baby.”  He leaned over and pecked your lips quickly, then you started driving.  You were going out to dinner for your one year anniversary.

After you went to the restaurant, you pulled over to a park and took a blanket out of the trunk of your car.  You and Chance always would sit in the park and look at the stars, since you couldn’t go to his place or yours.

For the entire night, you’d been thinking about Jake.  What would he say when you told him?  You had to do it soon, it was killing both of you to lie.  It’d been going on for over a year.

“I know what you’re thinking,” Chance said as he put his arm around you and pulled you close to him.  “We’ll tell them.  But tonight, that shouldn’t be on your mind.”  He placed one of his hands on your cheek so you could look at each other.  “I love you, and you love me, and it’s our anniversary.  Let’s just enjoy tonight, and we’ll worry about that tomorrow.”

You nodded slowly.  “For right now, our little secret is the least of our worries.”  You pecked him on the lips, then laid your head on his shoulder.  “Happy anniversary, babe.”

“Happy anniversary,” he said quietly as he kissed your forehead.

Marble Hornets eBay Masterpost

If you are a Marble Hornets fan and enjoy either cosplay or collecting memorabilia (or both!), you’re in luck! I’m currently auctioning off several props and clothing items that I wore/used in the series, and this is the post where I will be adding links to each eBay listing. Be sure to bookmark this post to check for updates! Just click the text beneath each photo to go to the eBay listing.


Marble Hornets - Tim’s Jacket


Marble Hornets - Tim’s Mug


  Marble Hornets - Gray Plaid Button-Up Shirt (Entry #53)


Marble Hornets - Blue Ringer T-Shirt (Entry #61)


Marble Hornets - Red Henley Shirt (Entry #66)


Marble Hornets - Red Ringer T-Shirt (Entry #63)


Marble Hornets - Gray Ringer T-Shirt (Entry #69)


TimMan’s Rollerblades - Troy Moves Out


Broadway musicals from 2013-2014 that have since closed