sutter and aimee


Shailene Woodley And The Trinity Of Kisses

Shailene’s boys: -The Fault In Our Stars (Ansel Elgort as Augustus) -Divergent (Theo James as Four) -The Spectacular Now (Miles Teller as Sutter)

Aimee: I got into college today. But there’s no way mom will let me go.
Sutter: You got into college today?
Aimee: In Philadelphia. Where my sister lives.
Sutter: That’s, I don’t know what to say, Aim. Congratulations!
Aimee: It doesn’t matter, though, ‘cause my mom–
Sutter: What’s your mom have to do with it?
Aimee: Well she needs me. For the route and stuff. She’s alone all day, no one to help her–
Sutter: Aimee. Hold on. Your mom will be fine. She’s a grown woman. You are going to Philly.
Aimee: Yeah, but–
Sutter: No. No buts. Don’t you see? You’re this extraordinary genius but you’ve got all these people making you do stuff. It’s gotta stop.
Aimee: How?
Sutter: It’s easy. Stand up for yourself.
Aimee: I don’t know how.
Sutter: I’ll teach you. Here… have another swig. Now repeat after me. “Mom, get off my motherfucking back!”
Aimee: What?!
Sutter: Say it.
Aimee: No! ..Get off my back.
Sutter: Dude, you’ve got to say it like you mean it. And the motherfuck is key. Trust me. “Mom…”
Aimee: “Mom…”
Sutter: “Get off my motherfucking back, Mom!”
Aimee: “Get off my…fucking…back, Mom!”
Sutter: Motherfucking.
Aimee: Motherfucking back! Motherfucker! Aaah!
Sutter: Yes!
Aimee: That sorta feels good.
Sutter: I told you.
Aimee: Get off my motherfucking back, Mom. Stay out of my motherfucking business, Krystal.
Sutter: Oh! Krystal got one. Who else?
Aimee: I think that’s it.
Sutter: How about an ex-boyfriend? Fuck you ex-boyfriend!
(Aimee clamps up and Sutter notices)
Sutter: Come on. You can’t be 17 and not have one horrible ex-boyfriend you want to curse out. Nobody?
Aimee: It’s not… guys don’t really look at me.. like that. You know?
Sutter: You’re crazy. Didn’t you see Erik Wolff hitting on you? And Cody Dennis?
Aimee: They weren’t hitting on me.
Sutter: Of course they were. You’re a sweetheart, I mean, look at you.
(Aimee is not at all convinced. Sutter takes her chin, tilts it up, and plants a kiss on her.)
Aimee: Whew.
Sutter: You’re damn right, whew.