BOOKS READ IN 2017: sutphin boulevard by santino hassell

“I don’t understand why you’re acting this way. I just don’t want to ruin what we already have. I’m not trying to upset you.”

“I know you’re not trying to upset me, but what do you expect, Mikey? You know I want you, and you don’t want me, so what else is there to say?”

“I don’t—”

“Don’t say you don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about.”

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Mlm books, preferably with happy endings, written by men?

  • Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Saenz
  • History is All You Left Me by Adam Silvera
  • Last Seen Leaving by Caleb Roehrig
  • The Love Interest by Cale Dietrich
  • Anything by Santino Hassell (I recommend starting with Sutphin Boulevard)
  • Anything by Christopher Koehler (I recommend starting with Rocking the Boat)
  • Shatterproof by Xen Sanders
  • Coffee Boy and Peter Darling by Austin Chant
  • What it Looks Like by Matthew J. Metzger
  • Anything by AJ Truman
  • Criminal Pleasures by Darien Cox
  • Safe in Your Fire by Darien Cox
  • How to Be a Normal Person by TJ Klune
  • Hot Head by Damon Suede
  • For Real by Alexis Hall
  • Coyote’s Creed by Vaughn R. Demont

There are some to start with! (Might wanna search through some more by Darien Cox, Alexis Hall, and Christopher Rice, too)

Ever since we have read Sunset Park by our dude Santino Hassell, Alice and I have talked a few times about a David/Raymond/Nunzio/Michael foursome. Yesterday my girl got nasty, talking about these four having fun while I was at work. So, well…. yeah. This is for @kingslaurent and also her fault.

 David/Raymond/Nunzio/Michael - PWP - 3359  words

(Previous book knowledge not really necessary to read it)

Puppy Pile

We are all piled up on Nunzio and Michael’s huge bed. I could never see their need of a queen-size since they are not that big. Muscled, yes, but more on the skinny side of things. I call it their fancy orgy bed. Nunzio scoffs at me and tells me that when you get old, fancy things are important.

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so good. 

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Do you guys know of any popular nsfw mm and wlw books? Like song of achilles romance? ♥️

I do :) Not sure how popular one needs to be to fit (though I think the bolded titles pretty safely qualify, and you can look into more by those authors), but you can make your own call on that from this list:



Respect my Ratchet: The Liberatory Consciousness of Ratchetness

Recently someone interviewing me asked me to define ‘ratchet’, but I couldn’t at that moment. A few days later though, I found myself urging a group of Black students standing in solidarity with Mizzou to be free and embrace their ‘ratchet’. Both of these incidents made me think a lot about what I mean when I say I’m ratchet. Today in a Black feminist panel discussion with the nonpareil Dr. Linda Carty, I figured it out: ratchet is the embodiment of Black femme liberatory consciousness.

Academics like Barbara J. Love define liberatory consciousness as the ability to live life in oppressive institutions with intentionality and awareness, rather than internalizing the socialization those institutions have imposed. A liberatory consciousness enables us to maneuver through oppressive society without giving in to self-pity and dejectedness… and if that aint ratchet…. What is!??

Being a Black woman in a white patriarchal society positions Black women and femmes in unique relation to power and privilege. Being seen as attractive, professional, intelligent, or successful is a fight when those attributes are saturated with Whiteness, maleness, and heteronormativity. In order to find some piece of acceptance into these systems, Black folks welcomed respectability politics – basically values and beliefs that police ourselves in an effort to impose dominant White values. You know them: dress nice, work harder, pull your pants up, don’t eat watermelon in public, close your legs, get a perm, speak like you got some sense, tuck in yo Blackness! These politics are especially impossible and violent to Black women and femmes who are most regulated and silenced by them. Respectability leaves Black women and femmes walking a tightrope of trying to appear worthy of being respected by Black men and everyone else. It’s a suffocating place to be, and as a fat Black lesbian, I fell off of that tightrope a long time ago. What was the safety net? RATCHET!

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Awareness is the first element of a liberatory consciousness. Ratchet awareness? CHECK! From the moment I stepped foot into a college classroom I was aware of how I was different and why. My hair, my clothes, my skin, my growin up in the hood… and the way I talked! When trying to change all that failed, I embraced ratchet. I repped Queens harder than I ever had, proud of Sutphin Boulevard that equipped me with a language my white classmates couldn’t understand and my English professors tried to erase. I learned quickly that under white supremacy, Black English must be devalued – relegated to ratchet. If we laugh at and devalue the way Black folks talk, we internalize that we don’t have our own language… but we do! Yeen never seen a white muh fukka try to figure out what the hell we talmbout? They be lost! And beyond that, awareness is the ability to notice, paying attention to our language. Ratchet makes room for the art of shade, a good read, and all the other nuanced ways we communicate as Black folks. Ratchet is also the undercurrent of awareness of other black folks. How is it that we ALL know the electric slide? The Cupid Shuffle? To close grandma’s door because we ‘lettin her good air out ‘cause we don’t pay no bills round here’? It’s the ratchet! The awareness and ways of knowing we hide from the white gaze.

Analysis is the second element of a liberatory consciousness. Ratchet analysis? CHECK! Analysis is all about ways of being that will yield the best results in a given situation. That’s that code switchin’ that is embodied in the ratchet. I can always tell who my momma is talking to on the phone based on her voice – white voice, the power company; loud voice, her sister. We don’t talk to hegemonic institutions the same way we talk to each other. Within community we have freedom to show our range of true selves – laughing, crying, twerkin, sewing our bundles in. We feel the liberation we strive for as a people and we run wit it!  This element of ratchet allows for creativity in the way we express ourselves, body positivity, and subverting gender binaries. Ratchet analysis tells us we can behave however the fuck we want and switch it up whenever we damn well please – because we are free. Big ole booties, crooked smiles, rainbow bangs, all excluded from the hegemonic standards of beauty that tell us our bodies are wrong. Ratchet makes room for it all, telling us our bodies aren’t wrong, they just is what they is.

And there’s something particularly feminist about being ratchet. It’s not a term I hear ascribed to men or used too often by men – even though it leaves room for expressions of masculinity that respectability just won’t rock with – like Young Thug. Ratchet asserts that women don’t have to be Michelle Obama or Janet Mock to be influential, feminists, or revolutionary. Ratchet allows Cardi B to be just as influential and feminist – wholly embracing sexuality, herself, and other women makin’ shmoney however they can.

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Ratchet is revolutionary in the way that it does not play to being palatable for whiteness. Unlike respectability politics, ratchet is attainable for black folks of all social class. Ratchet provides the space for Black folks – women and femmes especially – to subvert the white gaze and explore the presentation of self that they truly feel comfortable with. Ratchet is the freedom to laugh out loud, dance in public, cuss somebody’s ass out, bring your entire self into all you do. Ratchet is knowledge that can be shared across Black communities and is not bound by geography, social class, or level of traditional education. So why are Black students, activists, and student activists so afraid of ratchet? Because white hegemony has told us we can’t love ourselves or be free to be who we are and respectability still has us falsely believing that if we are good enough negroes, we will ‘make it’. We know that respectability fails us… so what do we have to lose from forgetting that shit and defining ourselves? I’m here for embracing the gutter glam liberation of ratchetness. 

@azriona Some mm recs for you.

The rifter, by Ginn Hale: Literally, if you love fantasy and boys kissing and witches and gods, this is for you. It starts slow bc you don’t quite understand what’s going on, but it gets SO FUCKING GOOD. I cry about it everyday. everything by ginn is a must if you like fantasy imo

Memoirs of a houseboy by Gillibran Brown: So, this one is about Gilli, and his two daddies. Gil is a great story teller and he makes me interested in reading about him doing everydays stuff. Also Gillibran is actually Gillibrat and it leads to a lot of spanking from his alpha daddy. Hilarious at times, heartbreaking at others. I love Gilli and his manfolk and I can’t wait for the next book of the series. Go for it if you like some daddy kink 3some.

Unwrappin Hank by our dear Eli Easton: A short, cute and funny Christmas-y story. There’s also The Lion and The Crow, about two medieval boys that fall in love and it’s v cute. All shorts by Eli are super cute.

Stockholm Syndrome by Richard Rider: OK MY LOVE HATE RELATIONSHIP WITH THIS BOOK. It is dark, and fucked up. Both Valentine and Lindsay are fucked up but they work? I really don’t know what is it about this book that make me like it; Not for everyone. The ending I just….. got to get my shit together to read book 2.

Off campus by amy jo cousins: Aaaaa, I love my boys Tom and Reese. It’s a bit of a gay for you with some internalize homophobia and Tom a bit self centered but he grows a lot.I liked it :)

Sutphin Boulevard by Santino Hassel: SANTINO LITERALLY WRITES THE HOTTEST SEX SCENES I’M JUST !!!!!!!!!!!!! I love Sutphin so so much! The writing is so good and the sex is the best i have read in a looooong time. The next book is coming out in december and i can’t wait!!!!!! They are all stand alone, so fear not and start reading

The Magpie Lord series by K L Charles: I LOVE THIS SERIES. Urban victorian (?) fantasy with one smol angry and a tall charming. I love everything about this series!!!! Also Lord Crane has such a dirty mouth .o.’

Him by Sarina Bowen: Him is just one of those feel good books. Incredibly cute, short lived drama and lots of sex. I loved it. I have to re read it soon. Watch out for the butt plug scene.

Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda by becky albertalli: this one is a YA and it’s so incredibly cute?

How to Repair a Mechanical Heart by J C Lillis: Another YA, v cute and with a fandom theme. 

And of course my princeling children, Damen and Laurent from Captive prince by C S Pacat. You must persevere thru the bad things that happen in book one, it is worth it


The Sutphin Boulevard-JFK Station on the Archer Avenue Line.

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If possible, do you have any books where the main character has a crush on their best friend?

I do! Check out: