Roxas waits in anticipation for Yuna to return with some ice cream. She mentioned how he should stop calling her “Miss”. Then again, he probably should. He never did call Axel “Mr”, and it wasn’t like she was older than him that much, only by a few years. The only reason he did, was because she seemed like someone who he had to respect. Sort of like a idol or holy person. He may have his blunt and stoic demeanor that holds him back from speaking much, but when he did, he tried to be respectful. Plus she seemed nice, and he didn’t want to ruin a opportunity of making new friends after losing so much. 

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Suteki da ne
  • Suteki da ne
  • Susan Calloway
  • Distant Worlds II: more music from FINAL FANTASY

Suteki da ne (FINAL FANTASY X) - English version

Vocal soloist, Susan Calloway


Wind, and my heart swimming in collected words 

Moved by the wind, in through the world. 

Clouds, like a voice that we all recognize 

Carry the holding future. 

Moon, on the sky as a trembling heart 

Shown on the glass unsteadily. 

Stars, shedding tears in an overflowing stream 

I see the night all around me. 

Suteki da ne 

Being together, all alone walking hand in hand. 

And I want to go to your city 

To your home, into your arms. 

That soul 

Inside your body 

From those conflicted nights 

As from my dreams. 

Wind died away, and I feel all the words 

Led by a gentle illusion. 

Clouds are the future that cannot be attained 

Told from impossible distance. 

The moon filled with night as it flowed through your heart 

Such faraway reflections. 

Stars, ripe like tears, like fruit falls from a tree 

I wipe my dreams off the nighttime. 

Suteki da ne 

Being together, all alone walking hand in hand. 

And I want to go to your city 

To your home, into your arms. 

To feel your face 

The touch of memory 

And now that I awake 

As from a dream.


from Distant Worlds II: more music from FINAL FANTASY, released 01 May 2010 

Performed by: The Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra.

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[ ooc; I think it's so sweet, how you care so much for Namine. <3 ]

ooc: Yuna….-tries not to tear up-….i don’t even know if I should make this private or not, but who cares lol. I try to make Roxas care for everyone the same level, but I love Namine, out of all the girls (girl has been by herself the whole time in the KH series so I have a huge soft spot for her). Plus it doesn’t help that the mun Namine is my…well…yeah. There needs to be more rokunami love I think though too. You see little of it nowadays. 

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Roxas smiled instantly at the message given to him, “You know, even if I’m a Nobody, people seem to tell me family is hard to come by. I think it can be. I’ve been through a lot to know what it’s like to lose people important to me. But, Yuna has been one of the best things that’s happened to me since I’ve come back. She’s the big sister I never had. She’s cheerful and tries to make me smile or laugh when I’m down. Even when she’s suffering through her own responsibilities and burdens, she’s still someone I can count on to drop everything and be there for me. She’s a pure person, and I’m happy to be considered a little brother to her. From the stories she’s told me about her world, I just hope I can do the same for her, and be the guardian she never had." 

A Welcoming back



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“Yuna!” The boy grins and greets fondly, “I missed you.” He then states shyly to his “sister”.

“I’ve been good. Sort of distracted lately, but good. I’ve been done awhile myself.”

“It seems everyone has been.. But I’m glad to hear you’re doing well. How is, Lady Namine?”

He rubs the back of his head, “Hehehe, I think she might be mad at me. I haven’t seen her since for a couple of days."