Michelle’s Fic Recs for 1DAAW

I have a lot of great fics to share with you all.  Hopefully you’ll find some fics in this list that you haven’t read and will give them a go!  They are all great reads and you won’t be disappointed.  Most of them are Harry but there are a couple of great Liam and Niall in the mix.  Enjoy!

Until I Find You Again and it’s sequel Pieces of Us by @wdmsusie.  Also check out Stumbling Into Perfection.  All are completed Harry fics. Susie also has loads of great blurbs and imagines so be sure to check out her writing!

Out of Bounds (complete) and Cubicle (WIP) by @heart-attack-harry. Both are Harry AU’s. Courtney also has a bunch of blurbs and imagines.

@wdmsusie and @heart-attack-harry also have two fics that they have collaborated on. At This Moment which is a completed fic and it’s sequel Pink which is a work in progress can be found at @atthismoment1d. Both are Harry/Niall fics.

The Nice Guy and Valley of the Dolls by @onismanxiety. Both are really great Harry fics!

Cake For Breakfast (Liam AU), In Your Atmosphere (Harry) and Goffin and King (this is on my to read list) by @fromherlips.

Dandelion and Burdock (Harry AU) and Nom De Plume (Harry) by @stylesprimes.

Fanfiction (Harry), Above Average (Harry AU), First Base (Harry AU) and Polaroid (Harry) by @stilesharrystyles. Eliza is also collaborating with Isbah @whimsicalstylesfics on Come Home To Me (Harry Soldier AU).

Journeyman (Boxer Harry AU) and Deckled Edges (Harry) by @littlebird006.

Pure Feeling (CEO Harry AU) by @aceofstyles.

Res Ipsa Loquitur (Lawyer Liam) and Salute (Secret Agent Harry AU) by @bioluminescentwriting

Someday, Someday (Harry) and Twenty Good Reasons it’s sequel by @beautifulletdownfics.

Love Ridden (Niall) and Whiplash (Niall) by @dibsonthat1d.

Sugar on the Asphalt (Harry) and it’s sequel Tennessee Teacakes along with The Baby Blues Novella.  Also Just Anchor and Hope (Harry) and When We Sink, We Float it’s sequel. All are by @justanchorandhope.

Evaporate (Harry) and The Golden Hour (Harry AU) by @standingfacingwest.

Up Where We Belong (Harry) by @alwaysinstylesfics.

Vo’ke (Harry AU), Hearts Like Ours (Harry) and The Love Club (Harry) by @beggingforfics.

All I Want (Harry) and it’s sequel Warrior by @americanowrites.

The Inheritance Pact (Liam AU) and Where We Belong (Harry AU) by @wordsbestforgotten.

As you can tell by this massive list, I love reading fanfiction and all of these fics are incredible.  Many of these writers have additional stories and one-shots that are all great reads as well.  I hope you guys take the time to check out any you haven’t already read.  I’m sorry if I left anyone out.  Don’t be surprised if I add to this lol.  All of these can also be found on 1DFF as well. If anyone has any questions about any of the fics, feel free to message me or send me an ask and I’ll be happy to help! You won’t be disappointed! Happy Reading!!!

It was never easy, getting news of a death in the family. Even if Alice had grown distant with her, she had never wanted this.

She had stared, dumbstruck at the words Jin had written to her. First Dean and now Alice. She was half afraid she was going to get news about Gabby next. Uncle Ford was probably going to die of heartbreak at this rate. Then the news sank in and Susie curled up with a pillow and cried.

She missed the old days.

Once her tears had passed, she got up to write a response.


Please give my love and comfort to Valec and your family at the loss of Alice. I know you loved her dearly. She would have liked to be buried with your kin if you wish to do so, if not, we will certainly make room for her in our crypt. If your family needs anything do let me know.

I know it isn’t much but I sent some of those caramel chocolates Valec likes. Try to make sure he doesn’t get too fat in his grief.

With Sorrow and Love,

I have 35 requests in my inbox for various Niall imagines.

So…once I get done walking my animal…I declare this Niall’s night on Susie’s blog. I dunno how many I’ll get through but I’m gonna do my best to get through as many as I can.

I may end up regretting this.

anonymous asked:

babyyy, hiii. i was wondering if you could recommend me songs, bc i have seen the kind of music you listen to (and the ones you get inspiration from) and i got really attached to your music taste. btw, your stories are my aesthetic. love you💖

omg you’re so sweet! and hmm well i was kind of just going down my spotify playlist that i put those types of songs in and some of them that i think you might like are listed below. some of them are old but i still listen to them quite frequently, especially when i’m writing!

Drive by Glades (sorry i keep recommending this song but i just found it a couple of weeks ago, and i’ve been obsessed lol), 

Mind Over Matter by PVRIS (or just anything from their acoustic mini album bc they’re all amazing)

Please Don’t Go by Joel Adams

Here with me by Susie Suh

Someone New by Banks

I Found by Amber Run

literally any song by Dawn Golden or Vancouver Sleep Clinic

In my Veins by Andrew Belle

Anywhere but Here by Safetysuit 

The Worst of Them (accoustic) by Issues

Boston by Augustana

The River by For the Foxes

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Robert will kill us all with the power of his love!

Yes Susy!! He will, but i think that’s his plan!! But why for the love of God did ED not include this part? Not just for the ILY but the ‘at least you know I wasn’t with some bloke’

Roberts love for Aaron knows no bounds! It’s out of this world and I know Aaron feels the same we just need him to SAY IT AGAIN!

I just got an email from a woman named Susie whose sister made her an Encourager birthday cake for her 49th birthday! Holy smokes, what a crooked smiling beauty! Happy birthday susie, hope it is unreal.

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* breaks through walls to give my favorite brother Susie to cuddle and lollipops

I love you piper. Sorry I had to go while we were making pies! We will do it again, I promise. And you can keep Susie, I’m tough