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Susie, tell me how wonderful make up sex with Niall would be. You had a terrible fight and neither really remember what it was about (it was that stupid) but you both feel terrible.

Niall would be sheepish when he approached you.  Not sure if you were still as angry as you were earlier.  He hates it when you look at him like that.  It makes him feel out of control and disconnected.  You’re his connection to his emotions and without that he doesn’t know what to do with himself.

So he gingerly approaches you while you’re lying on the bed crying.  You crying is Niall’s kryptonite.  He can’t deal with it.  Even if you’re not crying because of him he takes it personally.

And when you pull his arm around your waist rather than push him away he crumbles.  He’s hugging you to him, whispering he loves you and that he’s sorry and that it will never happen again.  And the thing is, is that with Niall, you can believe that it will never happen again because Niall learns his lessons well.  

His mouth is on yours the minute you roll onto your back.  He can’t help it.  The disconnect has zapped him of any kind of discipline.  He just wants to feel you, feel your warmth, find your heart again.  He feels like he can’t breath without it.

His love making is slow.  His hands are circled around your head and he’s tucked you underneath him like a protective cocoon.  There will be no sexual antics tonight because this is 100% emotional at the moment.  He’s giving himself over to you and trusting you with it.  That’s his way of conveying to you just how sorry he is.

There’s no dirty talk, just deep moans and drooped eyelids and bites of his bottom lip during strokes that are so slow they make you want to melt into him.  When he comes, he presses his mouth to yours, swallowing both his and your moans into each others mouths.  His body shakes and he tenses up so violently he feels like every muscle in his body snaps all at once.

Sleeping that night is little more than a continuation of total intimacy between you.  Neither of you gets dressed.   Your legs are tangled, your hair fanned out over his chest.  He’s never been more grateful to have you in his arms and feel your soul joining with his.  You both fall asleep easily.

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Susie I see all these girls on my dash today feeling bad about themselves for not being models or feeling like they're attractive enough for Harry. It's making me so sad. Some of them seem very young too. Can we talk about this? Can we spread some girl power? I don't have a type. I like who I like and if I like you I like seeing you naked and find you attractive. I feel like he's the same. Models can really make women feel like crap and that makes me sad!

Ugh…I hate seeing this.  It breaks my heart.  Every time one of my friends says that Harry would never give them a second look it makes me angry.  Because it’s not true.  Harry is not some untouchable male we all need to be falling all over ourselves in order to gain his attention.  And the best part about that?  Is he would agree with me.  He doesn’t think he’s anything special.  He’s as confused as to why everyone wants to take pictures and thinks he’s so beautiful as anyone.  He wants a girl who thinks she’s a catch. Who doesn’t degrade herself (because that’s bullshit ladies.  The magazines lie to you.  If I had a team of people doing my hair and makeup every day and every piece of clothing I wore was tailored to my specific body type then yeah, I’d look fucking amazing everywhere I went too). 

You should be walking around with your head held high.  You are a fucking catch.  Any man (or woman for that matter) who wants to speak to you should make sure he has his shit together before he/she does so.  That’s not bragging, that’s not vain, that’s not thinking you’re better than anyone…that’s respecting yourself enough not to settle for less than what you deserve.

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In questo momento mi sento una GROSSA MERDA. Voi vi chiederete “perché? Dovresti essere felice ora che sei fidanzato”
Avete ragione, sono FIDANZATO fino a qualche ora fa. E voi vi chiederete “perché fino a qualche ora fa?”
Perché quando i tuoi genitori non ti appoggiano in una scelta, ti cade il mondo addosso. Non credo che avere una “relazione a distanza” sia grave…ma evidentemente per loro si. I miei genitori, quelli che dovrebbero appoggiarti nelle situazioni difficili. Quelli che dovrebbero starti vicino. Per colpa loro ho perso l'unica persona che si è accorta di me in 18 anni della mia vita di merda. L'ho persa per sempre. La cosa più brutta è che perderò la mia felicità, LA MIA SUSY… E ciò che fa ancora più male è passare per un bugiardo. Mi sentirò questo addio sulla coscienza! E SE ANCHE NON MI VORRAI PIÙ NON TI DIMENTICHERO’ MAI.

Inoltre a malincuore,dopo tutta questa delusione per qualche giorno non entrerò più su tumblr e forse mi cancellero di conseguenza. Sono troppo triste. Mi sento una merda, deluso, un mostro , uno schifo.



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Susie. Can you pretty, pretty please write a smutty Niall blurb?? I don't care what it's about as long as it's smutty! (I'm such a slut for him...🙈) I'm trying to finish this ethics midterm and my power went out. I need some motivation or a reward for finishing...? It doesn't have to be tonight! I know you're a busy lady! Kthanks! 😘

I will!  Just for you!  Cuz you’re my favorite and I want you to do well.

Might be tonight or tomorrow.  Haven’t decided yet.  Writing the new fic right now.

Get your nose in the books young lady!

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So I talked to you before about me liking my best friend who hit it off with a girl on a date, we had dinner together and I told him when I was about to get on the train and he just stopped and stared at me than kissed me. SUSIE YOU WERE RIGHT AND I LOVE YOU SO MUCH

I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m crying.  Seriously.  This is amazing.  Proof.  Take that chance.

LHC Breaks Supersymmetry’s Beauty

Image Credit: Spiro 4 Stuart Daly/Dutch Uncle Agency

With possible but not yet definite and verifiable news of gaining some understanding to the elusive Higgs Boson, what would happen to the other theories that have been submitted? More specifically the other favored theory. In this limited article, NS explores the other side of the story and what could come of it.:

In July, at a particle physics conference in Grenoble, France, Nobel laureate George Smoot seemed to be channelling the spirit of Thomas Huxley. The scrappy 19th-century champion of Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection once spoke of “the great tragedy of science - the slaying of a beautiful hypothesis by an ugly fact”. Smoot, a cosmologist who made his name studying the afterglow of the big bang, thinks this is just the drama now playing out in particle physics.

Particle physics has a beautiful theory, known as supersymmetry. More than three decades in the making, its elegant mathematical structure was intended to replace the “standard model”, the eminently serviceable but sometimes creaky and in parts aesthetically unpleasing theoretical construct that is currently our best description of matter’s fundamental workings.

Supersymmetry’s beauty is now meeting some ugly facts emerging from the Large Hadron Collider, the gargantuan particle accelerator situated at CERN near Geneva, Switzerland. Supersymmetry predicts a whole slew of new particles, and by most reckonings the LHC should have started producing some of them already. But it hasn’t. That throws up some big questions. Is supersymmetry really the right answer? If not, what is?

Supersymmetry - SUSY to its legion of fans - has long been seen as a panacea for the standard model’s ills. Back in the early 1960s, one of the theories that went into making the standard model faced an embarrassment. It could not explain how elementary particles, things such as electrons and the quarks that make up protons and neutrons, get their mass. It predicted none of them had any mass at all.

A workaround, arrived at from several angles in 1964, was to postulate that an all-pervading field exists with which elementary particles interact differently, giving each a unique mass. This was the Higgs field, named after one of its progenitors, Peter Higgs of the University of Edinburgh, UK.

The Higgs mechanism was neat, but created its own problem. Experimental clues indicated that the mass of the “quantum” of the Higgs field, the Higgs boson, was between about 114 and 180 gigaelectronvolts (GeV) – exactly the range in which the LHC is currently feverishly seeking the particle, with as yet only tantalising hints. The theory, though, made it something like a billion billion times bigger. This gigantic discrepancy came to be known as the hierarchy problem.

Article: The truth hurts: LHC breaks supersymmetry’s beauty

Indosso un vestito e penso a quando me lo toglierai.
Mi metto il profumo e penso a quando mi bacerai il collo e mi dirai che ho un buon odore.
Uso troppo shampoo e troppo bagnoschiuma per restarti addosso in ogni modo.
Metto il rossetto più acceso che ho e penso a quando passerai le dita sulle mie labbra per mandarlo via.
Qui ha tutto a che fare con te, ormai.
Tutto di me ha a che fare con te.
Mi metto una mano sul cuore e penso a quello che potresti fargli, penso che potresti strapparmelo come a volte cerchi di strapparmi un sorriso, un bacio, un completino intimo.
Qui ha tutto a che fare con te, e non è che sia un male, ma volevo che tu sapessi che non te ne puoi più andare.
—  Susanna Casciani