White People: *constantly generalize Black People while actively participate in projecting hateful, racist, and dangerous stereotypes consciously or subconsciously*

Black People: “White People are racist.“

White People: "Hmmm, maybe it’s not my racist actions that are wrong…. but, instead, it’s you calling me a racist which is actually racist. Words hurt :((((”
People really are out there tweeting and making Facebook posts that Hillary lost because of "Black People not organizing and sticking together"

Like… lol that’s fucking cute but Black People only make up 13% of the United States population. Oh!! and let me remind you all that out of that 13% not all can vote due to age, immigration status, felonies, they didn’t want to, and voter suppression. So, with that knowledge we can move onto the next facts.

About 90+% of eligible Black Americans voted for Hillary. So even if your ideal 100% Black Voter turnout banded together to whip and naenae Mrs. Clinton all the way to the top? She would have STILL LOST :) This isn’t a damn issue of “Black People not sticking together”.

Why are people so afraid to call it like it is? If there are 20 people… let’s say 3 are black mmkay? 2 voted democrat and 1 voted republican and the other 17 voted republican? Well… Black people not all coming together was NOT the issue.