journal entries

working backwards

“the blue edge”
seas have lapped across the interior

imagine finding something as naturally beautiful as gemstones. seems cruel to take something from its natural place - intergenerational trauma

one of those days where i feel i could ride the train forever

i think it is smart to be careful with romance but i just want someone to say they’re all in
i always feel i am going to get hurt regardless

my heart works perfectly

you can’t see out the train window today so when the it stops at a station it’s like they’re just shoving you out into a void

the feeling of being so detached from others + your own experience that even your reflection is surprised to see you
this or just another excuse to look in the mirror more

there is a lot just inside one person and it is scary how easy it is to become fully different, then equally hard to return. feel twisted and ugly and like my spine is bent

how to write more but be on the computer less

so fragmented i’m writing the same things in different ways & all my new poems are quoting myself


And then Susie and Peridot went off to conquer the Universe.

But in all seriousness, I’m thinking of making a few SU fancomics where Peridot and Jasper join the gems so I doodled a few sketches of Peridot as a Crystal gem and this one is my favorite for now :)

If alot of people like this, I will probably go on with the comic, so lemme know what you think :)


Wow, I didn’t really expect to get this many notes so fast, you guys are awesome :) So I guess I  will go through with the fancomics then, and I’ll be posting a few character redesigns this week after finals so stay tuned for that.

Thanks again guys

Why do people always come into our asks or message us like “So you hate interracial relationships and mixed people? Wow, racist.”


  • First, it’s 100% possible to be in an interracial relationship without fetishism or exoticism.
  • Second, non of our moderator on this blog has expressed malice towards healthy interracial relationships.
  • Third, no, we’re not obligated to and will NOT coddle you because you have been or are fetishistic toward someone due to their race. #SucksToSuck.
  • Fourth, we have a pretty organized tagging and organization system on our webpage view…. THE FAQ IS RIGHT THERE. read it and be knowin’.
  • Fifth, we’re called “fucknoFETISHIZATION, NOT “fucknointerracialrelationships”.
  • Finally, Sixth: As you send us messages harassing us about interracial relationships… quietly think to yourself: What kind of person are you to automatically equate interracial relationships and/or their children with fetishism to the point where the two words are synonymous?

Just some food for your thoughts (:

- Susie The Moderator