Team Kirby Clash Deluxe and the Timeline

I’ve decided to post this now instead of when I actually get here on the timeline so that I could get my thoughts down on the subject before I forget anything, and also because I like talking about this.


While it may be common knowledge/speculation that this game takes place in another dimension, which I do believe myself, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have any impact on canon. Quite the opposite, actually: it may be responsible for quite a bit of Robobot!

I’ll start with the most obvious link to our canon: the Organic Egg of this game, Magolor, is undeniably the Magolor from the main timeline, specifically after Return to Dream Land (and in my timeline, Dream Collection). There are two major pieces of evidence for this. The first small link is, if you manage to buy the maximum amount of gem apples, he gives this line of dialogue: (Please excuse the camera quality, I can’t do much better)

He thanks Kirby and co. YET AGAIN, implying they’ve helped him with bigger things in the past. The second piece of evidence literally states he’s from another dimension, though, and provides a great link to my next point. If you play Kirby: Planet Robobot on the same 3DS as Kirby Clash, you get a special sword weapon and armor based off of Susie. The sword itself is VERY interesting:

“Modeled on a certain executive assistant’s favorite armor. It forms a blade of light using technology from beyond this dimension.” This directly states that Magolor at least got this from another dimension, which leads me to believe that, paired with the previous line, he is definitely our egg. However, this also implies something else: he knows OUR Susie. Yes, there’s another Susie in the game, but it’s more than likely a mirror clone. Plus, the technology is specifically from another dimension: if that’s Kirby Clash’s mirror Susie, she still wouldn’t have the tech, as their normal Susie doesn’t.

This leads me to believe that this is where Susie went to gather the data from Sphere Doomers into the Holo Defense API. If you’ve forgotten from its pause description:

Susie has dealt with them before. And where may she have gotten the data from?

The Greater Doomer, either this or the Tougher!Greater Doomer. If you pay attention to its attacks, it only uses the standard and fire Doomer attacks, the same ones the API creates.

With this evidence, we can come to the conclusion that Clash’s Magolor is the same as Return’s, Susie has been to this dimension to gather data for the API doomers, and this these events, in relation to the normal universe, take place right in between the Kirby’s Dream Collection Bonus Stages, and Kirby: PLanet Robobot. It may also explain why Magolor has items modeled off of bosses such as Dark Matter Swordsman and Drawcia. They may also, be in the Clash universe like Taranza and Dark Mind, but in my opinion this would be more logical.

(finally just a little headcanon of mine, I like to think that Magolor is seen during Galacta Knight’s attack going to leaving this dimension. Why? no reason other than that I want Metaknightmare to be canon on some level, heh.)

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The true test of how much i love something is based on if I draw anything for it or not. (Although there’s exceptions since half of the time i don’t feel good enough to draw said thing/or embarrased).

Anyhoo i love @hernyart art

and especially the gals he draws (his main ones up there) on his sideblog (with one HELL of a lewd name). Featuring these ghouls (geddit?…no?….i’ll show my way out) who are super awesome….and lewd….yet sweet at the same time?

Funny thing about this is that I have never seen ANY of the shows these characters belong to. That’s what happens when you don’t have cable or got to rent cartoons from the kids section at blockbuster when you were a kid, (as I faintly remember seeing the box art for the ghouls school one)

Anyhoo, if I wasn’t totally broke I’d patron the hell out of a lotta artists like this guy.

The FUNNIEST part about Trump's inauguration being ghost as fuck....

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Like, there were more people at the Trump protests then his inauguration.

I love it.