Eläinrakkaus loppui nykyaikaan
Vuosituhansia ihminen kohteli eläimiä kumppaneina. Vasta 1800-luvulla niistä tuli tuotantoväline.

Vuosituhansia ihminen kohteli eläimiä kumppaneina. Vasta 1800-luvulla niistä tuli tuotantoväline.

Nainen ja kärppä on yksi renessanssinero Leonardo da Vincin hienoimmista tauluista. Ruhtinas Ludovico Sforzan 1490-luvun alussa tilaamassa muotokuvassa kaunis neitonen, Sforzan rakastajatar Cecilia Gallerani, istuu valkoinen elävä kärppä sylissään. Kärpän rooli on ihmetyttänyt jälkipolvia. Miksi se on kuvassa? Miksi Leonardo ei maalannut neidolle eläimen asemesta hienoja turkiksia?

Taiteentutkijat ovat esittäneet teorioita maalauksesta. Kärppä on nähty Galleranin lemmikkinä. Keskiajalla kärppiä kesytettiin pitämään rottia ja hiiriä poissa talojen nurkista. Toisen tulkinnan mukaan sulavalinjainen kärppä pääsi mukaan esteettisistä syistä. Kolmas hypoteesi muistuttaa, että keskiajan kristillisessä katsannossa kärppä symboloi puhtautta ja viattomuutta. Tai ehkä kärppä viittaa hienovaraisesti rakastaja Sforzaan, joka oli Kärpän ritarikunnan jäsen.

Keskiajan ihmisten suhdetta eläimiin tutkinut historioitsija Hannele Klemettilä esittää kirjassaan Federigon haukka ja muita keskiajan eläimiä (Atena 2013) oman tulkintansa. Leonardo oli aikansa kuuluisin kasvissyöjä ja tunnetuimpia eläinten kaltoinkohtelun vastustajia. Hän kammoksui eläinten rääkkäämistä, tunsi myötätuntoa niitä kohtaan ja kuvasi dramaattisesti ihmissuuta kaikkien eläinten haudaksi. Turkiskaupan vastustajana Leonardo ei voinut maalata neitoa turkiksen kanssa. Kaiken lisäksi turkis olisi perusteettomasti ylevöittänyt aatelittoman tytön. Elävä kärppä kiteytti osuvasti Leonardon oman arvomaailman tilaajan toiveisiin, Klemettilä arvioi.

Ihminen on pohtinut suhdettaan eläimiin vuosituhansia, eivätkä sata viime vuotta ja varsinkaan viime vuosikymmenet ole tuoneet mukanaan myönteisiä asioita. Itse asiassa eläinkunta ei ole koskaan ennen ollut yhtä väheksytty, orjuutettu ja sorrettu kuin nykyään, Klemettilä kirjoittaa.

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Hey so is it bad that I enjoy Beyonce's formation song? I'm not black, but I am a poc. I like the message she's giving. Quite honestly it's refreshingly uplifting for black ppl. I think that's absolutely fantastic. But am I not allowed to like it?

lol u can like the song and listen to it if you’re not black. go head and enjoy it I’m not going to burst into your room and stop you! just know it’s a song celebrating blackness that’s all

- Susie

Ahhhhhhhh I feel like I can’t sit still after that latest Robron spoiler…like how exciting would it be if Aaron and Robert were to actually kiss after MONTHS apart only for Robert to push Aaron way bc he knows he’s head is not in the right place for this. Awww Robert being respectful and decent towards Aaron - he loves him so much that Aaron’s happiness comes first bc he can’t be happy if Aaron isn’t <3

THANK YOU SUSY MY LOVE @perfidasusy for telling me about this AWESOME spoiler!!! :D

I promise to answer all the amazing asks that you guys have sent me I just need to get something to eat first so I can give you some proper excited answers!! LOL


make me choose | susie and toto wolff or geri and christian horner (asked by anonymous)
“"As a husband, I’m sorry that she did not get the chance. I’m convinced that, even with the lack of mileage, she would have been good enough for the midfield. In any case, as part of the Formula 1 paddock, I would have liked to see a woman behind the wheel, because the media would surely have picked it up, even media that have nothing to do with motorsport. This was a missed opportunity.“

nothing’s gonna hurt you [ a bumbleby mix]

[track list] nothing’s gonna hurt you baby - cigarettes after sex // beside you - marianas trench // evaporate - gabrielle aplin // here with me - susie suh & robot koch // dust to dust - the civil wars // when the darkness comes - colbie caillat // i won’t give up - christina grimmie // speechless - rachel platten 


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LHC Breaks Supersymmetry’s Beauty

Image Credit: Spiro 4 Stuart Daly/Dutch Uncle Agency

With possible but not yet definite and verifiable news of gaining some understanding to the elusive Higgs Boson, what would happen to the other theories that have been submitted? More specifically the other favored theory. In this limited article, NS explores the other side of the story and what could come of it.:

In July, at a particle physics conference in Grenoble, France, Nobel laureate George Smoot seemed to be channelling the spirit of Thomas Huxley. The scrappy 19th-century champion of Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection once spoke of “the great tragedy of science - the slaying of a beautiful hypothesis by an ugly fact”. Smoot, a cosmologist who made his name studying the afterglow of the big bang, thinks this is just the drama now playing out in particle physics.

Particle physics has a beautiful theory, known as supersymmetry. More than three decades in the making, its elegant mathematical structure was intended to replace the “standard model”, the eminently serviceable but sometimes creaky and in parts aesthetically unpleasing theoretical construct that is currently our best description of matter’s fundamental workings.

Supersymmetry’s beauty is now meeting some ugly facts emerging from the Large Hadron Collider, the gargantuan particle accelerator situated at CERN near Geneva, Switzerland. Supersymmetry predicts a whole slew of new particles, and by most reckonings the LHC should have started producing some of them already. But it hasn’t. That throws up some big questions. Is supersymmetry really the right answer? If not, what is?

Supersymmetry - SUSY to its legion of fans - has long been seen as a panacea for the standard model’s ills. Back in the early 1960s, one of the theories that went into making the standard model faced an embarrassment. It could not explain how elementary particles, things such as electrons and the quarks that make up protons and neutrons, get their mass. It predicted none of them had any mass at all.

A workaround, arrived at from several angles in 1964, was to postulate that an all-pervading field exists with which elementary particles interact differently, giving each a unique mass. This was the Higgs field, named after one of its progenitors, Peter Higgs of the University of Edinburgh, UK.

The Higgs mechanism was neat, but created its own problem. Experimental clues indicated that the mass of the “quantum” of the Higgs field, the Higgs boson, was between about 114 and 180 gigaelectronvolts (GeV) – exactly the range in which the LHC is currently feverishly seeking the particle, with as yet only tantalising hints. The theory, though, made it something like a billion billion times bigger. This gigantic discrepancy came to be known as the hierarchy problem.

Article: The truth hurts: LHC breaks supersymmetry’s beauty