I make this for reason people forget how kirby is it.  Kirby is fat little kid and bald. This is I and many my friends considered “canon one” gijinka thanks for our god, Matthew Taranto! of BRAWL IN THE FAMILY


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I love you but still shame!!!


Tyler Oakley is at my camp right now and it’s so WEIRD watching him go places / do things / post things that o was doing all summer. My friends are in his videos and my bunk is in the background and the inside jokes we started have seeped into his.

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Hello Sweet Susie... I was thinking ... Could we talk about fucking Harry after a concert? 😈

When he’s all sweaty and hyped from the crowd. So like he just grabs your hand and pulls you somewhere. Maybe under the stage since everywhere else is filled with people.

The minute he gets you somewhere private his mouth is on yours in deep hungry kisses. The kinds of kisses that are purposeful. His hands are squeezing anything he touches on your body.

He finally whirls your around, mumbling something about not being able to wait. “Been thinking about this since Clouds.”
First some attention to your boobs as he pushes your shirt up and the cups of your bra down and palms you for a few minutes.

Then you’re pulling your own leggings down while he’s undoing his jeans. You bend over willingly, turning to watch as he drags his hand over his tongue and wets the tip of his cock a bit. He spreads his hand out on your ass and pushes into you, a deep groan out of his lungs as his head falls back.

He’s got a lazy smile on his face. Because you feel better than he fantasized about when he was onstage thinking about this.

I have never thought about this myself.


Movies Watched on Netflix 2k16
Hey Arnold! The Movie 2002 ★★★★
Arnold and his pal, Gerald, learn their beloved neighborhood is about to be torn down by a greedy developer named Scheck to build a mall. While the adults come up with a dodgy scheme, the friends try a more practical approach to the problem with the help of Helga. The kids discover their neighborhood was designated as a historical landmark but they must prove it before Scheck moves in with his crew.

Reasons why Susie Carmichael is one of the greatest Black Cartoon Characters of all time

Her character was voiced by Cree Summer who played Freddie Brooks on A Different World.

She introduced culture to white suburbia.

Taught the babies all of the popular black dances.

And maybe even showed them a thing or two about cooking.

She was perpetually unbothered by Angelica’s nonsense.

Literally. Her shade-throwing skills surpass any other three-year-old.

But she was never afraid to cry.

Demand what she wanted.

Be a leader.

Get angry for the cause.

Defend the babies from Angelica.

Or anybody else who tried to mess with them.

Immensely talented.

And, smart AF. She could speak 10 languages by the time they were in high school.

Susie was just a magical black girl.


We need more examples to see black girls magic!

Indosso un vestito e penso a quando me lo toglierai.
Mi metto il profumo e penso a quando mi bacerai il collo e mi dirai che ho un buon odore.
Uso troppo shampoo e troppo bagnoschiuma per restarti addosso in ogni modo.
Metto il rossetto più acceso che ho e penso a quando passerai le dita sulle mie labbra per mandarlo via.
Qui ha tutto a che fare con te, ormai.
Tutto di me ha a che fare con te.
Mi metto una mano sul cuore e penso a quello che potresti fargli, penso che potresti strapparmelo come a volte cerchi di strapparmi un sorriso, un bacio, un completino intimo.
Qui ha tutto a che fare con te, e non è che sia un male, ma volevo che tu sapessi che non te ne puoi più andare.
—  Susanna Casciani