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This is more of a question than something I'd like you to translate. Are there terms of affection in German? Something like saying I love you, but not that?

Sure there are. Let me list a few:

‘Ich liebe dich’ means I love you, of course.
'Ich hab dich lieb’ means I love you, too, but more in a platonic way, it’s a very sweet expression to tell anyone close to you though.
'Du bist toll/super’ means something along the lines of you’re great.
'Ich mag dich/ich mag dich total/ich mag dich total gerne’  is usually something platonic though, but can be used to tell someone that you have romantic feelings for them.
'Du bist mein Sonnenschein’ - You’re my sunshine.
'Du bringst mich zum lächeln" - You’re making me smile.
'Du siehst super aus’ - You look great.

And to throw in my personal favourite:
“Du bist mein Ruhepol” means something like You are my calming influence, a friend once told me that in highschool and i cried.

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If you want some help coloring, I'd like to try. I may not be able to handle very much, but I really enjoy painting.

aah sorry I’ve already got people coloring the two lyricstucks I was doing lineart for!  what I really want to do is try it the other way and color someone else’s lyricstuck, is what I was saying. ^u^

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Say is Moony Moony's original name, or is it a name she gave herself when she came out of the sea? (I don't know much about her. I need to read the profile you made for her.)

Oooh~ no one has asked this before! And no worries, you wouldn’t find this info on her profile anyway. c:

Her real name is not Moony! It’s actually Kamari, which means ‘like the moon’. 'Moony’ is a moniker she took on when she began sailing. It started out as a nickname given to her by her crew, some of which were avis sirens ((mentioned here)). Folks seemed to find it catchy so she just went with it.

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Do you know what brand that bunny in the picture is? I have a stuffed dog by the same company, but I have had it for so long that the tags have worn away. I would love to buy a new one because they are my favorite.

Oh! Any chance you’re talking about Patches or Max?

I really really loved this line of toys so when I was little I tried to collect them. I lost nearly all of them when I was 12 to a house fire except for my Bunzie. Even she came out a little scarred from being in there. ;;

These are Russ LuvPets from Russ Berrie!

Patches the Saint Bernard LuvPet

Max the Chamoise LuvPet Pug