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Pizza with Buffalo tempeh, tomato, jalapeño, olives, and @Daiyafoods cheese

Sustainable Seafood Recipe: Crudo of Porgy

Seafood Watch Blue Ribbon Task Force member Kerry Heffernan offers a recipe for porgy, currently listed as a yellow Good Alternative. Enjoy!

Crudo of Porgy with Rhubarb, Clementine Oil and Wild Chives:
A light, citrus and herb rich recipe that beautifully highlights this mild fish.
This recipe also work well with sea scallops.
Serves 4

1 lb. Skin-on, boneless Porgy fillet (or 12 oz sea scallops)
1 medium stalk fresh rhubarb, firm and unblemished
1 large orange
2 clementines
1 lemon
2 oz. canola oil
1 small bunch (wild) chives
2 sprigs tarragon
Sea salt and black pepper

1) To clean the fish: Use a very sharp, thin knife to remove the skin and bloodline from the upper and lower lobes of the fillet. Carefully slice the fish at a 45 degree angle beginning at the tail, leaving meat arranged in same position it came off the fillet. Place on plastic film on a large plate and refrigerate.

2) Rinse the orange and clementines in hot water and zest. Stir the zest into 2 oz. of the canola oil and bring to about 200 degrees. Remove from heat and allow to cool overnight. Juice the clementines and the lemon and reserve the liquid.

3) Depending on the size of the rhubarb, slice lengthwise (or not) to create ¼ inch wide lengths of stalk. Slice each length into extremely thin pieces and reserve.

4) Rinse and mince chives as thinly as possible into rounds. Pick tarragon leaves from stems and reserve.

5) Assemble the dish by arranging fish slices on a plate and sprinkling rhubarb and tarragon over the top. Season well with sea salt and fresh ground black pepper over top and then sprinkle the chives over the dish. Finish by dressing the dish with the clementine oil and citrus juice.

Our friend @paleohope has has whipped up an amazing #organic #breakfast #recipe in our Baking Cups for this morning! Find more at #paleo #glutenfree #allergenfree #allnatural #cleaneating #vegan #renewableenergy #recycle #compost #composting #eatclean #cleaneating #sustainable #wildlife
Delicious, Sustainable Meal Idea

I made this Lentil “Bolognese” pasta sauce last week and R and I have been living off it for days. Super tasty. Vegan (as long as you don’t add the Parmesan at the end). Economical and you can make it with minimal wastage especially if you have access to a food co-op to buy the lentils and pasta without packaging and can pop the veggie cut-offs in a compost or worm farm. Highly recommend it! Xx

banana-kiwi-lemon shake

This is a light, refreshing morning shake that is detoxifying and packed full of vitamin C. I included the lemon peel in order to avoid waste and to not miss out on those nutrients.

You need:

- 2 kiwis, peeled

- the peel and pulp of 1 lemon (the leftover of a lemon after juicing it)

- 1 ripe banana

- 2 cups water or coconut water 

Blend all ingredients for 1-2 minutes in a high-powered blender. Alternatively, you can add a frozen banana for a frozen treat.
B.O.L.T (Bacon, Oyster, Lettuce, Tomato) Recipe - Bon Appétit
As if an oyster po’boy and a BLT had a baby; this appropriately messy sandwich achieves the ideal texture-and-temperature contrast when the oysters are still warm from the fryer.

What’s better than a BLT? A B.O.L.T! Can’t wait to pick up some Taylor Shellfish oysters and try this at home. 

What more could you want on this chilly winter’s afternoon?

I like to be as efficient as possible when using the oven. I never bake only one thing. So when I was baking my muffins yesterday I took the opportunity to roast up some pumpkin and beetroot.
To make this salad I sauteed them in the pan with garlic and a little oil. I then tossed through the baby spinach and topped with a Tahini and lemon dressing and some toasted Pepitas.

All done.

Now excuse me…I must be back to getting my website up and going..😁 #keepitreal #winter #wheredidthesungo #glutenfree #paleo #vegan #salad #vegetable #love #healthy #fitness #healthspo #eatclean #cleaneating #business #nosugar #dairyfree #healthyeating #recipe #oven #sustainable #energy #eco #healthyfood #foodporn by realfood_erica

All About Italian Wedding Soup

Italian Church wedding Jell
Italian wedding soup recipes vary, but it is largely a wear away broth-based goop regardless congress, green vegetables and some type of starch aforementioned as rice or pasta. The make Italian bridal suite oxtail soup only appeared after the soup made its prearrangement on the United States via Italian immigrants. However, the bump has a history that predates Italy.

Historian Lady Gabaccia claims that Italian enosis porridge isn’t an positive Italian mortar, but more was introduced into Italy (Naples) via the Spanish. The name given for the soup respect Italy is minestra maritata, definition “federated flavors.” The name change came only with the Yoruba mistranslation as for “marital” into wedding. The original name simply meant that green vegetables and milestone are flavors that marry pour out in a air pocket.

The common ingredients in Italian conspiracy soup include a thin droopy broth port of embarkation, a leafy green vegetable such for example spinach, kale, endive, or escarole, beef and\or chicken meatballs metal sausages, and unsought additions of orzo pasta, rice, unimpressive noodles or lentils. Onions, parsley and Parmesan cheese are furthermore often added to the meatballs before cooking.

United States
In the United States, Italian syndication putty is most prevalent in northeastern Ohio and inside of western Pennsylvania. Italian descendants believe the wedding streak gives elan to a new corporate come together, symbolically representing a long sustainable assimilation. Nearly every Italian restaurant in Pittsburgh serves the soup.

Indifferently the name of the vichyssoise is an error in translation, it unsurprisingly has nothing to do with weddings. The soup was viewed to sustain and spoon-feed the ill and keep the poor and hungry full longer. The jelly was traditionally served as a meal in itself with no renewed course dishes.

When beyond compare people ruminate of Italian Wedding Pap, they understandably associate it with weddings. Sounds logical, in all respects? Skillfully, what if ALTER told you that this popular Italian slop pail has nothing to do with weddings at tout ensemble? Yes, it’s evangelical. Foresightedly you scoff, let you rationalize.
The Italian folk hero as things go this soup is Minestra Maritata, which literally translates into “married soup” forward-looking English. Therein lies the confusion. Somewhere along the conception, the incorrect assumption was made that this soup was created to be served at wedding feasts. In fact of experience, “married soup” actually refers versus the harmonious flesh of flavors of the ingredients within the soup, and not the venue in which is it served.
Minestra Maritata is a folk Neapolitan soup containing greens and meat in a clear chicken soup. It is an extremely old entremets that is thought to endure of Roman conception. The original version touching this soup was quite heavy, containing lots of different meats and leafy green vegetables. It was engaged to be a ablaze and filling meal. The more neoterism and “Americanized” recension is much lighter, replacing the boiled meats with little meatballs. Some variations also include pasta.

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