Some Urban Witchcraft Things I Do
  • Using small shielding wards while moving in crowded spaces to stop people from entering my personal space, using it to get a space on the train while others try very hard to not be too close.
  • Being a regular customer at a coffee shop, where the barista knows your order, using that regularity and infusing it in the drink to ensure a smooth work day.
  • Tapping into the electrical energy of street lights, traffic lights, the tangles of power lines or the wire work embedded in the concrete. Tapping into it to feel the pulse of the entire city and how its as never-ending and expansive as nature and the cosmos
  • Borrowing energies from businesses, abandoned spaces and construction equipment for on-the-fly spells. (Once I used a buzz saw being used for a building renovation for a shield spell)
  • Pausing at florist displays to communicate with the small fresh spirits living in the cultivated potted gift plants, their energies foreign in the space.
  • Meditating on public transit, buses and trains, tapping into the circuits they run, the power that sustains them, and the thousands of people constantly on and off them.
  • Meeting eyes with the birds who brave the city streets, connecting a kin-ess of survival under such unnatural conditions. 
  • Marking sigils in the crook of my elbow in sharpie after designing them on the receipts that are tangled in my pockets.
  • Recognizing the glamor in mundane objects in stores, items being charged by desire and brand recognition by those who handle them, recognizing the residual affect it has on you after touching it.
  • Instinctively finding green spaces and specific plants you enjoy (for me its lavender, I can smell it from a block away) and having a mental map of where to pilfer powerful plants from city gardens. 
  • Feeling the spirit of the city, all the energies of thousands of people and history and industry only -just- covering the nature that existed there for millennia before it, feeling all this as you walk through the quiet dark streets in the early morning hours. 

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Hard Aspects Between Pluto and the Moon

Hard aspects between Pluto and an Aries Moon indicate the possibility of power conflicts with others and issues around correct use of power. These individuals may try to control others to accomplish their goals. On the other hand, Pluto adds sustaining power, which helps on follow through. As for emotional expression, these aspects encourage repression or non-expression of feelings, which can be balancing for this Moon sign.

Hard aspects between Pluto and a Taurus Moon may be problematic, since they add to this Moon sign’s inflexibility. These individuals need to learn to accommodate change and the needs of others, which they see as a threat to their own stability and security. On the other hand, these aspects add tremendous will and determination, which can be used for good.

Hard aspects between Pluto and a Gemini Moon are generally not a problem. They grant staying power and focus to this Moon sign. They also increase the Gemini Moon’s psychological insight and ability to understand emotions.

Hard aspects between Pluto and a Cancer Moon can be difficult because they increase this Moon sign’s intensely emotional and sometimes brooding nature. Cancer Moons with these aspects are likely to have their emotional security shaken, which this security-minded sign does not like. Often the lesson is learning to let go emotionally.

Hard aspects between Pluto and a Leo Moon add to this Moon sign’s willfulness, resistance to change, and drive for power. In some cases, power may have been abused in a former lifetime. On the other hand, these aspects may have been chosen to add personal power, drive, and determination. Whether the drive for power indicated by these aspects is used for good or for ill depends on the development of the individual.

Hard aspects between Pluto and a Virgo Moon have neither the positive nor the negative effects they do on other Moons. This is because Virgo and Scorpio are both alike and dissimilar in several ways, which has a canceling effect. For some, these aspects add more seriousness and staying power, while for others they add to this Moon sign’s attention to detail and need for order and control. In any event, the effect is either mildly helpful or mildly hindering depending on other chart factors.

Hard aspects between Pluto and a Libra Moon may cause problems in relationships, since they accentuate their importance and increase this Moon sign’s dependency. Because relationships are so important, these individuals may resort to manipulation. However, Libra Moons generally do not overdo this. These aspects also increase psychological insight.

Hard aspects between Pluto and a Scorpio Moon can either accentuate this Moon sign’s determination, insight, and understanding or its need for power and control. If it represents a former pattern of rigidity, compulsion, or possessiveness, it can be particularly problematic. On the other hand, it may have been chosen to support work or a life task that relates to psychology, research, detective work, or other areas ruled by Scorpio.

Hard aspects between Pluto and a Sagittarius Moon increase the individual’s understanding of psychology and metaphysics or, at least, create a drive for understanding these things. Pluto adds stability and dependability to the freewheeling energy of this Moon sign and helps to discipline and focus it, allowing goals to be more easily accomplished. These individuals are driven to accomplish their goals and are often charismatic.

Hard aspects between Pluto and a Capricorn Moon increase the potential for compulsive behavior, perfectionism, ruthlessness, or abuse of power. They may represent a past pattern of abuse of power or a compulsion that needs to be healed. These individuals may need to learn to cooperate and moderate their drive. Their work or life task might involve governmental reform.

Hard aspects between Pluto and an Aquarius Moon add to this Moon sign’s inflexibility, but they are excellent for research and scientific discovery. These aspects make an already inscrutable and impenetrable Aquarius Moon more so, which may cause problems in relationships.

Hard aspects between Pluto and a Pisces Moon increase this Moon sign’s emotionality, need for others, and interest in life’s mysteries. They also give intuition, insight, and metaphysical understanding. On the other hand, without other chart factors to balance it, the emotional intensity can be overwhelming and may lead to depression.

anonymous asked:

i was re-reading the black moon arc and i read something i didn't caught before? Both Prince Diamond and Neo Endymion say that Neo Serenity never left the palace, what's your opinion on it? don't you think it's quite depressive in snobbish? I find it incredible weird for someone as lively as Usagi

I have a few thoughts on that. Because I don’t think it’s something Usagi would do unless she had to–certainly not just to be a snob. But I think there is an actual purpose to shutting herself away, and that purpose is to literally keep Crystal Tokyo alive. 

Back in the Silver Millennium, the first Queen Serenity had a special prayer room that only she could enter. The Prayer Room, and the crystal tower inside it, somehow amplified Serenity’s power and gave her direct connection to the Moon. In fact, it was Luna’s prayer in that room on Usagi’s behalf that allowed her to defeat Metallia. 

Notice how she doesn’t say the Silver Crystal will give its protection. The Moon will. If the queen had access to the power of the Silver Crystal, why would she need another way of accessing power on top of that? Why does she need to pray to the Moon?

Now, remember how extensive the magic of the Silver Millennium was. Magic is what extended the lives of not just those who lived on the Moon, but every planet that was part of the Silver Millennium. It also quite possibly is what made the Moon habitable. The entire population of multiple planets lived and thrived through that magic. This is often attributed to the Silver Crystal, but I do not believe the Silver Crystal’s presence alone would be enough to do all of that. After all, if it were, why does present-day Tokyo not miraculously find itself living longer after Usagi first cries the Silver Crystal out that night on Tokyo Tower? It requires deliberate action on the part of its holder to be used like that, and so the fact that Queen Serenity had an entire room dedicated to focusing her power tells me that is exactly what she was doing. Using the combination of the Silver Crystal and the Moon itself to distribute power on a massive scale. 

Now look at the room in which Chibi Usa finds the Silver Crystal. 

It actually looks like the original Prayer Room. The pedestal holding the Silver Crystal echoes the pedestal that held the sword, and you can see what looks like more crystal behind it, exactly where the crystal tower was. 

I’m sure you can see where I’m going with this. Neo Queen Serenity is using her power to sustain Crystal Tokyo in the same way that her mother sustained the Silver Millennium.

This, I believe, is why it is so important that Neo Queen Serenity lost the ability to fight as a sailor soldier. Because her power is no longer dedicated towards fighting. It is entirely used to create and sustain life. It’s the power of a queen cultivating and guarding her kingdom. But if there is a cost to that power, that cost is likely time. The time she must spend shut away in prayer. 

All of that said, though, I still firmly headcanon that Serenity goes out in disguise. Even a queen needs to run out and get donuts once in a while, after all. 

Home - Part 2 - Bruce Banner X Daughter!Reader


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Summary: You start settling in with the Avengers and in the Stark Tower as you now live with your dad, Bruce. Your first day turns into more of an adventure than you expected as you and Peter risk getting late for school.

Warnings: None.

Words: 4 343 (Longest thing I’ve ever written!)

A/N: This is part 2 because I loved the request so much and the idea for the story! This is also very long which I don’t personally mind! Hope you like it and please tell me if you want more of this!

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“And here is the op-room.” Peter said and opened up the door to show a room filled with a dozen screens, both big and small. In the middle there was a table which also appeared to be a screen, chairs circling it. “Here we plan our missions and a bunch of other stuff. Don’t use the big screen for watching TV though…”

She was about to ask whether he warned her because he had personal experience or not when he shut the door and continued the tour. She was thankful for that he showed her around to say the least. The Tower was massive and she really didn’t want to get lost inside the place where she lived.

“And here we have Bruce’s lab- I mean, your dad’s lab.” Peter corrected himself, calling Bruce someone’s dad being more than strange to him. He shook his head clear and opened up the door.

Y/N stepped inside. Peter tried to stop her from entering from being told not to go inside any of the labs himself without specific permission, but she was out of his reach. She looked around the room which was kept tidy and organized. It reflected her dad perfectly if one knew where to look and what to look for. Peter just saw a room. Y/N could see traces of her dad everywhere.

“You’re quite good with all of this, aren’t you?” Peter asked as she continued further inside the spacious laboratory.

She looked back at him and watched him motion around him to the various screens, tools and machines that spotted the lab.

“I mean obviously you are, considering how you got the scholarship for C.U’s annual Future Scientist recognition.” Peter rolled his eyes as he now found that his question had been rather stupid.

“I’d like to think I am, but you should never grade your own capability. You either think too highly of yourself or you completely misjudge your work.” She said the same thing her biology professor had told her the first week of high school. For some reason, it had stuck with her. Perhaps it had left such a big impact since she had always been judged at home and therefor she had done it herself? She couldn’t put a finger on it.

Peter blinked a few times, taken back by her words of wisdom. “Well, I’m still going to go ahead and guess that you are because of what I just said, and because of what I’ve seen in school.”

As she was about to return the kind words, the door to the lab opened up and Tony stepped inside with a folder in his hand. He stopped in his track as he realized the room wasn’t empty or occupied by Dr. Banner himself.

“What are you two doing snooping around here? Or you, at least?” He nudged his head at Peter who froze, opening and closing his mouth in search of words. “Could you leave for a minute, Spidey?”

Peter was heading for the door before Tony could even finish his sentence. Y/N remained put, swallowing down her worry and anxiousness.

Tony turned towards her as Peter was out of the lab, laying down the file in his hand on the nearby desk. “Banner…” He said seriously before letting out a small chuckle. “It sounds strange to call you that and not your old man.”

“Well, it’s only been nine hours since you first met me, so…” She looked down at the watch around her wrist to count the hours exactly. “Maybe it’s not so strange?”

“Maybe not.” He smiled, walking further into the lab and stopping by one of the screens which was off. “You look an eerily a lot like your father, yet you still manage to be pretty somehow. It takes a real miracle to do something like that.”

“Don’t say that in front of him.” She warned jokingly.

“You’re a lot like him too, personality wise, I mean… Hopefully you don’t mind, but… I might have looked you up.” Tony confessed, glancing back to her. She didn’t know what he could have found, but she liked to believe she had nothing to hide. Of course, it’s always easy to say that when you can’t recall if you have something worth hiding.

Tony suddenly made the screen before him light up and pulled its image to the center of the lab in the shape of a hologram. On the screen there was a picture of Y/N two years prior, smiling widely and holding a chrome statue in her left hand and shaking her right one with a middle aged man.

“That’s you and Preston Lance, chief executive officer of GAST, or Global Association of Science and Technology, as they’re also known as… You received their award for Brightest Mind. That’s one of the most difficult awards they give out, and you’re just a high school student.”

He turned towards her, squinting slightly like he was thinking about doing something. Y/N didn’t know what to do. She didn’t know Tony apart from the little she had managed to catch from the news and local papers. To be honest, she knew a lot more about Iron Man than Tony Stark.

“What does the total mass-energy contain according to the standard model of cosmology?”

“4.9% ordinary matter, 26.8% dark matter and 68.3% dark energy.” She answered before her brain had barely processed what Tony had just asked her.

“How many grams of Astatine-211 can be found in the earth’s crust at a time?” He continued.

“Trick question. Neither Astatine-211 or the most stable isotope, Astatine-210, can be found naturally. Approximately one gram appears in earth’s crust at a time and it consists of the isotopes -215, -217, -218 and -219.” She answered confidently, tilting her head with a faint smile.

“How many watts does the sun produce a second.”

“3.8 times 10 to the power of 33.” She answered again, knowing she was right and never doubting it.

Tony kept watching her, amazed. “How is it that a high school senior know things like that like the back of her hand? And don’t tell me it’s because you’re interested.”

“It is to some degree.” She admitted, glancing up at the picture of her receiving the GAST award. “I’m not that cunning in the field of human anatomy and more specifically in genetics, but I have to believe that I’ve gotten my brains from Bruce… I became interested at an early age, and as I didn’t have any friends to worry about or a mom that supported me, I spent as many hours I possibly could in school or with school work. Before I knew it, I was head deep in science fair projects and math equations, and I loved it.”

Tony looked down at the floor, feeling bad for asking. “I promise you’ll find support here.” He assured her to her surprise. She didn’t think he would be so kind so openly to what essentially was a stranger. “Did Bruce show you your workshop?”

She stuttered at first, still a bit surprised by his words. “Ehm, no. He haven’t gotten around to it.” She answered and watched as Tony removed the projectile screen and began to head out of the lab.

“Then let me.” He held the door open for her and motioned further down the hallway. “When Bruce asked me for a free place to work I though he was going to get an assistant, like he has said he has needed a few times, so I hope you don’t mind working close to your dad.”

Tony stopped outside of the next door in line after her dad’s lab, gesturing her to enter. She could feel her heart begin to accelerate as she reached her hand out for the door handle, opening slowly.

Inside was a lab equal in size to her dad’s. It was free of miscellaneous items and clutter and was a clean slate for her to fill with whatever her heart desired, she imagined. “This is too much.” She said breathlessly, walking inside with eager steps.

Tony shook his head. “I don’t know if you didn’t hear yourself about thirty seconds ago, but a mind as bright as yours deserves somewhere where thoughts can be processed into projects. Plus, have you seen the size of this place? You can have five more workshops and labs if you so wished.”

She didn’t know what to say. The closest thing to a lab she had ever had was her old bedroom, which had been far from suitable to build all the things she wanted to build.

Her eyes roamed over a long desk when she noticed her portable generator laying on top of it. She pointed at it, clueless. “That’s my-”

“Generator.” Tony completed her sentence. He walked up to the desk and picked the mechanism up, taking a closer look at it again. “I brought it here on your dad’s request. I have to say, I’m impressed. How does it work?”

She smiled wider, more than willing to explain. She had never had someone that wasn’t a teacher of hers asking about her projects. Her mom despised them, had even destroyed a few in hatred, and no one else had cared either.

“It’s pretty much self running. All it needs is a spark to ignite the engine and it’s off.”

“How strong of a spark?”

“1.2 usually does the trick, so I use simple AA batteries to power it up, then the magnets begin to accelerate until it reaches a capacity of about 250 volts, so I used to have it for my computer.” She explained and pointed to the areas she spoke about, removing the removable shell on one of the side to show the actual generator within.

“That’s amazing…” Tony looked at the generator and at the unique mechanism she had constructed. “Better magnets, a bigger spark, and this thing could supply a lot more than a computer.”

“Actually, now that you mention it…” She dug out her phone from her pocket and searched for the image of a more sustainable and powerful version of her generator which she had designed. “I made this.”

As she leaned over to Tony to show her the small screen, Tony suddenly reached his hands out before her and somehow managed to make her old phone project into the air. She wasn’t going to ask how he could possibly do that. She would simply accept the fact that he could and that he had.

She cleared her throat. “I’m thinking that two EM’s would replace the regular magnets and that the copper wires should be replaced with tungsten wiring.”

“Copper is easier to work with and a lot cheaper.” Tony argued, scratching his chin as he concentrated.

“True, but since this version would use electromagnets, the wiring needs to be able to take some heat.”

Tony raised his brows, pouting out of approval and impressiveness. “And if something can take the heat…”

“It’s tungsten.” She nodded when the door suddenly opened once again and Bruce walked in.

“Look at you, already working with the big boss.” He smiled, putting his hands in the pockets of his open lab coat and walking through the doorframe.

“She’s a wonder child.” Tony stated, moving the screen around in the air to turn it towards Bruce. “Look at this.”

Bruce fumbled to quickly put on his glasses, examining the detailed prototype Y/N had drawn, his eyes slowly widening. “You did this?” He looked through the screen to his daughter.

“It’s the same concept as my current generator, just with a few upgrades I couldn’t afford when making the one I have.” She smiled nervously, hoping that the smartest man she knew and one on an equally as high level would like her design.

“It’s incredible.” Bruce nodded his head up and down. “You should make this whenever you have the time for it.”

The door opened, again, and Peter was back. He hesitantly peaked his head inside. “I’m sorry, I know I’m not supposed to be in here-”

“This is my workshop.” Y/N cut him off. “You can be here if you like.”

Peter tried not to smile, tried to hide his joy, but it was difficult. His mind was in other places however and he didn’t have time to focus on where he was allowed to be and where he wasn’t. He had to focus on where he needed to be.

“Thanks, but we really need to leave…” He ushered, waving his hands as if asking her to hurry up.

“What? Where- oh god… School.” She realized, eyes snapping down to her watch only to realize that school started in half an hour and the subway from Manhattan to Forest Hills would take forty minutes alone. “I’ve never been late!”

Y/N practically ran for the door, flying by Bruce in pure panic.

“Mr. Stark-”

“For the hundredth time Peter, I’m not giving you a ride to school in the Quinjet.” Tony didn’t even let Peter finish his sentence as he already knew what the teen would say.

“Dad, I can’t be late.” Y/N stopped by the door, hands flying into her hair in frustration.

“Just report in sick?” Tony suggested like it was no big deal. Bruce knew his daughter however and knew she would never want to lie about being sick.

“Come on Y/N, I’ll fix it somehow.” Peter suddenly changed his attitude, becoming calmer. Puzzled and still in panic, she simply left her workshop with Peter. As the door closed, he grabbed a hold of her arm and began to run down the hall, pulling her with him.

“What are you doing?” She protested but still followed behind him.

He smiled, taking two steps at a time as they came to the stairs. “I’m hurrying to get to school.”

“Were not going to make it.” She explained, wondering if Peter simply refused to believe that fact or if he was planning on defying Tony.

He let go as they came to the floor of everyone’s rooms but she kept up with him still. He opened up the door to his own room, running inside whilst she slowed down for a second, even more lost as she watched him open up his wardrobe. He carelessly pulled his shirt off and she quickly cleared her throat, reminding him she was still there.

“Oh- I… Just look away for a second…” He laughed nervously and continued to strip after Y/N had turned the other way. Her heart was racing both from running and from stressing. She had never missed school or been late with the only exception being three days in fourth grade when she had the flu. As school was the only thing that had been truly consistent in her life as well as her major interest, it meant a lot to her, more than most people realized. She didn’t know what she would do if she was late, no matter how dramatic that sounded.

“Okay…” Peter dragged out and Y/N slowly began to turn around. As her eyes landed on him, her mouth dropped.

“Holy…” She gasped, bluntly approaching and placing her hand on Peter’s chest to feel the material of his Spider-Man suit. He had yet to put on the mask that was in his hand, but she didn’t care about seeing the complete look. She was interested in the technical aspect of his attire. “That’s epic.”

Peter smiled again, the right corner of his mouth quirking up. “I’ll let you try it on some time, but as of right now, this is your ride to school.” He motioned up and down his body. She removed her hand and looked up into his eyes but they were covered quickly as he put the mask on. It was loose and baggy, and she was about to comment on its design, when the material suddenly stretched to a perfect fit.

“Okay…” Her smile disappeared. “That’s not even funny. That’s too cool.”

“Alright Y/N! Thank you very much, but like you, I also don’t want to be late for school. Forget going by train. We’re going by rooftops today.” He walked to the large window of his room, grabbing his backpack along the way.

“You’re going to carry me?” She questioned as she saw him hold out his arm, more than against the idea. “You’re going to swing around rooftops… With me? No way… You’re going to drop me!”

“I won’t! Look… I may not look like much, but I swear on my own life that I will not drop you.” His tone was too sincere for her not to believe him. Somehow for some reason, she trusted him. She barely knew him when they were only in school together and hadn’t gotten the chance to get to know him any more in the nine hours she had spent in the Stark Tower, but she trusted him. She had seen footage of what Spider-Man could do. She would be fine, no matter if she believed that herself or not.

“Okay…” She gave in, letting out a shaky breath. “But wait… What about my face?”

Peter pulled his head back. “What about it?”

“It’s rather unmasked, if you can’t tell.” She waved her hand in front of her face as the last piece of the puzzle fell into place for Peter.

“Oh! Right, right… Ehm…” He looked around the room, practically hearing a ticking clock in his head that made it no easier for him to calm down. Finally, his eyes landed on a black beanie on the floor. He snatched it and walked to his desk, cutting out two, rough, holes for her eyes close to the rim. “Here.”

She pulled it on without question. The material reached the bridge of her nose and her eyes aligned with the holes well enough. She looked up at Peter. “Do I look like a superhero now?” She smiled, Peter doing the same even if she couldn’t tell.

“Absolutely.” He nodded before walking back to the window and opening it up. A gush of wind welled inside. Peter walked out on the steep ledge and motioned for her to follow. She was scared, she wouldn’t lie, but she somehow managed to keep that to herself as she grabbed her bag and walked forward.

She stepped out on the ledge and carefully moved to the side so Peter could join her and close the window. The busy streets of New York were small lines a gut-wrenching ninety three floors below them, the cars seeming no larger than ants.

“Are you ready?” Peter asked and without processing the true meaning of what “ready” meant in that moment, she nodded. She didn’t have time to mentally prepare herself. She had algebra in twenty five minutes and 8.6 miles to cross before that. “Okay, I’m going to wrap my arm around you.”

She felt his arm snake around her back underneath her backpack, his hand holding onto her waist strongly. Without hesitation she wrapped both her arms around his chest, locking her hands together so harshly that her knuckles were turning white.

“Alright, just see it as a bandaid. It’s better to just get it over with.” Peter warned her and Y/N couldn’t take the anticipation any longer.

“Just go Peter, damn it!”

He leaned his weight forward and they tipped of the ledge. She held her breath, softly shutting her eyes and letting the breath out as a hollow feeling filled her stomach. As she heard a whistling noise she opened her eyes, seeing a long string shooting out of the small bracelet around Peter’s wrist and striking the corner of a nearby rooftop. They swung down a street with tall buildings on either side of them, Peter constantly shooting and cutting loose the strings that carried them forward.

She was surprised by how effortlessly he carried them both, especially since it became extra heavy in the constant swinging due to the g-force kicking in accordingly. She felt her fear leave her body as she could tell that Peter would keep his promise of not dropping her. She felt herself smile involuntarily as they flew across rooftops and between buildings like something out of a bizarre dream.

She let out a long “woo” of excitement, going through what she guessed would be the closest thing to flying she would ever experience, and loving every second of it. Peter laughed, swinging them up once more as they approached the Queensboro Bridge.

“I’ve got this!” He yelled to make his voice heard as they came closer and closer to the water. As the bridge structure became the only thing for Peter to grip onto, he shot his web at one of the two, closest, pillars. She tightened her grip around him as they began to lower in altitude, Peter clearly aiming to go underneath the bridge and not across it.

They flew only a few feet above the water and as the web got wrapped around the bridge itself, they began to fly up, creating a full circle around the structure. He did the same thing for the next set of pillars until they were across.

She had a hard time believing that she wasn’t dreaming. They were already in Queens. If they had taken the train, they wouldn’t even be halfway off Manhattan. The wind howled around her, her body feeling light whenever Peter would heave he two of them upwards. It was so surreal that she would have pinched herself if she hadn’t clung to Peter so fanatically.

“Forest Hill in sight!” Peter called out and pointed to the distance in between cutting loose the previous string and quickly shooting out a new one.

Y/N could see the green patch which was Flushing Meadows Corona Park for sure, meaning they weren’t far away at all. She stretched her neck forward slightly to try and see her watch which was hiding slightly behind Peter’s chest. She managed to get a glimpse of it, not knowing the exact time by the minute, but guessing their journey had taken about twenty minutes instead of the forty plus it would have taken with normal traveling means.

As they came up to the same block as their school, Peter squeezed his hand at Y/N’s waist to get her attention. “Just hold on!”

She didn’t need to be told twice. She squeezed her arms around Peter as he continued to hold onto the web which was a bit longer than the other ones. They swung close enough to the street below that Y/N could see every pedestrian turning up to look into the sky.

Peter kept holding on as they began to swing further up and all the way until their speed began to decrease. It was all Peter’s plan however. They came up to the side of a building and due to his expert timing, the string of web began to swing them back as if had reached its highest point when they were a few inches above the roof.

Peter landed softly and carefully placed Y/N down. She withdrew her arms from him as he did the same with her. He removed his mask, smiling awkwardly as he realized how close they had been to one another. She thought of it to, but she was too happy to be shy and awkward. To Peter’s surprise, and partially her own, she wrapped her arms around him again but hugged him instead of clinging onto him for her life.

His cheeks flushed red instantly, his body frozen through out the entire hug. She took a step back, removing her own mask and adjusting her hair. “Thank you.”

“Ah- no problem.” He stuttered, watching her as she inspected her makeshift mask.

“I’m gonna keep this.” She waved the ruined beanie in her hand, letting out a small chuckle. “I might need a ride home.”

He huffed, shaking his head with a big smile. He thought she would have been different. She was so quiet in class, dull, seeming so insanely focused on her studies. He would have though she would squeal and squirm during the entire time that he took her to school in his Spider-Man way, but she had loved it. Anyone who could have seen them would have been able to tell that she had. He was pleasantly surprised.

“You should probably change.” She said, looking up and down his body which was still tightly wrapped in his suit.

“Probably.” He agreed, putting down his backpack on the gravel roof and digging out his clothes. He threw on his normal attire on top of his suit, making sure that it was hidden completely underneath before picking his bag up again. “Alright, there’s a fire escape over here.”

He wakes to the edge of the roof to where multiple ladders and platforms on the side of building created a perfect way down.

“You’ve done this before, I take it?” She questioned as he seemed to know exactly where to go. He helped her to get down to the first ladder as he nodded.

A few times…” He confessed, not wanting to even begin to guess how many times it had really been. He wasn’t the best at keeping track of time. More times than not he found himself having too little time to get to school. Since Tony or anyone else refused to dust off the Quinjet, he was left no other choice but to suit up.

He waited until she was on the second ladder until he too began to climb down. They made it down safely, the pedestrians on the street outside of the alley they came down still looking up in hopes to see Spider-Man again.

“Come on, this way.” Peter pulled at her arm slightly and pointed to the back of the building. She followed him around the back to a second alley which they emerged from, their school in front of them.

“Five minutes to go.” She smiled after looking down at her watch, merging with the waves of students that headed for the entrance. They headed inside themselves, blending in with the crowd perfectly. She couldn’t help but be curious as to what everyone around her could be up to without her knowing. She had just gotten a lift to school from Spider-Man, and no one but Peter knew. It made her wonder.

She stopped by her locker and quickly grabbed her algebra book before following Peter to his locker. He grabbed his English book, silently wishing he would have had algebra with Y/N instead of English on his own.

“How about we meet at lunch?” She suggested as they walked by one another’s side down the crowded hallway. She hoped she wasn’t pushing their friendship forward too fast. She had never really had friends, which to some degree had been her own choice, but she had not had them nevertheless. She wasn’t a hundred percent sure how to act or what to say when it came to Peter, but she simply went with the flow and hoped that it would suffice.

Peter didn’t mind at all. He wasn’t exactly the popular guy. Having someone so smart and kind who knew him both as Peter and Spider-Man, who loved to fly along skyscrapers and willingly took extra science lessons, was almost too good to be true.

Part 3? Series? Comment if you’d want it!

Under Pressure (Vocals + Arena)
Queen feat. David Bowie


Dedicated this edit to these two well-known legends,
Freddie Mercury and David Bowie.
Rest in peace, you lovely souls.
Your legend carries on.

“I wanted to prove the sustaining power of music.” -David Bowie
“I think my melodies are superior to my lyrics.” -Freddie Mercury

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How do I start a War in D&D? I'm planning on playing a Rogue Character in order to get better at Deception, Persuasion and Manipulation. And taking the Noble Background to get closer to Political and Royal Powers. Basically acting as a Manipulative Double-Agent. And my DM is TOTALLY OK with this! He even encourages me because he has this big "War Story Arc" he wants to do. What do you recommend I do first to start this War???

Thanks for the ask, I was very excited to see this question when I woke up!

The first two things I would do is decide: Which factions are going to fight? AND What do you gain from this? I’d say the latter being more important.

Ask your DM what factions or kingdoms in the campaign might be interesting to watch duke it out, maybe there’s already a couple they have in mind. Next, what does your character gain from this war, and why is this the best option? From a player standpoint, I think starting a war creates fun and interesting drama that could be really cool to play! But from a character’s point of view, I find myself not as certain as to why they would be interested in starting a war. These are the ideas I could come up with: Financial Gain, Vengeance, Glory/Fame, Political Power, a Large Scale Distraction, Wiping out Enemy Factions, Taking Down a Corrupt Ruler, or simply a Change in the Political Landscape. I’m sure you maybe already have an idea in mind, so simply pick which one makes the most sense for you. Because starting a war for no reason could feel a little odd or out of place.

Now, HOW do you want to start the war?

Personally, I think the Manipulative Double-Agent idea is perfect so let’s go with that. In a war there is typically a lot of tension between two or more groups being built up over time before an inciting event. After that, someone declares an act of war and the rest is history. But if the two groups don’t have building tension (or need more tension), it’s best to use your nobility to earn some trust and respect from one group and learn all about what’s important to their faction: 1. What they have, 2. What they want, and 3. What they’re willing to sacrifice for it. Once you learn that, you can take advantage of any of these by changing them or actually “helping” them achieve one of their goals. Sometimes, the groups will have more than one in each category.

(For instance, there’s a powerful kingdom with a king and queen. What they have: Power and land. What they want: To sustain that power. What they’re willing to sacrifice: Money and soldiers. This is pretty straightforward and simple. All you would need to do, is trick this kingdom into thinking that another equally powerful kingdom is around and is threatening to impede on their iron rule over the land.)

(Or another example, a village may be poor and suffering from an illness that cannot be cured except through magical means. But they don’t have access to that cure. What they have: An illness that cannot be cured. What they want: A cure or money to get the cure. What they’re willing to sacrifice for this: Possibly everything. And with that desperation, they would be willing to work with anyone who could help. Now this village wouldn’t be able to stand up to the big powerful kingdom, but hopefully these examples should explain my thinking.)

Once you find out how to manipulate the factions, you can start to pit the two against each other over a period of a few months to even just a few days (a group of bloodthirsty Orcs could make starting a war pretty quick). My idea sets up the opportunity for war between factions based on simply on things they want, such as land, money, or power. But another approach to starting a war between two groups is to do something bigger or more immediate. This would be an inciting event.

Inciting events can be pretty straightforward and simple. The assassination of a ruler, the kidnapping of royalty, a sudden attack (ambushing a group, a location, or possibly a significant location such as holy land), stealing an artifact, or even an uprising. Inciting events can (and most likely WILL) happen in addition to manipulating two different groups. The key to starting a war, is to help get this inciting event into play. Whether you’re hiring someone to do the job, doing the job yourself, or simply letting the cards fall where they may. The choice is all up to you, and what you are capable of doing. My advice for you, is try to avoid getting caught and wear some disguises when trying to start a war or things could get a little more interesting.

If you have any more questions send me another ask and I’d love to answer more. Or if any of my followers have any other ideas, feel free to reply or reblog this and add ideas of your own!

In summary:

-Which factions are going to fight?

-What do you gain from this?

-Know your enemy!

1. What they have

2. What they want

3. What they’re willing to sacrifice for it

-The inciting event is important, but could occur naturally

-Don’t get caught!

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Um... if DoomFist is all super Scary Darwin like, 'only the strong will survive'. Then what must he think of ultimate survivor Jack Morrison!? The man survived the Omnic war, years of running OverWatch, the explosion (that may or may not have killed Gabe) and running around playing vigilante even now.

He probably sees Jack–along with most of Overwatch–as shining examples of his own philosophy who’ve drawn horribly, frustratingly misguided conclusions from it.

Jack and the rest of the original team fought through the Omnic Crisis.  They WON the Omnic Crisis.  They are the very embodiment of ‘conflict breeds strength.’  They faced the worst the world could throw at them and came out heroes capable of transcending human limits.

I submit to you, in fact, a young Akande who might even have dreamed of having a place on that team.  Of being one of the great modern heroes of the world, of going into the very heart of the monster with them and slaying it and coming out victorious.

But then?  Then they set about rebuilding the world so nobody else would have to fight like they did.  And so did the Overwatch recruits that came after them, both the first round who’d probably fought in the war themselves, and the next generation who’d been kids when it happened, forged in the fires of terror and sacrifice.  He watched these people, the best, brightest and bravest the world had to offer, systematically eradicating the challenges he personally needed in order to thrive.

In this way, I see him as a dark mirror reflection of Pharah.  She’s lived many of the same dreams he has.  She’s been given some of the same opportunities–she’s from a prestigious family, given the opportunity to associate with the world’s best and greatest and be mentored by them–and she drew many of the same conclusions about what she personally needed: to fight, to test herself constantly, to be the absolute best she could be and stand with the world’s greatest warriors and heroes as their equal.

But her mom took the time to show her the value of peace and the sanctity of life, and how every person should have the right to decide how they live.   Instead of believing her dream should be the way of the world at large, she envisioned herself as the bulwark between the world and threats to it.

Akande hung out with people who fed his thirst for conflict and his self-righteousness.  They encouraged him to take that need for conflict in his own heart and believe in it as the right way for everybody.  And that by extension, Overwatch was trying to make the world and the people lived in it into something smaller.  Something that never had to fight for its life.  Something that would never know its own limits because nothing would ever test them.

Akande reminds me of a thing from Tolkien, actually.  That when a great evil falls, the world is diminished.  When Sauron falls, he takes the power of the rings with him, and that includes the power that sustains marvels like Lothlorien and Rivendell.  There’s a lot to be said for a smaller, more peaceful world and the beauties and opportunities that come with it.  But for some people, it doesn’t make up for the losses: the lack of heroes or the chance to become one, because none are needed. The loss of the transcendent challenges presented by an overriding menace, and the perilous, knife-edged beauties that can exist only in a place of extremes.

I think this is absolutely how Akande sees the world.  For him, a man with the talents and drive to rise to every occasion, the need to be challenged and pushed to his limits, all he can see is the deprivation and diminishing.  And, to be charitable toward him, maybe he was marked from a young age by something incredible.  I think the world’s people did achieve something great during the Omnic Crisis and after.  I think collectively they came together in one of those great and noble pushes we see from time to time in history, those moments when it seems like it must be inevitable that humanity will fall into darkness but then instead they rise in a shining hour that leaves us, on the far side of history, awestruck and wondering what it would have been like to be there and see it for ourselves…

And he was 14, 16, 18, brilliant and fierce and full of potential.  And since then, he has spent the rest of his life watching humanity slump back into ordinary days and seeing only their failure to live up.  He knows that greatness is in there, and it frustrates him to watch people fritter it away.

Akande is an extremely smart man.  I don’t think he’s dumb enough to believe he’s something as simple as a hero for wanting to bring war back to the world.  But I think maybe he sees himself as the villain the world needs in order to become something better.  Maybe he even thinks of it as a sacrifice he’s willing to make for the ‘good’ of humanity.

But he’s also arrogant, and clearly obsessively competitive, and has possibly made the mistake of confusing ‘heroism’ with ‘glory.’  At the end of the day, this is all driven by what he wants.  What feels right to him.   We know he hates losing and I have a strong suspicion he absolutely can’t stand the idea of being wrong.

So yeah, I think he probably detests Overwatch and everybody in it for being so much like him and yet coming to an utterly different conclusion about how the world should be.  I think he hates Jack Morrison and the other founding members more than almost anybody (except maybe Winston, who is in his way also a brilliant, overachieving reflection of Akande), because they created it.  And I also think he is still utterly furious at having been defeated and sent to prison.

I think if he ever knowingly gets the chance to kick Jack Morrison’s ass, he’ll go after him with a screaming yet well-calculated fury.  But I think he might feel very smug about the state Jack is in now.  He fell.  His image was broken.  His organization came crashing down around him and he lost everything.  He would probably consider Jack Morrison to be demonstrably on the wrong side of history.

He would be thoroughly unwilling to listen to any warning Jack might give him that they might be more alike than Akande wants to admit, or about what happens when you try to reach too high.

Judaism is a sustained meditation on the power of words to heal or harm, mend or destroy. Just as God created the world with words, so we create, and can destroy, relationships with words.
—  Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks

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south american creature: [inca] P A C H A M A M A

Pachamama is a goddess revered by the indigenous people of the Andes. She is also known as the earth/time mother. In Inca mythology, Pachamama is a fertility goddess who presides over planting and harvesting, embodies the mountains, and causes earthquakes. She is also an ever-present and independent deity who has her own self-sufficient and creative power to sustain life on this earth.

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could you imagine bodhi and cassian with the soulmate au where you see everything in black and white until u meet your soulmate? im?

Anon, anon, anon. I have not known peace since you’ve sent this to me. Let me just tell you that. I am an absolute sucker for soulmate aus like…give me all of them. Also I got a little carried away anon…Lmao whoops!

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Dragon Age 4 theory

What we know:

Fenris is Alive.

Fenris’s Tattoos were intended to allow his body to channel power from the fade, giving him extraordinary abilities.

Solas is an elven God. He is responsible for dividing the fade from reality and cursing the elven races with mortality.

Mythal was an elven God, and lived as Flemeth.

Mythal had to jump from willing host to willing host to sustain herself.

Solas now has the essence of at least 3 old gods.  Fen Harel, Mythal, and whoever was encapsulated in Kieran’s body.

what we suspect:

Solas will presumably burn through bodies 3 times as quickly given that mortal forms enduring the power of the fade will suffer severe strain.  This may force him to require a new body.

Dragon Age 4 will involve intervening with Solas’s plans in Tevinter, a place where mages rule and subjugate those without magical prowess.

Fenris hates Tevinter and may be there as a slave or to seek revenge.


I have a suspicion that Solas will want to possess Fenris’s body for the lyrium alterations that allow it to sustain more power from the fade.


Drum Energies: A Teaching from Joseph Rael

“Drumming opens up three basic vibrations. Drumming awakens the self. Drumming heightens the ability of perception, and drumming enables the person to see into the deeper realms of the self.

Drumming, by its very nature, creates a lifting energy which moves you very quickly to the next level of consciousness. That lifting quality is directly connected to the dynamic tension of energy struggling to achieve its highest potential. The sound that comes out of that awakened potential is the manifestation of new idea or a new form.

Drumming creates in the psyche of those people who listen to the drum, a sense of abundance, a feeling that there is more than enough in life to sustain life. There is the feeling of strength, of being able to step forth with whatever one wants to change, because the power to sustain that change is in the drumming. The drumming sound helps persons listen to themselves as they really are.”

Joseph Rael (Beautiful Painted Arrow) is an internationally respected author, artist, visionary and master storyteller of the Ute and Picuris Pueblo Indian traditions.

Writing Style and instinctual stack
  • sp/soc: The most straightfoward in language, with relatively little trills and embellishments. Points made directly and from personal experience. Business-like. Clear. Cynical. Lacking in internal experience compared to other stackings.
  • sp/sx: Comes out as somewhat heavy and gloomy, or cool and detached. Often gives out a suffocating and insular vibe, as if their internal world is wrapped around by an impermeable membrane. Strong sensory impressions designed to awake sexuality. Makes one want to linger on one or two lines forever.
  • soc/sp: Tangential. Lots of details and analysis. Very in-their-head and intellectual, and lacks sensuality. Comes across as level-headed and unspontaneous, but also with personal warmth. Their written works often require a great deal of mental concentration from the readers.
  • soc/sx: The word “fantastical” comes to mind. Lots of virtuosity and trills, and often removed from the real world. One is whirled away by the dazzling fairies of their colorful imagination. Can be too rich in imagery for their own good. Sustained dramatic power due to their knowledge of interpersonal dynamics.
  • sx/sp: Intense, often a stab-in-the-chest sensation, leaving me in tears without knowing why. Fantastical but much more concentrated in a few inner images. Can be abstract, animating dead objects into their field of contemplation. Embodiment of another human, thing, or idea is common in their writings.
  • sx/soc: My impression of their writing is “fire-and-ice”, as if one is to experience the extremes of heat and coldness at the same time. Often abstract, spilling one inner vision after another like a dream-sequence. Seems particularly in touch with the core meaning of life and death. 

Well, I can’t recall the variants of any famous writers, but mine (in bold) seems more or less spot on to what I aim for/ hope to have archeived.

Now there’s another thing that’s creepily accurate.


Here it is! The full Indigo Ignited Pilot.

Indigo Ignited is a post-apocalyptic dark fantasy anime that follows Kieran, the last of an extinct race, able to manipulate the flow of gravity in order to preserve a broken world at war.

The Pilot Episode follows the story arc of the town of Annalise, ruled by a conniving Indigo hunter from the past; The Alderman.

The Alderman bestows masks upon his townsfolk in order to control their thoughts and emotions, believing this to be the purest form of existence. Captured, Kieran is coerced into submitting his powers to sustain a dark utopia, ruled by a madman.