sustainable sam

About Tony shooting Sam when Rhodey gets hurt:

Why it PISSES me off:

1) Stop lumping it in with the other things that happened in the fight.  It’s a false equivalency.  Sam wasn’t fighting.  He was in stand-down mode and wanted to help.

2) I keep hearing how it was a “calibrated move” specifically meant to be non-injurious.  How is it that Tony was emotional and irrational enough to blast Sam but was cool enough to know the exact force to use not to hurt him.  Really?  That’s a hell of a needle to thread.

3) How could Tony be sure that blast wouldn’t injure Sam?  He doesn’t know what injuries Sam had sustained in the firefight.  He could have had broken ribs, puncture wounds, bruised sternum, etc.  A repulsor blast on top of those could be pretty damn serious.

4) What an absolutely idiotic move, putting the war-trained medic out of commission when your best friend is in need of immediate medical assistance.

So yeah, I was pissed, remain pissed and, as far as I can tell, will always be pissed.

Also too: Sam never got a fucking apology.