On September 22, 2014 some Latvians celebrated World Car-Free Day by building car-size cages around their bikes to make the point that cars take up lots more room on the roads, and that each cyclist helps reduce traffic by exactly that much. Space is more of an issue in Europe, and these caged bikes at the first sight looks like a “protection.” It takes several cognitive steps to connect bike+cage=car/replace car with bike = fewer traffic jams. Overall it was a powerful statement about the vulnerability of cyclists on roads, and a statement that bikes are vehicles too.


De eerste foto’s van de volledige off-grid container-woningen met de naam Sustainer Homes. Deze eenpersoonswoningen, waarvan de eerste is aangekocht door Eneco, zijn voorzien van alle technieken om geheel zelfvoorzienend te zijn: zonnepanelen, windmolens, flinke batterijen, warmtepomp, hoge isolatiewaarden, regenwaterzuivering voor drinkwater, helofytenfilter en bovendien gebouwd volgens de C2C-principes. Hierdoor zou het niet aangesloten hoeven te worden op welke leiding dan ook en dat biedt mooie mogelijkheden. Ik ben benieuwd of dat in de praktijk lukt. Mooie uitdaging in ieder geval voor duurzame ondernemers Gert van Vugt en Wolf Bierens, met een ontwerp van architect Sol van Kempen.


Hideaway Chair | Think + Shift

Design led childcare company New Shoots, approached Think & Shift to design a product that provides children a comforting sense of enclosure in their childcare centres; a chair that serves as a space for children to get away from the noise and busyness of their surrounding environment.

The chair was required to be aesthetically on brand, safe, comfortable, user friendly for children and carers alike, extremely hard wearing and be produced in New Zealand with natural materials and a sustainable approach.


Leading Chefs Speak Out on Choosing Sustainable Seafood

Celebrity chefs and culinarians from our Blue Ribbon Task Force – Michael Cimarusti, Susan Feniger, Kerry Heffernan, Ed Kenney, Nathan Lyon, Rick Moonen, Jonathon Sawyer and Virginia Willis – talk about the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program, why choosing sustainable seafood matters for the ocean and how you can help.

These culinary leaders and the community they represent play a central role in the sustainable seafood movement. They’re creating demand by pushing producers to supply high-quality, environmentally friendly products. And they’re spreading awareness to customers, colleagues and policy makers that – when it comes to ocean health – our seafood choices matter.

Learn what you can do to make a difference


Solar-powered hospital heals patients with sustainable design in New Zealand

Good design can make people healthier and nowhere is that more true than in hospital design. The Kathleen Kilgour Centre, designed by Wingate + Farquhar Architects, is a great example of a patient-centered hospital that’s not only designed to improve people’s health, but also protects the well-being of our environment with its eco-friendly design. Located in New Zealand city of Tauranga, the energy-efficient radiation therapy clinic is topped by one of the country’s largest solar arrays.

read more at http://inhabitat.com/solar-powered-hospital-heals-patients-with-sustainable-design-in-new-zealand/

#OutfitOfTheDay… This #skirt has been a favorite of mine for many seasons. There is nothing wrong with hanging on to amazing #classic pieces that you wear over and over. If you love a piece, keep it around… The planet thanks you too! Don’t make our world a disposable one! 🌎💚🌏❤🌍💚🌎 All clothing choices thanks to #ConsignmentShopping and/or other #TreasureHunting!! #Recycled style is always in style! ………….
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