There are pencils that turn into plants when you’re done using them. 

The ‘Sprout Pencil’ is the first sustainable pencil in the world that can be planted after use.

“We have chosen the seeds for our pencils with great care, and they germinate quickly: i.e. within 1-3 weeks, depending on the seed variety. Most plants can be grown both indoors and outdoors.” 

It’s made of natural materials: the body is cedar wood, and the “lead” is a mixture of clay and graphite.

Sprout pencils are available in 22 varieties, including sunflower, mint, lavender, sage, forget-me-not, cherry tomato, sweet pea, cilantro, and wild strawberry.

What to do

“When the Sprout Pencil has become too short to write with, it is ready to be planted. Follow the simple instructions below and see your Sprout pencil sprout.”

They are also available in the colored pencil variety, which makes me oh-so-happy! 

Entrepreneur Puts Prisons to Shame, Turns Ex-Cons into Bee-Keepers – Keeping them Out of Jail
Chicago, IL – Brenda Palms-Barber has created a unique program that accomplishes two noble goals—helping troubled honeybee populations and helping ex-cons stay out of jail. Sweet Beginnings, located in Chicago’s West Side, is a social enterprise business that turns former prisoners into beekeepers. This interaction with some of our most important friends in the natural world has a striking...

this is so awesome. buy their products here!

10 easy ways to use less plastic and help marine life

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🌱  Avoid buying items packaged in plastic.

🌱  Use cloth shopping bags.

🌱  Skip bottled water and carry a reusable canteen.

🌱  Look for creative, eco-friendly ideas to reuse your plastics, it’s fun!

🌱  Bring a reusable mug when you order coffee.

🌱  Say, “No straw, please!” (straws are among the most common types of plastic garbage found on beaches).

🌱  Wear clothing made of natural, not synthetic, materials (polyester clothing sheds microplastics when laundered).

🌱  If you must use disposable tableware, get the compostable kind.

🌱  Don’t just discard electronics. Aim to repair them, sell gadgets and computer parts, or find a facility at which you can turn them in for recycling. 

🌱  Bring your own container for takeout and leftovers.