Converted church for sale.

South Australia - $130,000.00 Negotiable

Features include polished floorboards, new galvanised iron roof, vaulted baltic pine ceiling, kitchen, stained glass and cathedral style windows, 2 slow combustion fire places including a Nectre Bakers Oven, 2 rainwater tanks including a 13,500L tank, bore water, shed, Biolet composting toilet, established native gardens, and an unfinished separate building that would suit a variety of purposes.

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grace makes beauty out of everything…
- U2, “Grace”

pendrops’ most lavish and luxe ribbon to date. six feet of layers of pristine vintage muslin, reclaimed silk ribbon, antique lace, organic cotton gauze, and a mother-of-pearl button to finish.

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The world’s tallest tree is named Hyperion; it barely escaped logging in the 70’s and its exact location is a carefully guarded secret

Hyperion is the name of a coast redwood (Sequoia Sempervirens) in Northern California that was measured at 115.61 metres (379.3 feet), which ranks it as the world’s tallest known living tree. Hyperion is the world’s tallest tree, who was discovered in 2006 and discovered three trees taller than the former world record holder “Stratosphere Giant 113.11m tall in late 2009”. 

Traditionally the exact location of the tree has not been publicized due to the fear that human traffic would disturb the ecosystem the tree inhabits. This is done to avoid the temptation to develop this part of national park or simply to prevent disturbance to the forest by the crowds of motivated nature lovers wading towards the tree. It is only come to know that it takes hard walk to reach this remote location in Redwood National Park. The tree is estimated to contain 18,600 cubic feet (530 m3) of wood and to be roughly 700–800 years old. Therefore; in Feb 2012, Hyperion was featured in the BBC Radio 4 documentary James and the Giant Redwoods by James Aldred.

10 Highest Trees of the Planet


Since 1992, husband and wife Wayne Adams and Catherine King have lived completely off-the-grid in a floating home made of 12 platforms in Cypress Bay, British Columbia. The Canadian couple and their two kids are completely self-sustaining, eating whatever King grows in her garden as well as the seafood that Adams catches fresh from the ocean. With electricity powered by solar panels and photovoltaic generators, and water from rainfall and the nearby waterfall, the family has created an utterly unique, green lifestyle.

In addition to being environmentally friendly, their home—called Freedom Cove is an incredible work of architecture, design, and pure fun. Painted turquoise and magenta, the floating abode includes a dance floor, an art gallery, a guest lighthouse, five greenhouses, and a studio where the family lives. During their free time, Adams, 66, carves and sells sculptures, while King, 59, focuses on painting, dancing, music, and writing.

From June to September, the family also welcomes tour groups to their home so that visitors can experience firsthand the beauty and creative energy of sustainable living.



Montreal Row House Gets A Modern Upgrade

I previously wrote about the awesome design couple behind MARK + VIVI and how they transformed a former tire shop into a stylish and functional live-work space. Now, they’ve designed their dream home. Working with 1,100 sq. ft, the couple used simple and minimal materials to celebrate the original character of the 1880 row house. The stairway and handrail were preserved in the renovation and I love the black hex tile at the entryway. Locally sourced plywood was used for the flooring and all doors and windows were replaced with low-energy upgrades. The ceilings were opened up to reveal the beams and partitions were removed to create an open concept. The blend of industrial and modern elements combined with quirky touches really sets this place apart. If you thought this home couldn’t get any more perfect, the couple shares the space with guide dogs they foster through a local organization.



Naomi Kizhner, an industrial designer and graduate student from Hadassah College in Jerusalem, has designed jewelry that theoretically extracts energy from the wearers own body. The ‘speculative’ jewelry is embedded into the person’s veins and uses their blood to turn small wheels inside the device. 

Read more at: http://www.iflscience.com/technology/jewelry-harvests-energy-wearers