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Weird question considering the nature of polytheism but is it ever difficult to believe in the gods? I'm always wrestling with what I'm told about polytheism, that people can't sustain systems of belief like that anymore because of science and rational thinking. Can I ask you how you manage this?

At times I do struggle though a good deal of that is just like my normal baseline anxiety? Like what if I’m wrong or gods I’m going to die. The dying stress is what flips me out most in my questioning periods, honestly. I am just absolutely horrified by death and what will happen after it. Because what if I’m wrong and there’s nothing? I don’t know how to deal with that. I don’t think I can.

Or well I guess I can but I just. Really. I’m getting antsy now just thinking about it.

Anyway, my being a nervous wreck aside.

Where science is concerned, I don’t really view my beliefs as being at odds with it. If anything science is more of a way of getting to understand them. Yes, I can know that Lugh creates lightning when fights but by getting to know the process of how lightning is actually a thing that happens I get to know bits about him better. And just to better appreciate what he’s able to do. Basically, seeing the gods in the numbers. I’m not the biggest hard science person though, sadly. More a soft sciences lady.

The other thing is how I view my belief and the purpose of faith. For me faith is not the end all be all of things. It’s just a starting point. The motivation to get you looking for things. And then you arrive at conclusions. Maybe they’re not the ones you thought you’d end up at, but you’ll end up at one at some point. Now the actual finding of these answers for me is based in what I term direct personal experience. So you yourself experience this thing. It can’t be proven via science or whatever maybe and that’s just fine because this is a rough thing. What matters is did you yourself experience the thing and do you have the discernment necessary to tell that it was a real thing.

So I can say that I believe that Lugh exists, but I also say that I know Lugh exists because I’ve “seen” him. Perhaps my experiences won’t satisfy everyone. In fact I’m sure they won’t satisfy most and that’s fine with me. What matters is what I know. No one else can find truth of this nature but you, I feel. And I’m still looking for it. I do feel that I can confidently say that Lugh is real though and that I’ve met him.

Which I guess leads to where my perspective on that comes from. The answer being Buddhism. I’m a former Buddhist, but it still really colors how I look at the world and at religion. So faith’s more a tool to gaining knowledge and understanding, and no one else can see Dhamma but you. That sort of thing has just kind of been deeply ingrained in me over the years. Another important thing from Buddhism there being that, things are hard. Belief is very hard. It’s a constant working process as you look for answers. And that’s fine. Sometimes you’ll slack, sometimes you’ll doubt, sometimes you’ll just be super lost. And that’s fine. What’s important is that you keep working and you keep looking to understand. I’m no longer Buddhist, but I’d be lying if I said that it doesn’t influence me heavily even now.

Fricke's Picks: New Albums From the Best of SXSW 2017

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Fricke’s Picks: New Albums From the Best of SXSW 2017

What follows is some of the best of what I experienced live, pressed to go – affirming that I was in the right space at the knock-out time.Lift to Experience, The Texas-Jerusalem Crossroads (Mute reissue)And the last shall be first: I closed my SXSW in the midnight hour of Saturday, March 20th, with this ascension-rock trio from Denton, Texas – reunited after a 15-year hiatus – thundering inside the reverb of Austin’s Central Presbyterian Church. There was no more assured and sustained transcendence in town.

Touch my body, touch my soul, revolution rock & roll.

Low Cut Connie

The crosstown rush was worth it: He and singer-pianist Tuomo Prättälä lead a band – and have made a marvelous debut album – steeped in the pioneer stories of the Band, the painted-desert psychedelia of the American Beauty-era Grateful Dead and the modernist extensions of Wilco and the Tucson band Calexico. Members of the latter two actually contribute to Dead Circles.

a pretty punk gut-wrenching sonic assault.

Lift to Experience, The Texas-Jerusalem Crossroads (Mute reissue)And the last

EU resolution on palm oil discriminatory and bias, says Mah

TELUK INTAN: The approval of European Parliament’s special committee of a resolution which called for the need of a single certification to guarantee that only sustainably produced palm oil enters the European Union (EU) market is discriminatory and bias against Malaysia’s palm oil exports to the continent.

Plantation Industries and Commodities Minister, Datuk Seri Mah Siew Keong, said the action of the special committee, which composed of members of the EU Parliament, was also a cause for concern to the country if it was approved.

“For me, it is not fair that they (EU) wants the certification before the palm oil can enter the EU market. Malaysia, as a palm oil producer, is entitled to issue the certificate and not for Europe to determine,” he said.

He said this at a media conference after opening the ‘Hello Teluk Intan’s Commodities’ programme here today.

Over 100 small farmers and entrepreneurs attended the programme, which aims to provide knowledge and awareness of the commodity sector

Mah said the resolution, which would be tabled in April, among others, also included the requirement for food labelling, indicating that palm oil was sustainably produced through packaging or information accessible through technological features.

“Malaysia is against the resolution because it would have a negative impact on palm oil exports to the EU and the impact on the economy is very bad for producers,” he said.

He said if the EU Parliament were to approve the proposal, it would be a big challenge for Malaysia’s palm oil industry.

“We also held a dialogue with the affected parties to tell them that the motion is a discrimination against palm oil,” he said.

Mah said to protect the country’s palm oil industry, the government will actively organised over 100 briefings and tour until next year, in order to create awareness among the 600,000 smallholders on Sustainable Palm Oil Certification Malaysia (MSPO).

“MSPO is the legal code standard on best practices from planting palm oil to processing and will be implemented in stages from 2018,” he said.

In 2016, the EU was an important export destination for Malaysian palm oil products, with exports at 3.63 million tonnes worth RM10.3 billion, up 4.14 per cent from RM9.89 billion in the previous year. – Bernama

RJD Leader Lalu Prasad Yadav Hurt in Stage Collapse 

Rashtriya Janata Dal chief Lalu Prasad Yadav sustained minor injuries after a stage he was standing on collapsed at an event in Patna on 24 March.

The incident occurred when the RJD chief was attending a Yajna in the city’s Digha area at around 7pm.

As Yadav walked towards his seat, the temporary structure collapsed, throwing the 68-year-old to the ground. According to reports, the stage collapsed after a crowd of devotees clambered up onto the structure.

Yadav complained of a back pain and was rushed to a hospital where an X-ray ruled out a fracture. He returned home late on Friday night.

Video Editor: Mohd Irshad Alam

     Man will one day HANG his head
     at the sight of a WAR-TORN sky,
    and his mantle will grow HEAVY,
    and his resolve will become WEAK,
         and he will RELINQUISH
          this KINGDOM to God.

   The year is 2217. Cataclysm has scorched the earth, and dwindled populations. A new brand of violence haunts the remaining wasteland of Earth, born of the savage need to survive in the face of certain death. Resources are scarce, water is more precious than gold, and the heat of the sun can cook a mind to mush in a matter of minutes. Worst of all, elite and wealthy corporations have hi-jacked humanity’s last hope of surviving an apocalypse: THE CIV-BELT-1, a space station capable of housing 20,000 passengers and sustaining life for centuries to come.

                         WHERE MUST WE GO,
                    WE WHO WANDER THIS WASTELAND,
                   IN SEARCH OF OUR BETTER SELVES?
                       - The First History Man

   LAST EXODUS is an original, post apocalyptic-based rp inspired by Fallout, Firefly, Mad Max, Mass Effect, Interstellar, and various parts of our imagination.

Smith, Warner give Australia strong start after Renshaw loss

By Amlan Chakraborty
DHARAMSALA, India (Reuters) - Steve Smith continued his prolific run with the bat and David Warner capitalised on an early reprieve to give Australia a strong start on the opening day of the fourth and final test on Saturday.
Smith was batting on 72 at lunch, his third 50-plus score in the series, with Australia on 131-1 and appearing in a good position to post a big first innings total against India.
Warner was not fully convincing but made 54 not out at the Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association Stadium, which is hosting its first test.
Regular India skipper Virat Kohli missed the decider having failed to recover from the shoulder injury he had sustained in the drawn third test in Ranchi.
Kohli had played 54 consecutive tests for India but will have to watch from the sidelines as Ajinkya Rahane leads the hosts.
Replacing Ishant Sharma in the Indian side, Bhuvneshwar Kumar swung the first ball of the match to induce an edge from Warner but Karun Nair spilled it at third slip.
India did not have to wait long for the breakthrough though.
In the next over, Umesh Yadav pushed one through Matt Renshaw’s gate and pegged back his off-stump to dismiss the in-form opener for one.
Smith, the leading scorer of the series, looked characteristically fluent, while Warner, his partner in the flourishing 121-run partnership, was troubled by off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin.
Smith needed 67 balls to bring up his 50 and has hit 10 boundaries in his knock. Warner hit Ashwin over the mid-off for a six en route to his first fifty of the series.
While Australia fielded an unchanged squad, India replaced Kohli with debutant left-arm wrist-spinner Kuldeep Yadav in a bold move to go into the match with five bowlers.
The four-test series is level at 1-1.

(Editing by Sudipto Ganguly)

We Might Soon Resurrect Extinct Species. Is It Worth the Cost?

By Steph Yin, NY Times, March 20, 2017

With enough determination, money and smarts, scientists just might revive the woolly mammoth, or some version of it, by splicing genes from ancient mammoths into Asian elephant DNA. The ultimate dream is to generate a sustainable population of mammoths that can once again roam the tundra.

But here’s a sad irony to ponder: What if that dream came at the expense of today’s Asian and African elephants, whose numbers are quickly dwindling because of habitat loss and poaching?

“In 50 years, we might not have those elephants,” said Joseph Bennett, an assistant professor and conservation researcher at Carleton University in Ontario. Dr. Bennett has spent his career asking hard questions about conservation priorities. With only so much funding to go around, deciding which species to save can be a game of triage.

Recently, he and a team of colleagues confronted a new question: If molecular biologists can potentially reconstruct extinct species, such as the woolly mammoth, should society devote its limited resources to reversing past wrongs, or on preventing future extinctions?

In a paper published in Nature Ecology & Evolution this month, the researchers concluded that the biodiversity costs and benefits almost never come out in favor of de-extinction.

“If you have the millions of dollars it would take to resurrect a species and choose to do that, you are making an ethical decision to bring one species back and let several others go extinct,” Dr. Bennett said. “It would be one step forward, and three to eight steps back.”

In their study, Dr. Bennett and his collaborators tried to approximate the costs of re-establishing and maintaining 16 species that went extinct in the last millennium, including the Lord Howe pigeon and Eastern rat-kangaroo from Australia, and the laughing owl and Waitomo frog from New Zealand. The researchers selected these animals because they could estimate what it would cost to conserve them based on proposed government expenditures to save similar living species that are endangered.

Based on the price of conserving the endangered Chatham Island warbler from New Zealand, for instance, they determined that managing a new population of the extinct Chatham bellbird would cost $360,000 in the first year.

Because the price of genetically reconstructing extinct species is still unknown (although it could cost tens of millions of dollars), the scientists focused on how much it would cost just to reintroduce and maintain these particular species in the wild once they had already been engineered.

In New Zealand, the researchers calculated, the funds required to conserve 11 extinct species would protect three times as many living species. In New South Wales, reviving five extinct species was similar to saving more than eight times as many living species.

“If someone wants to work on de-extinction because it’s technically fascinating, that’s fine,” Dr. Bennett said. “But if the person is couching de-extinction in terms of conservation, then she or he needs to have a very sober look at what one could do with those millions of dollars with living species–there’s already plenty to do.”

Meditation is not the mere control of body and thought

Meditation is not the mere control of body and thought, nor is it a system of breathing-in and breathing-out. The body must be still, healthy and without strain; sensitivity of feeling must be sharpened and sustained; and the mind with all its chattering, disturbances and gropings must come to an end. it is not the organism that one must begin with, but rather it is the mind with its opinions, prejudices and self-interest that must be seen to. When the mind is healthy, vital and vigorous, then feeling will be heightened and will be extremely sensitive. Then the body, with its own natural intelligence which hasn’t been spoiled by habit and taste, will function as it should.

- Jiddu Krishnamurti - Meditations

Coast antiship complex Rubezh.

“Frontier” (GRAU index 4К51, the codification of NATO: SSC-3 “Styx”) is a mobile coastal missile system with anti-ship subsonic cruise missile “P-15M”. Adopted by the coastal missile and artillery troops of the Soviet Navy in 1978, was actively exported in the 1980-ies.

Performance characteristics:
Range: 8 km (minimum), 80 km (maximum)
The sector of fire of each of the divisions: 360°
The time of transition into battle position: 5 min
The number of launchers: 4
Ammunition missiles: 16 (8 PU and 8 to TLV)
Characteristics of cruise missiles P-15M:
Length: 6,565 m
Wingspan: 2.5 m
Diameter: 0.78 m
Launch mass: 2523 kg
The mass of the warhead: 513 kg or 15 kt nuclear
Flight speed: 1100 km/h (0.9 M)
The height of the sustainer phase of flight: 25/50/250 m
Guidance: inertial/ARGON or CGSN

India vs Australia Live Score, 4th Test, Day 1: Visitors Cruise to 131/1 at Lunch | Dharamsala


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The Indian skipper sustained the injury to his right shoulder in the Ranchi Test when he looked to stop a boundary at wide long on.

After a hectic Test season, India will be facing a determined Australia in the fourth and final Test in Dharamsala on Saturday.

ONE of the most exciting Test series in recent memory comes down to a deciding fourth Test in Dharamsala.

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[NAME] is born in Aquarius, ruled by Uranus and affiliated with air.


Name: Up to Player
Gender: Non-Binary (Up to player)
Birthday: January 20th - February 18th 1996
Sexuality: Up to Player
Faceclaim Ideas: Amandla Sternberg, Ezra Miller, Willy Cartier
Moon Sign: Up to Player


+ Original + Independant + Fun +
- Aloof - Temperamental - Uncompromising -


Up to player


After the gap year of a lifetime, turned into the gap two years of a lifetime, they finally settled back down in bustling central London. The nightlife and the city is enough to sustain them for now, but for how long? There’s a deep itch to travel inside them and it means they need to find something to tie them here before they disappear off again.

This character is currently OPEN.



The 3 Best Diets For Carb Lovers

If you’re wondering how to get started, following one these four diets can help you practice (and sustain) healthy eating habits without making carbs the enemy. 1. The Mediterranean Diet Unlike many other eating plans, the Mediterranean diet isn’t low in carbs or fat, says Edwina Clark, R.D., he…
Source:The 3 Best Diets For Carb Lovers

     Man will one day HANG his head
     at the sight of a WAR-TORN sky,
    and his mantle will grow HEAVY,
    and his resolve will become WEAK,
         and he will RELINQUISH
          this KINGDOM to God.

   The year is 2217. Cataclysm has scorched the earth, and dwindled populations. A new brand of violence haunts the remaining wasteland of Earth, born of the savage need to survive in the face of certain death. Resources are scarce, water is more precious than gold, and the heat of the sun can cook a mind to mush in a matter of minutes. Worst of all, elite and wealthy corporations have hi-jacked humanity’s last hope of surviving an apocalypse: THE CIV-BELT-1, a space station capable of housing 20,000 passengers and sustaining life for centuries to come.

                         WHERE MUST WE GO,
                    WE WHO WANDER THIS WASTELAND,
                   IN SEARCH OF OUR BETTER SELVES?
                       - The First History Man

   LAST EXODUS is an original, post apocalyptic-based rp inspired by Fallout, Firefly, Mad Max, Mass Effect, Interstellar, and various parts of our imagination.

Kieran Foran to make Warriors debut

Kieran Foran is back but will he be enough to transform the Warriors from basket cases to contenders?

The former New Zealand Test playmaker will make his long-awaited return to the NRL with the Warriors in Sunday’s clash with St George Illawarra.

The Warriors on Saturday confirmed he would make his club debut at Kogarah and will start in the halves alongside Shaun Johnson after Ata Hingano was dropped to NSW Cup.

It’s been a long road back for Foran after undergoing shoulder surgery, walking out less than a year into his contract with Parramatta, fighting a protracted battle with personal demons before receiving clearance from the NRL to return to the game through the Warriors.

He has not played since May last year and could have returned last week but was held back by coach Stephen Kearney because of his shoulder.

Foran will immediately be placed under pressure to deliver the club a top-four finish after their sustained under-achievement and a five-year absence from the finals.

Over the past eight seasons, they have made the top eight just twice, going through five head coaches in that time.

Now with an all-Kiwi Test spine of Foran, Johnson, Issac Luke and Roger Tuivasa-Sheck, there are many who will consider anything less than a top-four finish a disappointment.

“I’m really looking forward to it,” Foran said.

“The last couple of weeks I’ve been doing more and more contact on my shoulder, things have been progressing well there.

"I’m just looking forward to taking the field and getting back out there.”

While Foran will have the limelight focused on him at Kogarah on Sunday, it’s the Warriors forwards who shape as key.

The Dragons’ big men, notably the in-form Jack de Belin and Canberra discard Paul Vaughan, have been a driving force behind their 2-1 start.

The Warriors lead the competition for tackle busts (36.7 per game) and have made the fourth most metres (1451m per game) behind North Queensland, Brisbane and Melbourne.

“The Warriors are a talented football team,” coach Paul McGregor said.

“They have an international spine. But every battle is won up front first. It’ll be interesting and it’ll be physical. We’re looking to do it on what we did well against Cronulla.”


* The Dragons have won the past three, and 10 of the past 13 matches at Kogarah. They have scored 20 points or more in eight of these 10 wins.

* Simon Mannering will become the most capped Warrior of all-time, playing in his 262nd match for the club and overtaking Stacey Jones.

* The Warriors have made the least linebreaks (3) and tackle busts (15.3) per game, while ranked second last for points scored (16 per game) and offloads (5.7).

Source: Fox Sports Stats

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“That’s right! Now, let’s-”


“Th’fuck’s a Cell!?!”

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She's usually not clumsy, since she's used to working around automail, but as she trips over her own two feet, she guesses her luck's run out until she feels herself be caught at an angle. she hasn't hit the ground, but she knows something.. or someone is holding her weight, and it feels like hands.

    Even the most skilled of walkers manage to have problems sometimes. He, himself trips an average about three times a year with no discernible cause. He’s calculated out. He’s had enough time to do so. It’s not overly surprising to him when he sees the young woman starting to go down, though he quickly steps over to catch her at her waist and the back of her neck, not wanting her to sustain any damage.

      Soft, damageable humans. No wonder the Dwarf kept thinking it’d be easy to kill them all.

     “Are you okay, Winry?”