Getting rid of detailing seams for a piece where both sides show~

1. Here’s your base piece you want to detail. Both sides of this piece will be showing.
2. Cut out a 2 layer strip the exact size you want it.
3. Stick that strip to a flat one layer piece on the edge.
4. Cut out another strip and leave a space, then cut the other edge.
5. Place the first side of the strip on one side of your piece and turn it over.
6. Carefully fold over the other side to stick it.

And there you have it.  This is the result of my piece on my bracer. Hope this is helpful to you!

How to get rid of seams in Worbla detailing.  Method 1.
1: Your seams
2: Heat up a strip of Worbla
3: Place it on the edge where you wont want it to show
4: Push it down on the other side
5: Use a dremel to sand down the edge in the front
6: There you have it, perfect edges! 


Hey! I thought the 4th was the last but here’s a 5th way to get rid of worbla detailing seams! This one works great for when you have detail that is only on the outer edge for a moment. 

1. Here’s one of many detail seams being created on the edge. 

2. Put wood filler into the cracks and wait for it to dry.

3. Sand the filler well so that it becomes nice and smooth.

4. Prime the surface with whatever method you prefer.  For this I tried spray primer. 

5. Here’s the finished seamless edge. 

Now your piece looks clean.  This can be applied to any seam on any piece.  I’m going to use this method for the whole cosplay! Happy building!
Rose Quartz Sword - Steven Universe Prop Tutorial
This prop is Sold! You can always contact me to commission a new one! Length: 42" If you're interested in buying or commissioning anything, message me on any...

Just finished my tutorial for Rose Quartz’s Sword from Steven Universe. Hope you can enjoy it!


Hello Again! Here are some more of the pictures from my fem Knight Lautrec Cosplay Photo Shoot from Dark Souls.
Cosplay Made/ Worn by: Me
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Will be wearing it to Anime North, Otakuthon and Montreal Comiccon! =]

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Forgot I had drawn Knight Artorias from Dark Souls.  This game has really become a part of me, I know that’s really nerdy of me to say but all well.  The Abysswalker is really an interesting character.  There was unused content surrounding him in the game in which he would speak to you as though he was slowly being eaten by the abyss.  There are no happy endings in Dark Souls, only happy memories.  =3