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Prompto’s cheeky grin began to form, his hues settling upon the beleaguered figures in sight. Seeing as many “friendlies” around was a rare sight for this runaway fugitive, a momentous sight this was. On any other occasions, Prompto’s step into the city was like walking on thin-ice. Any moment could be his last. Although his cheeky, lop-sided smirk was plastered on his face, his body was rigid as ice. Tense, the favored shot-gun hung over his shoulder. Left hand held up in a short wave. “Yo’!”

Midgar ll Cinque, Kain, Ventus

Eyelids keeping emerald hues hidden from the world, popped open quickly as the young brunette jumped up. A puzzled look formed upon her face as she gazed around at the strange surroundings. When had she fallen asleep? And, why was she not aware of her location? She may have not been the best at directions, but she knew for sure that she wasn’t where she was suppose to be. Lifting herself up off the ground in one swift movement, she gently dusted off her uniform and slowly began to walk on wards through the new city. 

Cinque wasn’t too sure how she was acting so calm about the fact that she was lost. Normally she would have most likely started crying about it. But…this time seemed to be different. She couldn’t place a finger on it. There was just something in her that knew something bad was going to happen, and she had to be strong and possibly help if she could. Although, it didn’t seem like any danger was happening at this very moment…

Her eyes spotted a figure in the distance, which meant she might be able to get some help. Clapping her hands together in delight, she skipped off towards the silhouette of the other person. In hopes that they were lost as well. Then she wouldn’t have to be so alone!