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The mobile network provider RBB’s phone is connected to confirms that (if the phone is pay as you go) in order for the SIM to stay active, someone needs to perform some kind of chargeable usage (a phone call or a text message, something like that, just topping up the credit should be adequate too).

In other words - we already knew this, but - someone is definitely still maintaining the number, nearly 18 months after OTRA ended and over a year since the phone was switched on for any period of time. (Either by paying a monthly bill or by switching it on and topping up or sending a text.)

[if you want to know why I think the phone is pay as you go and not on a monthly contract, click here. If anyone wants more information, send me an ask. I think I might rewrite my thoughts on that later on anyway.]


jiwook - episodes 13+14

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“Greening the Cube" thoughts (p3)”

He’d be a pretty strange child, wandering out of the desert with only a few possessions -including a strange knife. It could have left him somewhat isolated, especially if he ‘acted out’ whenever an adult tried to confiscate his knife for the precaution of safety. Lack of interest + isolation from your peers can be the only two things needed for someone to not know about popular culture.

None of this explains his motivation for fighting the Galra tho

Even in season 1 Keith is pretty quiet the entire time they arrive at the castle, and unlike the other paladins, doesn’t seem to be too fazed by the Galra.

And for some reason gets his own separate window here (to emphasize something I assume)

Infact I think the first time he speaks is when they need to decide if they’re fighting or running away. He’s all like “We have to fight these guys!”

Lance and Hunk want to run away, Pidge wants to stay because she wants to find and free her family, Allura and Coran obviously have a thing against them, so does Shiro, he knows what they do. Why Keith insists on fighting them?

Why Keith cares? So much? (even before Allura says the Galra will get to Earth, and like he’s even got something on earth to begin with..)

Why this?

Facing Zarkon by himself was not a rational decision, getting the black lion ASAP was, but when he understands who it is exactly he’s facing, suddenly it is all emotion for Keith.

Where does it come from? Why he seems to care more than all of them about putting an end to the Galra empire?

More than Allura even

What goes through his mind in this shot?