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shanihowon  asked:

That's exactly how I felt from start to finish after reading the press conference i was done with them . He didn't say one word to them because he's not allow to , I'm pretty sure he seen all the rude comments about him . I'm just dumbfounded about how they talked shit when he's been there for all of them . What pissed me off lay said one time that if the members are having a conflict he would sit them aside and talk with them for hours . How can they do that?

//sighs// I know :( But I guess this is a wakeup call for all of us that the entertainment world is not what it seems. That behind the snazzy lifestyle, smiles and promises of togetherness are all lies to lure people like us in. And I’m going to admit, although I was not completely delusional to the point where I was like OT12 IS THE TRUTH! SM IS CONTROLLING THEIR DEVICES. A part of me really hoped that in the duration of them training, that some form of a true friendship bond blossomed between the members and Kris and that they would idk, not out him to the media when he was no longer of use to them like they did I guess?? but like I said this is just goes to show not everything is as it seems and it really bugs/ hurts me because if they really weren’t close I wonder how Kris could have possibly coped living with them for 2+ years, living with them 24/7. And I’m most definite he’s seen all there posts on ig. Chanyeol calling Kris evil, bitchy Tao, Suho’s passive aggressive speech. I can’t even imagine how he feels right now with all the members shitting on him. 

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