suspicious pictures


A very weird photo collage, I know. But hang with me here for a few minutes of pointed rambling, will you?

So many people like to say “the ship has sunk.” “The ship is dead.” And at times, I have agreed with them. But then the above happens. The IFH and then @notevenjokingrightnow finds that picture of them together during the Golden Globes just after the denial, Sam with his arm around Caitriona at their table when they were unaware the camera was on them. Weeks of a drought and Makeup Man gives the couple picture from Saks to us and then deletes it. Cait goes off to Cannes and Tony is there and then when she leaves, she posts that Khalil Gibran poem “On Marriage.” Suspicious winery picture and baseball game footage emerges and then lo and behold, so does that picture of Sam and Mysterious Brunette (cough, Cait). We go through another round of crap and Sam drops that no captions needed picture of him and Caitriona on IG, letting it speak for itself. They bring other dates to the BAFTAs and then Sam likes tweets from obvious shippers about luring him in with Caitriona.

What is my point?? This is a phoenix ship. Every time I do think “yeah, the ‘dream’ is over,” something happens to counteract that. I’m a dreamer. I’m creative and imaginative. I have been for the vast majority of my 29 years on this earth. I’m also smart and capable and opinionated. Perhaps our group here sees things differently than what the reality of the situation is; but maybe we don’t. Regardless, the ship won’t “sink” so long as there is even one person in this fandom who likes to squeal about their friendship. Or relationship. Or even dares to put puzzle pieces together and believe that there is something there being hidden.

Regardless of how this situation turns out, I’m not ashamed to be a shipper or super shipper or whatever new term has been coined to make us sound like we are less than others - because we aren’t. We matter. And I hope everyone remembers that always.


Just wanted to let you all know - I’m sure I’m not the only one who has been getting inbox spam lately - starts with ‘hi’ or similar and if you reply you quickly end up with a request for photos or private chat. They have blogs with nothing on, fairly nondescript urls and a selfie of a young woman as their avatar.
I wanted to give my advice for younger/vulnerable people on here, so I hope you’ll forgive me sounding like your mum.
Here’s my suggestion, if you get a message from someone you don’t know and who isn’t following you, with an empty blog:
Don’t reply to the message.
Mark it as spam if you want to - I’ve started doing that.
Don’t ever send pictures of yourself.
Don’t feel pressured into chatting with someone you don’t know or sharing anything personal.
I have no clue what the gain is for people doing this but I guess they are hoping people will get talked into sharing images.
Stay safe. If you’re not sure something is a good idea, it probably isn’t - trust your instinct. If you feel uncomfortable, stop. Ask someone in real life that you trust - a parent, a responsible adult..
Look after yourselves and avoid nonsense.

Stiles, I really hope you’re looking for your lost love.


Two times Connor was on his way to Australia while making us believe he still was in LA.

Gravity Falls thought: even before it was confirmed that Bill Cipher can use images of himself as ‘peepholes’ to watch through, I thought it was really weird and frustrating how none of the characters ever questioned the unsettling prevalence of his likeness. Even after meeting him twice

But what if it isn’t a lack of genre saviness? What if triangles with eyeballs are such a memetic, ever-present symbol in the Gravity Falls universe that they barely even consciously register because people see them so often? Like, I don’t know, heart shapes or smiley faces are in ours. That would explain why he’s on mass-produced commodities like children’s toys, make-up, playing cards, arcade games, and rugs. The reason Mabel and Dipper aren’t triggered by (or even suspicious of) all the pictures of Bill is because his design is just so ingrained in the fabric of their reality’s culture that it is practically invisible. 

Frank enters the DR
  • Production: So Frank what do you think about some of the pictures around the house?
  • Frank: what pictures?
  • Production: You know the Clu--... You know the pictures
  • *Allison enters*
  • Allison: Frank there are pictures that give clues to a secret room. The secret room is (gives location), just act like you somehow got suspicious of some pictures even though you barely noticed their existence the last 5 weeks. And Frank, keep this conversation on the down low in and out the house and I'll give you an extra cash bonus, spill what I told you and I will have you locked away for all eternity in Alcatraz where you will be fed bread crumbs and sleep on a bed of nails in a cell with a fat gross serial killer do you understand me?
  • Frank: Yes ma'am
  • *frank leaves and just so happens to notice pictures around the house*
  • Frank's DR session: you know I have seen these pictures around since "the beginning of the game" but I'm a BB fan, this MUST mean something right? Because every single little detail of every house in every season impacted the game.
  • *Frank finds secret room*
  • Sees a letter:
  • Congratulations Fra-- Houseguest, you have found the secret room and with it have won 10 Coup D'états you have only until day 99 to use them good luck!
  • *Fast forward to finale*
  • Jury sits with Dr Will and discusses the Frank and Tokyo cat Bridgette broke Ep1 final 2.
  • Will: so who do here thinks the cat should win?
  • *everyone raises their hands*
  • Production: CUT!!! Allison get out here
  • Allison: Hello jury, this season was tailor made for Frank to win, if he was to lose I will snatch all the money you made here, make your companies fire you and leave you homeless on the side of the street. So *smiles* PLEASE *pants* PLEASE vote for Frank *starts to twitch*
  • *Jury sits on studio stage about to vote for a winner*
  • Chen Bot: *whispers to jury* remember what Allison said *points to Allison who is twitching and panting while holding a shotgun*
  • Houseguests: *pretends to be excited cheering*
  • Chen Bot: time to read the votes..
  • By a vote of 8-1 (not revealed who voted who).... *glares at Jury and Allison* ---
  • *a loud screech is heard*
  • *Jury looks over at Allison who is on the ground having a meltdown at the 1 vote for the cat*
  • -- Frank you are the winner of BB18!!
  • *Allison gets up in relief celebrates*
  • Chen Bot: find out who is Americas favorite when we come back!
  • *Allison drags the jury backstage*
  • Allison: alright which one of you fucking pricks voted for the cat?
  • *jury silent*
  • Allison: alright well do this the hard way *reloads shot gun*
  • *everyone remains silent*
  • Allison: Fine *shoots ground then reloads* WHO FUCKING DID IT!?!
  • *Jury crying yelling at eachother to confess*
  • Bridgette: Alright fine it was me! I'm sorry I did it, I love Frank but I accidentally broke the cat's hand off. I felt bad I thought the least I could do was give it a pity vote.
  • Allison: A pity vote huh?
  • Bridgette: YE---- *gets shot* (she gets rushed to the hospital and heals herself being the badass nurse she is)
  • Allison: alright get back on stage the commercial break is ending
  • Chen Bot: and Americas favorite is... Bridgette! Where are you?
  • Allison: *whispers into Julie's ear bud* she was shot just say you made a mistake and pick someone else, preferably Frank for more cash
  • Chen Bot: oops the winner is actually *starts malfunctioning* Jozea!
  • Allison: WHAT END THE SHOW NOW!!
  • Chen Bot: see you next summer America
  • *show turns off*
  • Allison: Julie what the fuck!?!
  • Chen Bot: I'm sorry I--- *Allison pulls wires from Julie's back*
  • *show comes back on*
  • *World War 3 begins*
  • The End!