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Suspicious Minds (Dean X Reader)

Words: 762

A/N: written specially for @itswitchcraft-not-googlemaps challenge!

Warnings: none. just a lot of fluff.

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You woke up in the middle of the night and realized there was an empty space next to you. Moaning lazily, you opened up your eyes to see just a pillow and a mess of sheets. You grabbed your phone and saw it was almost 3 A.M. With a groan you got up, grabbed Dean’s shirt and dragged yourself down the stairs and went to the kitchen, finding him eating the last piece of the pie you’ve bought.

“Oh my God, I can’t believe you’re eating it all by yourself!” you complained and watched him jump on his chair, scared by your sudden appearance. He took the earphones off and looked at you.

“Sorry, sweetheart, but I woke up and needed to eat something” he said with a grin, looking at you with no remorse on his face. “Want a bite?” he offered, not really meaning it.

“No, thanks. First of all it’s three in the morning; I couldn’t eat it even if I wanted to.” You a made a grossed out face, walking towards him and sitting on his lap. “Second of all, you want it so bad that I think if I eat it, I’ll get a stomachache” you whispered, kissing his cheeks lightly.

Dean chuckled, wrapping his arms around your waist, eating the last piece. “C’mon, I’d happily give you some pie. Want it?” he asked with a full mouth, his face getting closer to yours.

“Dean, stop it!” you yelled, trying to get away from his grip, your hands on his chest. “Seriously, we’re gonna wake Sam up!” you laughed loudly, closing your eyes.

“Sorry, babe, couldn’t resist.” He said in a low voice, kissing you lightly. He got his phone to pause the song and you got curious. Grabbing it from his hand you saw he was listening to Suspicious Minds, by Elvis.

“Aww, you were listening to our song!” you exclaimed, pressing play and listening to the first accords of the song, closing your eyes as you pressed your forehead against Dean’s.

“I was remembering the first time we met.” He babbled, caressing your hair. “The way you ignored me… Man, your friends told me you were pure ice, but still. I almost shit my pants talking to you” he revealed, surprising you.

“Oh, stop it! I wasn’t that bad, was I?” you asked, starting to analyze your reactions.

“You were, but that’s fine! I wouldn’t want it any other way. You know I always loved a challenge.” He teased you, a side smile on his face.

“Why did you kept insisting then?” you questioned him, rolling your eyes at his statement but still shocked by his confessions. You never really realized you were like that.

Dean got up, placing your hands around his neck and pulling you closer to him, moving slowly, according to the rhythm song. “Well, don’t tell Sam I said that, but…” he looked down, blushing a little. That was new; in three years, you never saw him blush. “You know, I kinda believe in this whole love at first sight thing” he said in just one breath, looking up carefully to see your reaction. You gave him a soft smile.

“Oh, baby… I don’t really believe in these things, but I’m not gonna lie… I felt a connection with you the day we met” you confessed.

“Really? Then why you were so harsh on me?” he croaked, looking deeply and lovingly into your eyes.

“Because I felt a connection with a man I’ve never seen before and I was scared” you said in a laugh, pulling him to a kiss. Your mouth touched his lightly for a moment, just tasting and enjoying the moment and the closeness. Slowly, Dean opened his mouth and slide his tongue inside of yours, moaning at your contact. “That’s why you always say this is our song. Suspicious minds. Holy shit!” you exclaimed panting, breaking the kiss to breath.

“And because Elvis is fucking awesome, darling” he teased you, his hands on your waist, touching you lightly. The last seconds of the song were playing, and you felt your eyes tear up because of the way Dean was looking at you: pure love. Nothing else but love and happiness. “We’re caught in a trap. I can’t walk out… Because I love you too much, baby!” he whispered to you, giving you a small affected smile, since he wasn’t used to expressing his emotions and feeling the way he was doing.

“I love you!” you whimpered, tiptoeing to kiss him deeply, both of your tears mixing up.


Suspicious Minds \m/ Elvis

a playlist for when it’s a beautiful sunny day outside but you still need some sad-ish vibes. or something.

tracklist 1 somewhere over the rainbow/what a wonderful world israel kamakawiwo’ole 2 heartbreak hotel elvis presley 3 apple pie bed lawrence arabia 4 summerboy lady gaga 5 settle down kimbra 6 i’ve smoked too much lawrence arabia 7 it’s tough to have a crush when the boy doesn’t feel the same way you do ok go 8 monday, monday the mamas and the papas 9 seventeen marina and the diamonds 10 only happy when it rains garbage 11 brown eyes lady gaga 12 complicated rihanna 13 white teeth teens lorde 14 you got yr. cherry bomb spoon 15 underwear pulp 16 pawn shop blues lana del rey 17 swingin’ party lorde 18 i love you always travis 19 kill monsters in the rain steel train 20 suspicious minds elvis presley 21 summertime sadness lana del rey 22 to the end blur 23 flowers in the window travis 24 lying in the sun stereophonics 25 pull my hair bright eyes 26 cherry pie sade 27 rock ‘n’ roll suicide david bowie 28 this is what makes us girls lana del rey 29 sylvia pulp 30 cheerleader st. vincent 31 california king bed rihanna 32 white rabbit jefferson airplane 33 california dreamin’ the mamas and the papas 34 people folk tunng 35 teen idle marina and the diamonds 36 since i told you it’s over stereophonics 37 dust in the wind kansas

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Bucky Barnes x Reader Cutie Pie

Warnings: non

Word Count: 4, 372

The bakery Bucky visited was small and quiet, and perhaps that was why he loved it so much.

The events following D.C left him disoriented and confused. He was scared, not that he ever told anyone that. Not that he had anyone to tell that to.

He had gone on the run, working on trying to remember who he was, not get arrested, and not get caught by the remains of Hydra all at once.

It was tedious work, and one day, he had figured that perhaps he deserved a treat. And that was the day he met you.

You owned the small bakery, and you managed practically everything. Bucky rarely saw any employees but he always saw you setting out cakes, with flour smeared over your face and hands. And the moment he saw you he sorta panicked. It wasn’t often he felt this way about anyone. He had remembered flirting with girls “back in the day”, but he didn’t remember how he had gone about doing so. So many things had happened since then, such as him being tortured, brainwashed, and abused repeatedly.

That really put a damper in your flirting game. However, something must have worked, because you seemed to have mistaken his awkward mumbling for charm. The first day you two met, he didn’t have enough money to buy what was on the menu, but you had given him a free slice of cake. You had proceeded to do that every day, even though he claimed to have had the right amount that time. You refused him humbly and gave that kind smile that made Bucky’s heart contract.

And so, he visited that bakery each and every day.

The two of you exchanged conversations that usually went like:

You: “Hello.”

Bucky: “Eh…hi…”

You: “How are you today?”

Bucky: “I am fine. And how are you?”

You: “Oh, well, I’m good. Seeing you always makes me happy. So, do you want the usual?”

Bucky: “Uh-w-well, sure.”

And so, you, the dazzling [F/N] [L/N], would produce his usual vanilla cupcake with oreo frosting. He always took his time to eat it there as he tried to not look creepy staring at you. Being an ex-assassin taught you somethings, Bucky had learned. He gathered some information simply by watching you. For example, he learned that you enjoyed listening to Elvis, particularly the song Suspicious Minds. (He also learned Elvis Presley was a big part of the current culture, so he made mental note to conduct further research on that.) Your favorite color was [favorite color] and your favorite dessert was [favorite dessert]. You enjoyed wearing your soft [h/c] hair up instead of down because you didn’t want batter to get stuck in in. And everyday when he left, he would give you a wave with his real hand. He felt like a liar if he waved at you with his metal hand, so he always kept it shoved in his pocket.

This continued for five and a half weeks. And he knew that it would be over soon, what with the falling of S.H.I.E.L.D and the madness of Hydra. He also knew that it was imperative he didn’t make any contact with you outside of the bakery so you would not become a target.

He did not ever consider that, in a sense, you already were.

[Y/n] [L/n] could be considered S.H.I.E.L.D’s greatest asset.

A loyal member of the Avenger’s, and an “enhanced” member of the organization, you had been tasked by Steve and Sam to locate and keep an eye on Bucky. Ever since the fall of D.C, the three of you had been on a massive rampage to find him.

You had managed to locate him after some long and tedious work. It was hard with S.H.I.E.L.D gone and Nick on the down-low, you had to conduct this research with Tony’s tech, but you had to do that without him finding out what you were doing, because according to Steve, Bucky killed both Howard and Maria while still under the control of Hydra, so it really Bucky wasn’t Bucky. Geez, it was a bit like a soap opera, right? So-and-so killed so-and-so who was under the control of so-and-so.

After you had located Bucky, you proceeded quickly. You quickly opened up for business and kept close watch on him.

When he had first entered, you were almost a bit afraid. But then you realized how afraid he looked. You also realized how blue his eyes were. The last time you two had encountered each other, he tried to kill you. And his blue eyes were empty and lost, but now, they were filled with humanity and emotion.

He was quite handsome, that was easy to tell. And over time, you felt your self falling into a deep hole of infatuation for the man.

Every day, after work, you reported to Steve and went to bed. You knew Steve was mainly doing this to get you out of the house and keep you away from the madness of the media. It sort of felt like being on the run, not being able to go back to the tower, your home for all intents and purposes, and not being able to openly communicate with Fury or anyone else on the team. Speaking of Fury, he was constantly ordering large batches of cupcakes to be delivered to some rooftop. You didn’t even deliver! But one day, the calls stopped. You weren’t worried, because you knew that he wasn’t dead. It seemed that that single day changed everything.

The thunder crashed violently. You let out a sigh, brushing some loose strands of [h/c] hair back behind your ear. “Not a fan of the rain?” you asked.

Bucky shrugged, sipping his coffee. “Not really. It’s too…loud.”

“Not a fan of loud?” you then asked as you watched a customer quickly scurry out of the shop. Bucky sat at the counter, right in front of the cute little pastry display. “Can’t say I am,” he muttered. You sent him a one-sided smile. “Neither am I. But I’m a fan of rain. It’s…peaceful,” you said. He looked down at his mug, looking deep into the swirling colors of the cream mixed in with the coffee. He felt his lips twitch into a small smile.

You turned on the radio, humming along as you began cleaning up. The rain, you suspected, had driven away any other customers you might have gotten, so you figured you’d be closing shop early today.

“Want any food for tonight?” you asked Bucky, the only other one there. He looked up and shook his head slowly. “No, it’s alright.”

“Hmm, you sure? I have a lot I don’t want going to waste.” He opened his mouth to answer, but the bell on the door stopped him. You looked up from behind the counter, surprised to see that two men, one blond, one brunette, had entered, each soaking wet. “Good afternoon,” you said, looking outside. It looked more like midnight than midday with the black sky. “Hello,” one man answered, walking around as the other two didn’t move as much. From behind the counter, you “accidentally” dropped your keys. As you kneeled down to pick them up, you produced your gun.

You slipped the gun next to the cash register where it would not be seen.

“How can I help you?” you asked kindly.

“Oh, we ducked into the closest shop we saw to get out of this storm. No one else was open.”


Bucky knew that was a lie, and it scared him. Had they come to kill you because they knew that he cared about you? Because you were one of the only good things in his life?

“Lucky you,” you chuckled. “I was considering closing up shop right now. You all must be very cold. Want some coffee?”

Your hand moved towards the pistol.

“Thank you, but…no.”

In a split second, you were staring down the barrel of a gun, but then again, so was the other guy. The brunette pulled his gun on you at the same time you pulled a gun on him. Bucky pulled a gun on the brunette but the blonde pulled a gun on him. God, you hoped no one walked into the shop now.

“Well, this sure did escalate quickly, didn’t it?” you chuckled.

“[Y/n],” Bucky said in a low voice. “You should-”

“Leave?” you offered. The man in front of you pressed the gun to your forehead when you spoke. You rolled your eyes and scoffed, but you were really growing nervous. Your blood raced, and suddenly, your heart was louder then the thunder. Your eyes flickered to Bucky and to the surroundings. At this point you weren’t sure what to rely on. First, you considered the possibilities. You could either choose to activate your powers, which has a high chance of not going right, you could negotiate, rely on solely on yourself, or you could rely solely on Bucky. He may not protect you but he sure was hell would protect himself.

But as it turns out, you could rely on Mother Nature. The lights of the shop went off, and you felt the electricity cackling in your bones as it died out.


The muzzle flash of Bucky’s gun allowed you to briefly see him whirl around and shoot the blonde on his side. You ducked down, moving away from the gun to your head, and shot out at the one in front of you.

With the rapid lightning and muzzle flashes, you could see everyone moving as though you were watching them through frames of a movie, the blinking brightness like a strobe at a club.

The man dove at you, blood streaming from the wound in his side. Your gun slipped from your hand, falling to the floor with a clatter.

It was hard to work in the dark, which is why you tried to avoid it. But now you had no other choice but to fight back as best as you could.

With all of your strength and more, you twisted your body round, your legs burning as you forced the man away from you and back against a glass case. The shards came down like a waterfall and you quickly dove for your gun.


A roaring pain spread through your shoulder. Your fingers touched the wound and with the lightning, you saw your silvery blood staring your fingers.

Bucky had strode over, grasping the man you shot by the collar and lifting him at least three feet off the ground. “Who sent you?”

The man spat blood at his face and Bucky through him against a table, the wood splintering. “Longing,” he choked out. Bucky shook his head, very slightly. Lightning crashed, thunder following close behind. You managed to pull yourself up, watching in confusion. “Rust-”

Stop!” Bucky suddenly shouted, raising his fist behind him. Your eyes widened and you ran forward, pulling him back. “Stop, you can’t kill him!”


Bucky’s eyes went wide as he looked at you. “Leave.”

“No, I-”

I will kill you, if you stay.

Without tearing your eyes away from his, you raised your gun and shot at the man. His words ceased. “There,” you said, “he can’t do anything anymore.”

His blue eyes were filled with confusion and slight anger. “You killed him, but you wouldn’t let me!” he growled. “Uh, no,” you corrected, ripping off the apron around your waist. “I didn’t kill him.”

Bucky waved an arm over and you saw a metallic glint of metal in the quick blue light. “He looks pretty dead.” You shoved the gun in your back pocket. “Looks can be deceiving.”

You could hear the man’s heartbeat, so you knew he wasn’t dead. Yet. Chances are he would bleed out. The other man died, Bucky killed him swiftly. “You of all people would know,” Bucky retorted. “Excuse me, what does that mean?” you demanded.

“You lied to me.”

“What? I never—!” You broke off, sighing. You did kinda lie to him. Maybe just a little. “Well, it’s not like I said I wasn’t undercover,” you quickly added. Bucky opened his mouth to argue when the lights began to flicker back on. He took your hand and tugged you forward, causing you to wince. “Hey, that hurts,” you snapped, yanking your hand back. You didn’t really have this thing called a “healing factor.” The bullet lodged in your shoulder would heal like a humans, even if you were bleeding a different color. His eyes flickered up your arm before pausing when he saw the laceration. “You’re…bleeding…” He said his words slowly, as though he wasn’t sure “bleeding” was the correct term to use for it. You hid your hurt. You were used to it, to the dirty looks because of your quirks, as Clint and Nat put it. No one on the team ever judged you, and Thor even said that in mythology of some cultures, silver blood meant royalty. So you enjoyed pretending you were a lost princess. “Yes, it’s blood. It’s rude to stare,” you then told him, looking away. Bucky didn’t answer that. He simply walked over and began piling tables up against the door. “What are you doing?” you asked.

No answer.

“Hey, can I ask what you’re doing?” you said again, growing impatient. Bucky sighed. “Can’t you just trust me?”

“I don’t know, can I?” you muttered. Could you? This guy was pretty crazy. Or at least he was when you were both in D.C. And he did try to kill you. But, Steve did say that it was okay now. You knew that had to be true because Steve wouldn’t have put you in this position if it wasn’t okay. You huffed. “We need to go. Soon. They’re probably more on the way.”

“Check them.”


“For anything that could be proof that they’re Hydra.”

You scoffed. “So do they carry around cards to get into Hydra community pool?” Bucky tensed up and you knew you crossed a line. Dammit. That’s not what you say to someone with a sensitive past, especially someone you had a mega-major crush on.

“Wow, I’m sorry,” you said slowly. “That…I shouldn’t have said that. I know from experience how cruel they are and I’m sure you know that better then I do.”

He didn’t answer you. Instead, he continued to pile things against the door. You went over and began patting down the man you shot. His pulse was slowing down and you knew he was dying. It made your hands go numb, knowing you had been the one to kill him, but you had signed up to do as such when you accepted the offer into the Avengers. You also knew that you were protecting the innocent, the civilians, because, lo and behold, the man was, indeed, Hydra. Bucky had confirmed as much when you pulled out a black flash drive and dropped it in his right hand. “This is all I could find,” you had said. He stared down at it before crunching it up into small pieces. You pursed your lips as he dropped the remains to the floor. “Terrorists,” he said, turning his back to you. “Hydra.”

Wasn’t everyone in Hydra technically a terrorist? You chose not to voice your impudent thought. “We should leave. Run. I can take you back to—”

“I can’t go back anywhere with you,” Bucky said flatly. You frowned. “Uh, yeah you can. And I think that you should.” You stepped forward, reaching a hand out to grab him. A wave of dizziness overcame you, and you stumbled forward. Bucky immediately took a surprisingly gents hold of you. “[Y/n], what’s wrong?” he asked.

You blinked, feeling suddenly very tired and nauseous. “I…I think that bullet was laced with something…”

You heard the sirens ringing in the distance, gradually getting closer. “Uh-oh,” you mumbled. Bucky swept you up, as though you were a bride and he your groom. “We need to leave,” he said to you, but his words sounded like swirls. His voice was pretty. Very pretty.

He was very pretty too. At this angle, you could see his every defining feature, from the sharp curve of his jaw to the sparkle in his eyes.

He was also very strong.

“Has anyone ever told you that you’re really hot?” you mumbled.

“Excuse me?”

But he had gotten no answer, because it was then that you passed out.

“Mmm, Steve?”

You peeled your eyes open. You were looking at your ceiling. “Steve?” you called again. Someone was in your house. You could hear their heart beating steadily, though with the strength of a super soldier. So you had assumed it was your friend.

As you sat up, you felt a throbbing pain shoot down your arm, causing you to yelp and lay back down again. “Ohhh, I think I’m dying,” you muttered to yourself.

Then, the door to your bedroom opened. Bucky entered, with a glass of water in hand. “Oh, so you’re awake.”

You froze and looked around. “Uh…why are you in my house?” you asked slowly. Bucky blinked. “You almost died and I saved you.”

You cocked your head to the side. “I almost died?” You sat up, pushing the blankets off. As you did, you noticed the stitches and bandages wrapped around your shoulder. “Oh.” Your cheeks reddened a bit. “How did you know where I lived?”

I may have followed you home once. Twice. A lot. “I checked your wallet,” Bucky lied smoothly. You nodded. “Oh, alright.”

Bucky cleared his throat uncomfortably. “Do…do you want a shirt?” he asked quietly. It was then you became aware that you weren’t wearing a shirt, only a bra. You sucked in a deep breath, slowly drawing your eyes to meet his. “Bucky?” you asked slowly.


“Why am I not wearing a shirt?”

He rubbed the back of his neck with his metal hand. “You were bleeding and I had to get the bullet out so I sorta, just, you know…took it off.”

You nodded. “I see, I see.” You glared at him as he looked away so you wouldn’t see him laughing. “This isn’t funny.”

He shrugged, avoiding eye contact with you. “I-I never said it was,” he managed to say straight faced. You huffed as you walked past him, hoping he didn’t see your bright red face. “Whatever.”

“Who’s Steve?” Bucky asked as you both sat at your small kitchen table. “He’s a friend,” you replied smoothly, rubbing your achy shoulder. “Hm.” You raised your eyebrows. “What’s wrong?”

He cleared his throat and ran his metal hand through his hair, pushing it out of the way. His eyes are so blue, you thought as you looked away. Now was not the time. You knew that both Hydra and just the regular, good old police, bomb squad, and FBI were out, running around and looking for you. Not that they knew you were you.

As it turns out the little bakery you owned exploded about fifteen minutes after Bucky dragged you out. Bucky told you his theory.

What little remained of Hydra had managed to locate him and that black flash drive contained information on the more recent Winter Soldier missions. Bombs had been placed all around the block as a form of insurance, so that if things went wrong, theoretically, Bucky would still lose. This tactic obviously failed. The attack had been listed as terrorism and you, under an alias, of course, had been listed as missing. You were surprisingly calm.

“Nothing’s wrong,” Bucky said, dragging you out of your thoughts. You chuckled a bit. “You know, I think this is the most I’ve heard you speak. You’re usually so quiet.”

“Am I?” he asked, though he sounded like he didn’t actually care what your answer would be. If anything, he sounded upset.

“Bucky, what’s wrong?” you asked softly, touching his hand. He abruptly pulled away, standing. Your lips parted in surprise and you slowly leaned back. “I’m sorry.”

“Are you really? Tell me, is [Y/n] even your real name?” he demanded, his voice loud. You nodded. “Bucky, of course that’s—”

“Then how come the news is broadcasting a missing persons report for [*alias here idk*]? They’re saying that you were involved in a terrorist attack and that you’ve probably been kidnapped!”

You stood, wincing at the shooting pain in your arm and shoulder. “[Y/n] is my real name, I swear. But you’re the only one I told it too…”

“Well, that was a horrible idea, because that could have blown your cover,” he said to you, turning his back. You pulled his shoulder with your healthy arm so he was facing you again. “It’s not like you told anyone!”

“But I could have.”

“But you didn’t.”

He looked down at you, angry and frustrated. “You couldn’t have guaranteed that I was safe, that I wouldn’t have killed you.” You scoffed, folding your arms across your chest. “You didn’t know that I was with S.H.I.E.L.D, you didn’t even think I posed a threat to you. I was perfectly safe.”

“You trusted a crazy, unstable man you didn’t even know,” Bucky hissed. “I wouldn’t exactly call you crazy or unstable,” you shot back. “You are none of those things, James Barnes,” you said, jabbing his chest with a finger. “Don’t call me that,” he said in a low voice. “But that’s who you are and you know it,” you continued. “Stop denying it, stop running away!”

“I said stop, [Y/n]!”

“Or else what, Bucky, or else you’ll kill me?!” you yelled.

Bucky grabbed your waist and slammed his mouth against yours. Your [e/c] eyes went wide with shock and you gasped. With that, Bucky slipped his tongue in and gave you the most passionate, fierce kiss you had ever received. You let your eyes fall closed.

Bucky’s arms lifted you, gently, which was nothing like the kiss you two shared. He set you down on the counter and suddenly you felt both of his hands on your thighs. You gasped again as he squeezed, wrapping your hands in his hair.

The kiss was like fire, hot and strong. His skin burned with yearning as he felt your hands pressing on his hips. He bit at your lip, silently begging for more of you. “Sorry I yelled at you,” he said in a hoarse voice as he kissed down your jaw. You shivered as he thumbs lightly massaged your inner thigh. “I’m sorry I lied to you,” you replied, pulling him closer to you, forgetting completely about your pain. He pulled your shirt down slightly and kissed the skin of your collar bone. “I’m also sorry that you got hurt because of me.”

“Hngh, t-that’s fine,” you said again.

His lips dragged up and down your neck and finally paused on your lips. He was gentler, now, soft, and warm.

And finally, he pulled away. Both of you were breathless, quite literally, and you stared into each other’s eyes as you rested your foreheads together.

You should have known better then to fall for the Winter Soldier, for Bucky Barnes.

For a ghost.

Because when you opened your eyes in the morning, Bucky was gone. You reached your hand out to the space beside you. The bed was cold but your tears were warm.

After some time of feeling sorry for yourself and ‘grieving’, you pulled on some clothes and then called Steve. You filled him in but left out the romantic parts.  

“What do you mean he’s gone?!” Steve exclaimed through the phone. You groaned as you shoved clothes into your suitcase. “Steve, I mean I woke up, and he was gone!”

“You let him leave?”

“Oh, my god, Steve, just hurry and pick me up.” You peeked out the curtains. “The press are gathering outside my apartment building like a horde of wild monkeys because you told them that I’m an Avenger.” Steve sighed. “The government was panicking. Tony and the others were beginning to wonder what was—”

“Fine, fine, fine. I know. Just hurry up,” you growled into the phone before ending the call. As you quickly moved to pack up your things, the mob outside grew louder and louder. Your cell phone blared about fifteen minutes later, Steve signaling for you to go out.

The scenes in Sherlock where it showed Sherlock and John opening the doors and walking outside always seemed awful to you. The thought of people surrounding you, practically trampling you, was terrifying. You just never thought you would have to face it.

Until now.

You pushed past the people, the fans, the haters, and the press. Your name was being screamed at all different sides, cameras shuttered, microphones being shoved into your face as everyone expected you to answer questions.

Steve was at the end of the altar like crowd, the car engine on and ready to get out of there. He grabbed your hand and pulled you in. And just like that, the car sped away.

You pulled off your sunglasses and caught your breath, leaning against the seat. “[Y/n]…” Sam trailed off. You shook your head. “I’m okay,” you said, already answering their unspoken inquiries. “I didn’t get hurt.”

“What happened?” Steve demanded. You gave him the simplified version.

“Well, both Hydra assassins are confirmed dead,” Sam explained. “So you don’t have to worry about that.”

It’s not that I’m worried about…

“And Bucky?” Steve asked, as though he had been waiting to ask that since the moment you’d gotten into the car.

You simply shook your head. “I’m sorry.”

And sorry you were.

Silence took over, ensnaring you and your friends. There was an ache in your heart that you knew you had to heal. You just didn’t know if you had the strength to do it.

anonymous asked:

Kay so I totally need a weird Au head cannon from you! If the GOM + Kagami + Himuro were famous celebrities what would they be famous for? Like what an actor, singer, or best of all maybe a boy band!? If you do go with singer/boy band what type of music would they sing/create?

This was pretty fun to write!!

Generation of Miracles


-       Actor

-       Roles would normally be typical bad boy or villain

-       Could totally be a model

-       Can you imagine him topless modeling though. I can.

-       My bae in the spotlight with his abs.

-       Sports star. (obviously basketball.)


-       Sports star (obviously basketball uwu)

-       Model

-       His heterochromatic eyes?!?! would be the rage.

-       He would be a classy model modelling business suits and looking all suave.

-       Yum.


-       Actor

-       He would be the lead and every single woman will fall in love with him. BASICALLY A HAREM.


-       Songs he will sing are “call me maybe”, “don’t stop believing”. Just basically pop songs that sound really chirpy.

-       Obviously a model. Do I still need to elaborate on this.


-       Actor

-       Basically the passing characters on the street or the male character who gets rejected by the female lead.

-       uwu don’t worry my blue baby im here.

-       He occasionally sings and everyone gets blown away cause he sings so well but he doesn’t get offered a record because people forget who sang so wonderfully.


-       Actor.

-       The tsundere character who gets the girl in the movie. Literally the guy who nobody will forget because of his bright green hair what else.

-       Nobody would be able to stand up against him as he will shoot them into the dustbin.

-       Model agencies tried to scout him but he rejected them nanodayo.


-       Model

-       He would be taking pictures topless or just sitting down there looking swag with his food in his hands.

-       His name would be the “Murasakibafood”.

-       Everyone would remember him cause who can forget a 6”10 titan with PURPLe Hair?!

 Optional career

Akashi, Midorima, Murasakibara, Aomine, Kise, Kuroko

-       In a band.

-       They are called the “MiraGen”.

-       Would sing all songs perfectly.

-       Concert tickets would sell out in seconds. Albums would sell out in minutes all around the world.




-       Model.

-       Natural model with his frowny brows and bright red hair.

-       He would initially be so shy but when the time drags on, he would be more confident.

-       Great body duh. Yum.

-       Duo with Himuro. They release albums together and have lame names such as “the infinitez.”

-       They sing songs such as “Suspicious minds by elvis Presley”. The songs they sing make use of Kagami’s deep voice and Himuro’s slightly higher one.


-       Model. DEFINITELY MODEL.

-       Would be so popular in the model world everyone loves him.

-       Actor.

-       His roles would be those that he sneaks into a girl’s school pretending to be a girl and falls in love with the female lead.

-       Duo with Kagami.

-       Can reach the dolphin pitch. Wow.

A Liver A Lung A Kidney A Heart- A Helena Playlist   //LISTEN//

Media Vita In Morte Sumus- “In the midst of life we are in death”

//The Archies/ Sugar Sugar //the pAper chAse/ A Liver A Lung A Kidney A Thumb //Yeah Yeah Yeahs/ Gold Lion //Pidgeon/ Strelnikev //Anonymous/ Media Vita In Morte Sumus //System of a Down/ Sugar //Monstar/ Put Ya Hands Up (feat. Roly MC) //Ben E. King/ Stand By Me //Queens of the Stone Age/ Little Sister //The Low Lows/ Dear Flies, Love Spider //Cold War Kids/ Something Is Not Right With Me //Slipknot/ Wait and Bleed //Lou Reed/ Perfect Day //Elvis Presley/ Suspicious Minds //Depeche Mode/ Personal Jesus //Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong/ They Can’t Take That Away From Me //