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King of Memes

Or, how Tony Found Out About Bucky’s Blog. 

Tony couldn’t seep. Sometimes he managed a few hours if he was tired enough, so usually he went to the gym and worked out until he was exhausted. Tonight, though, he found the gym already occupied: Barnes, with his hair tied up, working steadily at the heavy bag. Normally Tony would make an awkward comment and leave him to it, but instead he just heads for the opposite side of the gym. After setting up at one of the far treadmills, Tony worked his way to a easy run. Barnes was laying his fists rhythmically into the bag, and the quiet thumping was sort of strangely soothing. Between the running and the thumping, Tony slipped into a near-trancelike state.

 And then Barnes let out an ungodly howl, drew back his left fist, and slammed it straight through the heavy bag with a roar of, “DIE A THOUSAND BURNING DEATHS!”

Tony fell off the treadmill, scrambled to his feet, and booked it to the elevator.

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holy shit you guys there was a spider on my punching bag !!! thanks to my many years of combat experience & martial arts training things are okay now

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One Last Time

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Request: Would you like please make a Imagine Chekov properly saying goodbye to the ship’s crew? Because I need that - @putthephaserdownplease

A/N: I deleted the playlist a made to make my friend cry when I moved like a week before getting the request and it would have been such perfect mood music for this. I feel like that karma for making a playlist of song that would make my friend cry. Also Keenser’s totally find; you guys don’t have to worry. Little guy just got all tuckered out. 

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Missing Parts - 23.

Part 24 
Missing Parts Masterlist

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After your Hogsmeade trip the Sunday passed happier between you than any other day in the past months. The simple thought that finally you will do something against Umbridge lift your mood, not to mention you could see there really are people who believe what Harry says. He seemed delighted too; and you knew it’s also because of your lovely date that you had in The Three Broomsticks. Not even the large amount of homework could spoil your mood.

Except Umbridge herself, who shut down every organization by Monday morning. That couldn’t be a coincidence, you knew it, but it’s only made you more eager to stand up against her.

The first D.A. meeating went pretty well; Harry was a good teacher indeed. Even though if you started with basic spells, everybody needs practice, and for some people it was clearly necessary. There were only two things that bothered you – or better to say, two people. Firstly, Zacharias Smith, who constantly added pejorative notes to almost whatever Harry said. You were really close to hex him, but then there was the other thing that bothered you – Cho Chang’s flirting with your boyfriend all the damn time.

“So, what’s wrong?” – Harry asked after Ron and Hermione disappeared behind the Fat Lady’s portrait and you stopped at the deserted corridor. The seventh floor was always empty and silent at these late hours.

“Nothing.” – you said with an unusually high pitched voice, but as he looked questioningly, you sighed loudly and continued. – “Why Cho touching your arms and giggling evey time when you’re near to her?”

He shrugged. “I don’t know, she’s… wait, are you jealous?” – Taking a step closer, a grin started to appear on the corner of his mouth.

“No, I’m not.” – you said, offended. – “Or maybe I am. But the girl is flirting with you!”

As he let out a laugh you shot an angry look at him, folding your arms across your chest, so he stopped. “Oh, come on. She probably knows I’m dating with you.”

“Yeah, and apperantly, she doesn’t care.” – you hissed, avoiding his gaze.

He took a deep breath and stepped forward, placing a hand on the small of your back. Staring his chest rather than his eyes, you were fiddling with the collar of his shirt as he started to speak in a low voice. “Listen, even is she does, I don’t care. Okay? I’m in love with you.” – As the words left his lips he fell silent instantly, and looking up at him, you saw as a light red colour flooded his cheeks. You knew why, saying this was truly hard for him, and this was definitely the first time he did.

“You’re right. I’m sorry, it was stupid.” – you muttered in a raspy voice, leaning closer and kissing him. – “I love you.” – you whispered against his skin, feeling he was smiling.

Arriving back to the common room, you spent there the rest of your night, even when it was completely empty – except the four of you. Ron and Hermione was sitting on one of the couches next to each other, while Harry on the ground with his back against the sofa, you between his legs, leaning back on his chest as his hands was gently wrapped around you.

“I still can’t believe that was your idea Hermione.” – you said as you were talking about the D.A., making her smile. – “I’m so proud of you.”

Her laugh was stopped by Ron’s sudden voice. “Sirius!”

“Yes, I think he’ll be proud too.” – you added, but looking up at Ron, he was staring in the other direction.

“No, I mean in the fire!”

Turning your heads, you saw your father’s head inside the fireplace; a little smirk on his face and an eyebrow cocked. “Having fun?”

Way too quickly, you crawled out from Harry’s embrace, kneeling down in front of the fire. “What – what are you doing here? Mom knows about this?” – you rattled of, only in the attempt to distract the attention from Harry and yourself.

“What kind of a question is this? Of course she doesn’t know.” – he said with ease. – “But I need to know more about your secret, illegal society.”

WHAT?” – you yelled together immediately before he told about Mundungus, who was also at the Hog’s Head all the time, having a perfect view of you and the whole D.A. He also told that Mrs. Weasley wasn’t happy about the idea at all.

“It applies to you too.” – he looked at you. – “Your mother said she don’t want to hear about that you’ll take part anything like this.”

“And what do you say?”

“I say she doesn’t have to hear about it.” – he said with a wink, making you grinning.

“So do you think that’s a good idea?” – Harry asked in surprise.

“Of course! Do you think James and me wouldn’t have done the same thing?”

You continued to talking about the Dumbledore’s Army for a little while, but you could tell there were some other things that he wanted to say; and when there was just a moment silence between you, he take the advantage and asked. “So, what is it about you two?”

Glancing at Harry, you saw he was too nervous to speak, but when you opened your mouth to answer, your father spoke again. “Dung saw you together in The Three Broomsticks too.”

Harry nervously run his fingers through his hair and stared at the floor, but now you felt yourself unconfortable too, thinking about your not exactly modest behaviour at the pub.

“Well, so, we’re… dating.” – you said.

“You don’t say.” – he answered sarcastically.

You rolled your eyes and laughed a bit. “Okay, sorry! I just didn’t write about it because I wanted to tell you in person.”

To your surprise, he wasn’t offended at all, but a kind smile appeared on his face. “I think…” – he started, but stopped suddenly, and in the next moment, he vanished.

“What…?” – you fell silence immediately as you saw a small, chubby hand with big, lousy rings on her fingers. All of you jumped up and runned up to your own dormitory. Being so shocked, you only talked just a few words about it with Hermione before both of you went to bed.

That was the first night in a long time when you couldn’t sleep again. All you could think if is how close was Umbridge hand and what if she saw him, even if it’d be still impossible to find him at the Grimmauld Place. You still tried to remain calm and not stressing over about it, but after a few days, you’ve got a message from a little first year. Unfolding the parchment, it said your Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher wants to see you in her office at four p.m.

“What have you done? I told you shouldn’t do anything!” – Harry said almost angrily while you were sitting at the Gryffindor table at the Great Hall in the morning.

“And I haven’t done anything!” – Staring at the parchment with the childish handwriting, the answer was suddenly too clear, but you remained in silent. Instead of you, Hermione said out loud. 

“She knows about Sirius. She probably saw him on the other night…”

The rest of your day passed anxiously, not looking forward for your chat with Umbridge. You weren’t afraid of her, but it wasn’t about you.

Knocking at her door just a minute before four, you heard the girlish voice right away, giving a permission to enter. After you stepped inside the office, you had to take a deep breath to prevent yourself from making faces. Everything was pink and lacy, and there was some strong parfume-like scent which you were sure it could make your head ache after ten minutes.

“Sit down.” – she said with a fake smile which was more like a grimace, her voice sweet. “Would you like some tea?”

Before you could say no, she already handed a cup to you, already filled with the drink. “Sugar? Milk?” – she asked with the same sugary tone.

“No, thank you.” – you said uncertainly, not taking your eyes off her. 

“Just drink.” - she insisted.

You just lifted the cup, but your right mind stopped you. It was too suspicious. The hot liquid touched your lips, and you acted like you drink some of it.

“Tell me, my dear, what do you know about Sirius Black’s whereabouts?”

The arty cup trembled in your hand, even though you expected this question. “Nothing.”

“Drink some tea… before it cools down too much.” – her smile was so forced you couldn’t decide it’s funny or frightening. You faked another sip. – “Where’s your father?”

“I don’t know. I’ve never met him.”

As the muscles in her face tightened, you could tell she started to lose her patience. “And what about your mother? Does she know anything about him?”

“Leave my mother out of it!” – you snapped; half of the tea spilled on the floor.

A vicious smile hovered on the corner of her mouth. “Tell me, Miss Black. Where is she now? As far as we know, your house in Hampshire stands empty.”

“I don’t think my mother’s personal life is your business.” – The words left your mouth before you could stop yourself, but you were so angry now, it was a miracle you didn’t shout. – “Professor.”

The little, evil smile disappeared from her face; her voice was nothing like a few minutes before. “Your mother worked amongst muggles for more than ten years – after your father’s betrayal and murder. Why is she returned to the wizarding world? Why now? And why the ministry?”

“She realized that job wasn’t for her. Maybe you should learn from her.” – you said offhandedly, causing her to losing her remained patience.

“ENOUGH!” – she shrieked, standing up, her face red with anger. – “Get out of my office!”

Even she couldn’t get any useful information, you felt yourself weak and scared, and in the moment when you arrived back in the common room, you fell into Harry’s arms, clutching your hands tightly around him and taking sharp breaths. He repeated your name several times before you pulled back, looking at his also frightened face before you lead him, Hermione, and Ron in a quiet corner. Then you told everything to them.

“I bet she put Veritaserum on your tea! But that’s illegal! Oh, Y/N, if you had drink it…” – Hermione said, but Ron cut her off.

“That bloody old hag! Harry, I’m sure she’ll speak to you too.”

“Ron’s right.” – Hermione said after she saw you confused faces. – “Fudge knows Sirius is Harry’s godfather, so probably Umbridge knows too.”

Letting out a deep sigh, you pressed your face against Harry chest who embraced you, trying to say calming words. “Everything will be fine.” – he murmured, but you could feel his fast heartbeat and rapid breathing, even when his voice was strong.

Hours later, when the common room was almost completely empty, and you were curled up on a couch, Harry spoke up after long minutes silent. “If you want to quit from the D.A., I’ll understand.”

“What do you mean?” – you asked in surprise.

“It’s not just about Sirius. Your mother work at the ministry, and Umbridge already suspicious about her.”

You shook your head. “No. That won’t solve anything. In fact, it’s just made me more tempted to do something against her.”

He pressed his face to you forehead. “I just worry about you.”

“Don’t. I can handle myself.”

He snorted. “Yeah, this is exactly why.” – You chuckled, lifting your head up and pressing a kiss on his jawline. He smiled before he pulled back, stroking your cheek with his thumb. – “Just be careful, please.”

“Okay.” – you said, trying to close that part of the conversation. – “Listen, I know Christmas is still almost a month away, but… I’d like if you’ll come and spend the break with us.” – His eyes sparkled with excitement. – “Of course, if you’d rather go to the Burrow than the darkest place in London, I wont blame you.”

“No. I want to go with you.” – This calmed you down a bit, enough for you to fell asleep peacefully; spending another night on the couch with Harry.

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Siths and their relationship with Drugs

Sidious’s Master: Drink this liquid, apprentice!

Sidious: AHHHH, it burns!


Sidious: Master, drink this… ummmm, sleepy tea.

Sidious’s Master: Oh thanks… zzzzzzzzzz


Sidious: Young Maul, snort the ashes of the mummified plastered corpses of our brethren fallen Sith.



Maul: Ezra, try inhaling this scarlet pyramid shape candy. Use it! Use it well!


Maul: Ezra, drink this suspicious liquid that definitely not the Nightsister’s secret stash of booze!


Nightsister Spirits: How dare you touch our secret stash! Give us your blood and flesh!

ok so imagine person a is walking home from a bar and they’re going through this really shady neighborhood and they see a shoe sticking out of an alley so them (being pretty tipsy or buzzed or whatever) is like “sweet free shoe” but then they go and discover that the shoe is actually attached to person b who’s passed out in the alley next to a suspicious puddle of red liquid and person a freaks out, thinking that they were mugged or smth, so they call 911 and get an ambulance out there and they go to the hospital and person a refuses to leave person b and the next morning they find out that b wasn’t mugged, they’d just gotten drunk, drank a gallon of kool-aid, thrown up, and then passed out

Circles [Jaebum]

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I decided to make another Jaebum story. A school drama fanfic of some sort. I do not know if i’ll make this a series, if I get enough positive feedback from it, I’ll think about it! ^_^

Circles [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]

Why are all the girls just staring at him? I sighed at the various groups of girls standing behind the classroom window just to be able to take a peep at Jaebum. I glanced at him and then at the girls and back at him. What was he all about?

“What? Am I too handsome for your eyes?” He teased me as I shoved him to retaliate from his words.

“No, I’m just trying to understand why those girls are freaking out over you. You literally… have nothing I could even point out,” I scoffed, “You should one day pick a lucky girl to sit by you, instead of me.”

“But you are my lucky girl,” He grinned widely and I could hear the faint screams from the windows.

“You are so cheesy,” I pretended to gag.

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SCM: Ichthys x Mc

Ya ya~ This is the fanfic for Ichthys. Same plot where mc gets turned into an animal. Teehee~ Can you guess which animal mc turns into this time? Let’s find out.

Ah and maybe i will write just one part for each god. 2 Part might be too long, Leon is an exception since i intended to write 2 parts for him.


“No stop Ikky !!”
“Ahaha! C’mon Teo~ It won’t hurt~”

Ichthys is chasing after Teo, his hand holds a small cup which contains a clear purple liquid. He’s trying for force Teo to ‘cooperate’ by making him drink it but Teo, of course, would never drink that suspicious liquid. Just when they reach the living room, Hiyori opens the door from inside. Seems like she is looking for Ichthys. At that exact moment, Teo hides behind Hiyori and because Ichthys is running at full speed, he crashes onto Hiyori. The liquid in his cup splashes everywhere, even on Hiyori’s face.

“Oh no! Wipe it off Hiyori~ Hurry!”
“Eh? O..ok!”

Hiyori pulls out her handkerchief trying to wipe it off as fast as she can. Seeing Ichthys panicking, Teo hurriedly wipe the liquid off Hiyori as well but it’s too late. Before they could touch Hiyori, smoke has surrounded her completely, then there’s a loud *poof* sound.

“No Hiyori~ It was supposed to be Teo!”
“What are you saying Ikky! This is your fault for trying to prank people.”

When the smoke vanishes, Hiyori is nowhere to be seen. Instead, they see a cute little penguin. It’s trying to stand up, then it goes straight to Ichthys and rubs its face against his legs. Seeing that, Teo approaches the penguin and trying to hugs it.

“Aww~ It’s so cute Ikky! How did you make it? I tried it before but all i could make is a cow. Geez~”

Teo pouts as Ichthys’ eyes are wide opened. He crouches down and whispers to Teo.

“Hey Teo, try calling her by Hiyori’s name.”
“Why me? You do it!”
“No you do it!”
“Geez~ What are you scared of? That reminds me, where’s Hiyori?”
“That’s why i’m telling you to try calling this penguin by her name, Teo!”

While they’re still arguing, Hue and Dui walk into the living room. Seeing Ichthys and Teo whispering to each other as if they’re plotting something, Hue speaks up.

“What are you hiding Ichthys, Teo?”
“Eeek! Hue! When did you come here?”
“*sigh* Anyways, where’s Hiyori? She was just here when i left.”

While Ichthys and Teo are stuttering over their words, the penguin goes up to Hue and rubs its face against him happily. At this moment, there’s no point in denying it any further. Ichthys heaves a sigh and says:

“There’s no doubt, it’s Hiyori.”
“What? THIS is Hiyori?”

Dui, who’s been keeping quiet, cries out.

“Yeah. I made a…um, some kinda meds. I was going to make Teo drink it when we ran into Hiyori and it splashed on her. Then this happened.”

Ichthys looks depressed and guilty as he sits down, his legs crossing and he pulls Hiyori into his arms, rubbing his cheeks against the solft penguin and hugging her tightly.

“I’m sorry Hiyori. That prank wasn’t for you. But…this Hiyori is cute too! You’re so soft that i just wanna hug you forever~”

Teo looks at Ichthys with sympathy. Just when he’s about to say something to comfort Ichthys, he suddenly jumps up, a big grin pasted on his face.

“I know! Let’s go swimming Hiyori! I heard penguin on earth swim very well~”
“I guess we don’t need to comfort him after all.”

Since then, wherever Ichthys goes, he always bring Hiyori with him. Not letting her leave him one step. Because even though he always smiles and looks like he’s fine with Hiyori being a penguin, he’s still worried about her a lot. Every night, he locks himself in his room to find a way to turn Hiyori back to normal form. While doing research, Hiyori just sleeps beside him obediently.
One day, when all the gods are chilling in the living room. Leon smirks.

“O-ho~ The goldfish evolved to a penguin? Amusing huh.”

while Scorpio complains.

“Hurry and turn her back to normal. Having a penguin here is annoying.”

Meanwhile, Teo is playing with Hiyori. Just then, they hears Teo yells painfully and Ichthys runs to them right away.

“Ow Hiyori! I was just kidding~”
“What did you do Teo?”
“Ikky~ I was just trying to kiss her but then she starts pecking me~ Oops…”

Ichthys then snatch Hiyori into his arms and gives Teo a serious look.

“Even if it’s you Teo, i won’t allow that. Hiyori is mine only~ no matter she’s a penguin or a human. There there Hiyori, you’re safe now. I shooed the pervert Teo away see?”
“Don’t make me sound like a real perver Ikky~”

Ichthys pats Hiyori repeatedly but gently and stroking her back up and down. Seeing them like that, Hue smiles and suggests.

“Why don’t you give her a kiss Ichthys?”
“That’s a nice idea. Ok c’mere Hiyori~ but don’t peck me ok?”

Then Ichthys holds Hiyori under her wings and lifts her up. His face gets closer and closer to Hiyori’s. *smooch* He kisses Hiyori and makes a loud sound on purpose. That’s when they hears a familiar *poof* sound. A second later, Ichthys is holding the human Hiyori in his arms instead of the penguin. Not knowing why Ichthys is holding her in front of everyone, Hiyori’s face turns red immediately and she flails.

“Eek! Puts me down Ichthys!”
“Not happening~ I finally have you back in my arms again~”
“What are you saying? I’ve always been here right?”

Then they hears Scorpio’s complain again.

“Get a room you two!”
“Geez, Scorpio. Didn’t you want her to turn back to normal earlier?”

As if being in his own little world, Ichthys keeps holding Hiyori, ignoring what everyone is saying and kisses Hiyori on the lips again.

“Ahaha~ I never known a kiss would turn you back to normal. If i did, i would do it from the beginning. But, on second thought, having a penguin by my side is not bad either huh?”

With that, everything is back to normal. The gods also decide to hide the truth from Hiyori, that she’s been a penguin for a couple days.


Aaaand that’s for Ikky~ Did you expect mc to turn into a penguin? Lol~
Hope you enjoyed it and i’m sorry if it’s too short or it’s not as you imagine. *sobs*

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Karasuno first years as Disney characters? thank you!

I had way too much fun with changing the stories of the Disney characters to fit their own LOL

KAGEYAMA would be Cinderella. He’s bullied relentlessly by his step brother, Oikawa Tooru, and is forced to clean up the gym after every practice. Despite not being able to practice with the others, he’s quite talented and skilled, much to Oikawa’s annoyance. He was visited by the fairy godmother of volleyball *cough*Suga*cough* when he felt like he was still lacking in many areas and was given tips on how to improve. He even got to meet his prince charming friend who helped his talents shine through.

HINATA would definitely be Peter Pan. He’s quirky and childlike with red hair to match. He lives on the island of Mikasa where he spends his time battling enemies in a game of volleyball with his pixie best friend, Kageyama, and the Lost Crows. He often finds himself dreaming of battling against Captain Japan and winning.

TSUKISHIMA would be Elsa, there’s no doubt about it. After witnessing what had happened to his older brother, he lives in fear and trauma that he may end up just like him if he tried his best in something and failed. Banning himself from his own kingdom, his best friend, Yamaguchi, seeks to help him melt the ice in his heart along with an owl and cat as his companions.

YAMAGUCHI would be Hercules. He was once known as the weakest player on the team and was bullied for his appearance as a kid. Though, he has a pure heart and strives to aim higher, working hard to attain that goal of being the greatest pinch server for the team. He even gets lessons from the satyr, Shimada Makoto, on how to do jump float serves. In the end, his hard work paid off and used his new found strength to defeat Aoba Johsai.

YACHI would be Alice from Alice in Wonderland. She’s a huge worrywart with a vast amount of imagination, and ends up thinking about the worse case scenarios in every situation she’s in. After following a crow, she finds herself falling down a rabbit hole, landing in Wonderland. She was a little wary at first, thinking she would die if she ate and drink the cookies and suspicious looking liquids. She even meets a few unique characters like the Chesire Cat Kuroo, the Queen of Hearts Oikawa, and the Mad Hatter Bokuto

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Heyyy can you maybe do a ff where you and calvin are at a house party and you get really drunk and a random creepy guy tries to touch you and weird stuff and Calvin protects you?? That would be awesome 🐍🐍🐍🐍

Thanks for the request! :p

You looped your arm through Calvin’s as he pulled you through the crowded house to the kitchen, where a circle of familiar people stood talking and laughing, red cups full of alcohol in their hands.

You smiled and greeted each other, happy to see your friends after what had felt like too long. You were immediately handed a red cup of your own and sipped happily away at it as you caught up with everyone, Calvin by your side.
The house was completely full of jostling, dancing people and the smell of alcohol permeated the stench of sweat; a disgusting mix that prompted you to crack the rear door of the house open, allowing fresh, crisp air to enter the kitchen where you stood.

After a while you forgot about the smell as Calvin handed you yet another cup full of liquid and you began to feel giggly.

Before long you were drunk. Very drunk. But you didn’t mind; you knew Calvin would take care of you.
You kept glancing up at his face, his features illuminated by the dim lights spread throughout the room.
You wondered why people didn’t just turn a damn light on, but it wasn’t your place to do so. Your thoughts were interrupted by Calvin’s furrowed brows and almost pissed off expression.

You brought your hand up to his cheek and his eyes locked onto yours, his expression softening all at once.
‘What’s up, baby?’ You asked, trying to make your voice heard over the music that vibrated the floor.
‘Nothing,’ he replied and you just looked at him, unblinking, not saying a word. After a moment he filled the gap in conversation by giving you the explanation you wanted, ‘that guy has been staring at you for the past fifteen minutes straight’. He nodded to the front of the kitchen and you turned and glanced at who he was talking about. The stranger’s eyes bored into yours immediately and an unsettling feeling manifested itself in your gut, making you gulp.
You made a dismissive noise and kissed Calvin’s lips before assuring him that the guy probably wasn’t looking at you and he should relax.
He just shrugged and wrapped an arm securely around your waist, trying to bring his attention back to the conversation that your friends were having; but that pissed off expression remained on his face.

You stayed close to his side as you continued to laugh with your friends and you felt the tension slowly leave his body as he began to relax too.

The night wore on and laughter echoed around the room as drink after drink was poured. You were having a great time, and you didn’t really want it to end.
Your friend had just got a new job and had moved up north. Although you missed her, she seemed really happy and you were excited for her. You were so glad to be able to catch up with her and you talked for a while before she grabbed your arm and asked if you would go to the bathroom with her.

You had been here for hours now but the crowd hadn’t thinned at all and you had to elbow your way through to get to the stairs.
As you made your way up to the bathroom on the second floor you tripped on the stairs and grasped the handrail desperately to keep you upright. It didn’t help that you were drunk, and the world spun for a worrying moment until you regained your composure and looked up, only to have lost sight of your friend completely.
‘Oh for fuck’s sake-’ you muttered as you deliberated just going back to the group, but you didn’t want to leave her alone.

You trudged up the last of the stairs, stepping over several unconscious bodies, avoiding suspicious puddles of liquid as you went.

You knocked on the door and heard your friend’s slurred voice call from inside. You let her know you’d wait for her outside and leaned against the wall, marvelling at the sheer amount of people on the landing, filtering in and out of rooms.

A few minutes had gone by and a dim spark of recognition flitted across your mind as your eyes landed on someone making their way up the stairs towards you.
You frowned, and it dawned on you.
The guy who Calvin had pointed out to you earlier.
That uneasy feeling cropped up again and you did your best to push it aside and ignore it as you knocked on the bathroom door again, harder this time.
‘Two minutes!’ Your friend yelled and you sighed.
Your heart began to thump in your chest as you heard someone getting closer and closer to you. You turned your head hesitantly and he was standing in front of you, his body worryingly close to yours.
His eyes were unfocused, his pupils like pinpricks despite the dim lighting and he reeked of alcohol; as if it was secreting from his pores as a substitute for perspiration.

His gaze was unwavering as his eyes looked into yours and he rested a hand on the wall behind you, blocking you in.

‘Never seen you before,’ he slurred, and you did your best not to wrinkle your nose in disgust at the close proximity of his body to yours.
His hand was suddenly on your waist and you pushed him away; firmly, but without violence, letting him know that you weren’t interested.

‘I have a boyfriend,’ you said, your strong tone not reflecting how shaken up you felt inside. Maybe it was the alcohol.
His eyes flashed with rage that passed in a second and he stepped towards you again, his tall frame looming over yours as his body pressed up against you. Your hands shoved his chest, trying to push him away but he was like a brick wall in front of you and you couldn’t move.
You involuntarily whimpered as claustrophobia set in and his stench enveloped your senses that had already been affected by the copious amounts of alcohol you had consumed.

Surely someone would notice, you thought. Surely someone would become aware of this creepy guy’s weird behaviour; but no one on the landing seemed to be able to take care of themselves, never mind give two shits about anyone else.

His hand was on your thigh and you audibly yelped and pushed at his chest again, adrenaline leading you strength.
You forced him to take a step back, allowing you a chance to escape but before you could a hand landed on the guy’s shoulder and he turned to Calvin, who had a face like thunder.

'What the fuck do you think you’re doing?’ He demanded, his tone almost silencing everyone on the crowded landing.
You were short of breath and you had never felt so relieved to see Calvin in your life, but you knew you’d have to intervene before the situation escalated.
His eyes were alive with pure hatred and his jaw was clenched - as were his fists. His whole demeanour was terrifying and you had never seen him like that before - even when you argued. He was absolutely furious.

Some of the fogginess in your mind caused by the alcohol had dissipated under the circumstances and adrenaline buzzed in your veins like the floor underfoot, which continued to vibrate from the music.
The rapid beat of the music seemed to match that of your racing heart and you tried to calm yourself down before you made everything worse.

You made your way around the creep and behind Calvin, calling his name to try and get his attention; but to no avail.
The creep was stammering unintelligible excuses - his words slurred into one garbled mess and you tried to ignore him completely and focus on Calvin.

You knew Cal wasn’t a violent person but you’d never seen him this angry and you didn’t know what he’d do - especially when he caught the creep’s eyes raking up and down your body even as Calvin stood in front of him.

Don’t fucking look at her like that!’ he yelled, and your mouth went dry.
'Cal, come on. It doesn’t matter, I’m fine. Please, let’s just go,’ you babbled on, standing between the two men now, wrapping your arms around his waist.
Your presence seemed to calm him somewhat and he let you unfurl his fist and intertwine your fingers with his and pull him down the stairs and out the front door.

The crisp night air hit you and you breathed in gratefully, trying to shake off the feeling of that guy’s body so close to yours.
Calvin unlocked the car and you climbed in the passenger seat to find him sitting completely still, breathing slowly in and out.
'You okay?’ You asked him, keeping your voice gentle.
He didn’t respond and instead started the car. The drive back to his was quiet, though the silence gave you a chance to think everything over.

When you got back to his, you both went straight to bed after quickly changing into something more comfortable.
In his bed you cuddled up to him, running your hand through his hair as his eyes fluttered closed.

'I’m sorry,’ he said suddenly, his voice gravelly, and you frowned.
'For what?’
'For not being there, and for getting so angry,’ he spoke slowly and his eyes remained closed.
'Not being there? Cal, you pulled him off me,’ you said and then immediately regretted mentioning it as his body tensed up slightly under you and his eyes opened to meet yours.
A moment passed before he spoke again.
'I didn’t mean to get so angry, I just-’
'It’s okay,’ you assured him, still confused as to why he was even apologising.

He leaned down slightly and kissed you, moving his lips against yours as his arms wrapped snugly around you.

You closed your eyes as his fingers traced patterns on your skin where your shirt had ridden up and he pressed a loving kiss to your forehead.
It never failed to amaze you how safe you felt lying in his arms - how oblivious you were to the rest of the world as his deep breaths lulled you to sleep.
He managed to soothe your mind and erase the feelings of dread and fear that had plagued you merely an hour ago all at once.
He’s nothing short of amazing, and he’s all yours.

I hope it was what you wanted! :p
Have a great day/night lovelies X
Luv you 💗

LSD makes satyr lord a dead boy

I was playing a campaign with my friend and I was an insane chaotic evil satyr king. We were in a dungeon and found a barrel full of a clear suspicious liquid. Our dwarf decided to to drink some and immediately started tripping balls, he eventually wandered away yelling about things that weren’t there. Recognizing the potential of this find my friend who was a bard scoops some up in some vials to use as weapons. Meanwhile my insane character decided it would be a good idea to completely submerge himself in the barrel, needless to say he immediately died and ended up being dragged around the dungeon by the party, all the while the bard was throwing vials of LSD at enemies. My character was revived eventually, but he had been horribly mutilated by the rest of the party because they got bored.

That is my story and the morale is don’t do drugs…if your half goat.

@fadetouchedcadash || Continued from here

“I’ve played once or twice before,” Leilani answered as she took a seat. She reached for a bottle across the table and poured herself a tankard of whatever that suspiciously colored liquid was. It mattered little. “Can’t miss the opportunity to see our Inquisitor get naked,” she added with a whimsical smile, leaning slightly towards the other.

okay but… fran, maya, kay, and ema traveling to investigate cases. 

flying together and kay freaking out because the yatagarasu is literally taking flight. maya fights for the window seat. franziska refusing to fly third class and sitting separately in first class because there are only three seats in the rows. ema getting searched by security because she has too many suspicious liquids for scientific investigation. turnabout airlines probably happens and they investigate a plane murder

but suppose they can’t find a flight in time or weather prevents it. they have to drive. roadtrips are wild because kay is such an aggressive driver. maya wants to stop at all the silly attractions. franziska always falls asleep in cars and maya thinks her snores are cute. ema has horrible road rage and yells the entire time whether she’s driving or not.

Hellion (1/?)

hazard/mafia!au. kai’s part. 1413 words.

Break the Bystander Effect.


You really never know what to expect on your walks home from work every night.

If you’re lucky, you find nothing, you see nobody you’d recognize, and it’s a peaceful relaxing walk home with no catcalls or questions of “how much do you charge?”. Downtown Seoul at night is not a safe place. Even if it’s gotten better with those damned Hellhounds being slightly controlled by the not-much-better-than-the-hounds Guardians, you still keep a bottle of mace in your hand at all times. (You’ve had to use it before.)

You could, in reality, take a longer way home where you wouldn’t have to walk through downtown, but you work the late shift at your restaurant so if you do take the long way, the sky turns from black to blue before you’re three blocks near home.

So, you take the short way.

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(So my buddies and I were playing a “for the lulz” campaign and all the player characters ended up a bar fight. My naked Half-Orc Barbarian had just beat the crap out of someone and was standing on the bar top chanting and peeing in drinks.)


Ben: Can I charge him and punch him in the face?

DM: I don’t see why not. Roll for it.

Ben: *Rolls a 2*

DM: You trip on some suspicious liquid and going flying towards Grog.

Me: Can I counterattack? 

DM: Sure, what do you want to do?


Ben: No! Screw that.

DM: *Groans* Roll for it.

Me: *Rolls a Nat 20* 

DM: Well. You smack him across the face with your gigantic Orc dong and it drops him, knocking him unconscious.

Ben: I hate you so much right now.

Me: Okay, I’m gonna take a swig of some ale and chant some more.

DM: Roll to see if you can drink.

Me: Uuhhhh….okay. *Rolls a 2*

DM: You grab a mug filled with your urine and take a big gulp. Nice job.

Me: Grog had worse.
The Best Smell in the World is That Man That You Love
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by larrycaring

“Amortentia is the most powerful love potion in existence. It has a different aroma for everyone who smells it, reminding each person of the things that they find most attractive, even if the person doesn’t acknowledge or is unaware of their fondness for the object of their affection themselves.”


Louis looks down at his own container inspecting it suspiciously, as if the liquid could turn into a creature and absorb him. He bends his head down a bit, and Louis’ nostrils are filled with the most comforting scents he has ever inhaled. Somehow, it reminds him of home, something rich and warm, something he strangely feels familiar with, but he can’t quite place it. He also has the feeling he smells burnished copper.

He inhales more deeply and then he can smell apple and cinnamon, and he really does not understand. He moves back and frowns. If it was up to Louis, he would not mind inhaling the odour forever.

Ao3, One-Shot

Destiel au. Dean wakes up in the middle of the night when Sam’s dog is barking like crazy on Dean’s backyard. Dean gets up to see what the usually quiet dog is making a fuss about when he finds a complete stranger from his yard, trying to play with the dog. 2k

Cas woke up with a headache that felt like a million tiny needles poking his brain. The room was too bright and with a groan he threw his arm over his face to shield his eyes from the light.

“Morning sunshine.” An amused voice came from somewhere near. A male voice. A voice Cas didn’t recognize. Cas opened his eyes and quickly sat up, too quickly it seemed as he felt another flash of pain run through his head. Rubbing his temple roughly Cas closed his eyes and then opened them again. He looked around in the unfamiliar living room until his eyes landed on him.

There was a tall, handsome guy standing in the kitchen, dicing something as he grinned to Castiel.

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Toil and Trouble

Day 8: Cauldron



“Should the cauldron be… floating… like that?”


*NOTE*  This is kind of a continuation of the Kiki’s Delivery service one, but it can be read alone as well. 

Mark stayed in his human form almost all the time, he hardly ever curled back into a cat, but when he did, his favorite activity was to hop up onto a tall shelf in Jack’s potion shop and watch him work.  

He wiggled his into his normal spot between the suspiciously bright blue liquid that Jack kept in a pokeball shaped container and the little green tank that housed what seemed to be a sentient eyeball by the name of Sam.  

As a way of greeting, Mark placed his cold nose to the glass of Sam’s tank and the little eyeball pressed his tail to the place where Mark’s nose was.  

He was a friendly little guy and Jack had taken a liking to him, opting to keep him as a form of mascot and friend.

At the sound of something sizzling, Mark turned to look down at his boyfriend who stood in the middle of the room in front of a huge bubbling cauldron.

Mark’s mother had given him some sort of potion recipe to give to his witch when he was only a kitten and he had given it to Jack months ago.  He hadn’t started on it immediately as, apparently, it took quite some time to gather the odd and rare ingredients, but he stood glaring at the mixture with irritation and tried his hardest to create whatever the mixture was.

Mark had never bothered to learn any ancient languages, so he couldn’t read the old, tattered scroll that had been passed down for generations, but he remembered the excited squeak and enthusiastic kiss that Jack had given him when he finally presented him with the gift.  

He couldn’t be surer of his witch’s abilities and he somehow instinctively knew the time was right to give him the recipe.

Jack stood with both hands on the handle of the large ladle that stuck out of the mixture, slowly mixing the slush and muttering something – probably an enchantment of some kind – under his breath.

Mark thought he looked adorable and he kind of wanted to jump down and join him, but he knew Jack would get furious with him if he dared to interfere with what he was doing.  

Hi tilted his head to the side and propped himself up on Sam’s tank, opting to just watch.

Jack was so very adorable. He had on a pastel blue oversized sweater that was honestly too old and tattered to wear in public anymore, comfy gray leggings, and a black beanie.  Seeing Jack in full slouch mode while he worked caused an unexplainable warmth to blossom in Mark’s chest, it wasn’t something that just anyone got to see.  

He heard a loud popping sound and suddenly Jack tumbled backwards away from the concoction he had been working on.

He cursed loudly as he landed on his ass and glared at the cauldron as it began to… levitate?

They were both silent for a few moments and even Sam froze in place as they all watched, awaiting the explosion or whatever the hell happened to come from Jack’s experiment.

Mark wanted to say that explosions didn’t happen very often, but he couldn’t bring himself to lie.

The silence stretched for too long before Jack spoke up, “Mark?”


“Should the cauldron be… floating… like that?”


“Fuck.” Jack cursed, throwing his body back to lie flat on the ground, “I knew the phoenix feather was a bad idea.  I knew it.” He sighed heavily, “Back to the drawing board, huh?”

He pulled himself up off the ground with a grunt and with a heavy sigh began to pull together a spare cauldron and more ingredients, leaving the other mixture to bounce against the ceiling.  Mark couldn’t help but admire his determination.

He stretched his paws out in front of him and cracked his back before curling into himself tighter and propping himself against Sam once again.  He watched Jack for a while, but before long began to drift away in the comfortable atmosphere.  

He had faith in his witch, he would be fine without Mark’s watchful eye on him for a while.