suspicious liquid

ok so imagine person a is walking home from a bar and they’re going through this really shady neighborhood and they see a shoe sticking out of an alley so them (being pretty tipsy or buzzed or whatever) is like “sweet free shoe” but then they go and discover that the shoe is actually attached to person b who’s passed out in the alley next to a suspicious puddle of red liquid and person a freaks out, thinking that they were mugged or smth, so they call 911 and get an ambulance out there and they go to the hospital and person a refuses to leave person b and the next morning they find out that b wasn’t mugged, they’d just gotten drunk, drank a gallon of kool-aid, thrown up, and then passed out

LSD makes satyr lord a dead boy

I was playing a campaign with my friend and I was an insane chaotic evil satyr king. We were in a dungeon and found a barrel full of a clear suspicious liquid. Our dwarf decided to to drink some and immediately started tripping balls, he eventually wandered away yelling about things that weren’t there. Recognizing the potential of this find my friend who was a bard scoops some up in some vials to use as weapons. Meanwhile my insane character decided it would be a good idea to completely submerge himself in the barrel, needless to say he immediately died and ended up being dragged around the dungeon by the party, all the while the bard was throwing vials of LSD at enemies. My character was revived eventually, but he had been horribly mutilated by the rest of the party because they got bored.

That is my story and the morale is don’t do drugs…if your half goat.

SCM: Ichthys x Mc

Ya ya~ This is the fanfic for Ichthys. Same plot where mc gets turned into an animal. Teehee~ Can you guess which animal mc turns into this time? Let’s find out.

Ah and maybe i will write just one part for each god. 2 Part might be too long, Leon is an exception since i intended to write 2 parts for him.


“No stop Ikky !!”
“Ahaha! C’mon Teo~ It won’t hurt~”

Ichthys is chasing after Teo, his hand holds a small cup which contains a clear purple liquid. He’s trying for force Teo to ‘cooperate’ by making him drink it but Teo, of course, would never drink that suspicious liquid. Just when they reach the living room, Hiyori opens the door from inside. Seems like she is looking for Ichthys. At that exact moment, Teo hides behind Hiyori and because Ichthys is running at full speed, he crashes onto Hiyori. The liquid in his cup splashes everywhere, even on Hiyori’s face.

“Oh no! Wipe it off Hiyori~ Hurry!”
“Eh? O..ok!”

Hiyori pulls out her handkerchief trying to wipe it off as fast as she can. Seeing Ichthys panicking, Teo hurriedly wipe the liquid off Hiyori as well but it’s too late. Before they could touch Hiyori, smoke has surrounded her completely, then there’s a loud *poof* sound.

“No Hiyori~ It was supposed to be Teo!”
“What are you saying Ikky! This is your fault for trying to prank people.”

When the smoke vanishes, Hiyori is nowhere to be seen. Instead, they see a cute little penguin. It’s trying to stand up, then it goes straight to Ichthys and rubs its face against his legs. Seeing that, Teo approaches the penguin and trying to hugs it.

“Aww~ It’s so cute Ikky! How did you make it? I tried it before but all i could make is a cow. Geez~”

Teo pouts as Ichthys’ eyes are wide opened. He crouches down and whispers to Teo.

“Hey Teo, try calling her by Hiyori’s name.”
“Why me? You do it!”
“No you do it!”
“Geez~ What are you scared of? That reminds me, where’s Hiyori?”
“That’s why i’m telling you to try calling this penguin by her name, Teo!”

While they’re still arguing, Hue and Dui walk into the living room. Seeing Ichthys and Teo whispering to each other as if they’re plotting something, Hue speaks up.

“What are you hiding Ichthys, Teo?”
“Eeek! Hue! When did you come here?”
“*sigh* Anyways, where’s Hiyori? She was just here when i left.”

While Ichthys and Teo are stuttering over their words, the penguin goes up to Hue and rubs its face against him happily. At this moment, there’s no point in denying it any further. Ichthys heaves a sigh and says:

“There’s no doubt, it’s Hiyori.”
“What? THIS is Hiyori?”

Dui, who’s been keeping quiet, cries out.

“Yeah. I made a…um, some kinda meds. I was going to make Teo drink it when we ran into Hiyori and it splashed on her. Then this happened.”

Ichthys looks depressed and guilty as he sits down, his legs crossing and he pulls Hiyori into his arms, rubbing his cheeks against the solft penguin and hugging her tightly.

“I’m sorry Hiyori. That prank wasn’t for you. But…this Hiyori is cute too! You’re so soft that i just wanna hug you forever~”

Teo looks at Ichthys with sympathy. Just when he’s about to say something to comfort Ichthys, he suddenly jumps up, a big grin pasted on his face.

“I know! Let’s go swimming Hiyori! I heard penguin on earth swim very well~”
“I guess we don’t need to comfort him after all.”

Since then, wherever Ichthys goes, he always bring Hiyori with him. Not letting her leave him one step. Because even though he always smiles and looks like he’s fine with Hiyori being a penguin, he’s still worried about her a lot. Every night, he locks himself in his room to find a way to turn Hiyori back to normal form. While doing research, Hiyori just sleeps beside him obediently.
One day, when all the gods are chilling in the living room. Leon smirks.

“O-ho~ The goldfish evolved to a penguin? Amusing huh.”

while Scorpio complains.

“Hurry and turn her back to normal. Having a penguin here is annoying.”

Meanwhile, Teo is playing with Hiyori. Just then, they hears Teo yells painfully and Ichthys runs to them right away.

“Ow Hiyori! I was just kidding~”
“What did you do Teo?”
“Ikky~ I was just trying to kiss her but then she starts pecking me~ Oops…”

Ichthys then snatch Hiyori into his arms and gives Teo a serious look.

“Even if it’s you Teo, i won’t allow that. Hiyori is mine only~ no matter she’s a penguin or a human. There there Hiyori, you’re safe now. I shooed the pervert Teo away see?”
“Don’t make me sound like a real perver Ikky~”

Ichthys pats Hiyori repeatedly but gently and stroking her back up and down. Seeing them like that, Hue smiles and suggests.

“Why don’t you give her a kiss Ichthys?”
“That’s a nice idea. Ok c’mere Hiyori~ but don’t peck me ok?”

Then Ichthys holds Hiyori under her wings and lifts her up. His face gets closer and closer to Hiyori’s. *smooch* He kisses Hiyori and makes a loud sound on purpose. That’s when they hears a familiar *poof* sound. A second later, Ichthys is holding the human Hiyori in his arms instead of the penguin. Not knowing why Ichthys is holding her in front of everyone, Hiyori’s face turns red immediately and she flails.

“Eek! Puts me down Ichthys!”
“Not happening~ I finally have you back in my arms again~”
“What are you saying? I’ve always been here right?”

Then they hears Scorpio’s complain again.

“Get a room you two!”
“Geez, Scorpio. Didn’t you want her to turn back to normal earlier?”

As if being in his own little world, Ichthys keeps holding Hiyori, ignoring what everyone is saying and kisses Hiyori on the lips again.

“Ahaha~ I never known a kiss would turn you back to normal. If i did, i would do it from the beginning. But, on second thought, having a penguin by my side is not bad either huh?”

With that, everything is back to normal. The gods also decide to hide the truth from Hiyori, that she’s been a penguin for a couple days.


Aaaand that’s for Ikky~ Did you expect mc to turn into a penguin? Lol~
Hope you enjoyed it and i’m sorry if it’s too short or it’s not as you imagine. *sobs*
The Best Smell in the World is That Man That You Love
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by larrycaring

“Amortentia is the most powerful love potion in existence. It has a different aroma for everyone who smells it, reminding each person of the things that they find most attractive, even if the person doesn’t acknowledge or is unaware of their fondness for the object of their affection themselves.”


Louis looks down at his own container inspecting it suspiciously, as if the liquid could turn into a creature and absorb him. He bends his head down a bit, and Louis’ nostrils are filled with the most comforting scents he has ever inhaled. Somehow, it reminds him of home, something rich and warm, something he strangely feels familiar with, but he can’t quite place it. He also has the feeling he smells burnished copper.

He inhales more deeply and then he can smell apple and cinnamon, and he really does not understand. He moves back and frowns. If it was up to Louis, he would not mind inhaling the odour forever.

Ao3, One-Shot

okay but… fran, maya, kay, and ema traveling to investigate cases. 

flying together and kay freaking out because the yatagarasu is literally taking flight. maya fights for the window seat. franziska refusing to fly third class and sitting separately in first class because there are only three seats in the rows. ema getting searched by security because she has too many suspicious liquids for scientific investigation. turnabout airlines probably happens and they investigate a plane murder

but suppose they can’t find a flight in time or weather prevents it. they have to drive. roadtrips are wild because kay is such an aggressive driver. maya wants to stop at all the silly attractions. franziska always falls asleep in cars and maya thinks her snores are cute. ema has horrible road rage and yells the entire time whether she’s driving or not.