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That’s Not Me

Castiel x Reader - High school AU

A/N: The day has come! It’s this special Angel’s birthday! In celebration, here is a crappy and rushed series. I cracked the very last chapter out within like three hours, please forgive me for spelling errors or the poor quality ending.

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Summary: After stumbling upon a piece of graffiti in a closed down video store, you gain interest in who might have made something so gorgeous in such a small town and try to put everything together to figure it out.

Warnings: brief mention of sex

Word count: 3596

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It wasn’t exactly unusual to see graffiti all over the blank white walls of buildings or hidden away in the dark alleyways between houses, but it was always the same; either a racist blood red swastika or people’s tags that were sloppily painted. Unlike your father, who was a police officer, you really enjoyed the look of graffiti – if it’s actually art – and you’ve always wished you had some form of artistic talent to be able to create something so beautiful that doesn’t require words.

A recently closed down video store was to the right of you, squished in between a technology store and a music store, its windows smashed and its glass door cracked at the hinges. A hissing came from inside of the building, your eyebrows shot up in surprise as you peeked inside slowly, your head turning from left to right. It was completely dark inside, apart from the centre of the room that was illuminated by the two small windows at the back of the store.

Looking back and forth down the empty street, you climbed in through the shattered windows and carefully stepped closer until you were able to see somebody standing at the side wall that had been covered by a large shelf. The light was shining on the wall, revealing a gorgeous cluster of different hues that formed a soaring eagle, behind it were large black and white mountains that looked oddly familiar.

The man, or woman, stood in front of the wall, their hand going back and forth with a spray can as they coloured in a small section of the mountain they had earlier painted. Whoever it was, they hadn’t known you had entered the building yet, they must’ve been really into their work. It was so much more beautiful than those horrific tags on the building beside it, and you couldn’t help but stare at it in amazement.

Without thinking, you took another step closer to the wall, but only happened to step on a couple of scattered glass that must’ve been from the window. The artist turned around rapidly, but you weren’t able to see their face as a hood covered their head. “I didn’t mean to scare you,” you said, your eyes flickering back to the wall behind him, “I just wanted to see it. I-it’s really gorgeous.”


Judging by the voice, it sounded like it was a guy; a young one at that. Although, his voice was muffled by mask over his mouth and nose that was barely noticeable.

Believing that he knows you weren’t going to call the police, you took another step closer, only for him to grab his stranded backpack and run out of the back exit door. It didn’t surprise you that he ran, you probably would’ve done the same thing.

You took a couple more steps towards the wall until you had to lift your head to see the top of the mountain, which had a miniature flag with a bumblebee on it. The eagle was painted in a mix of blues, purples, pinks and yellows, and was almost as large as the wall itself. The corners of your mouth curled into a small smile, finally knowing that somebody around here might be able to change people’s opinions of graffiti. This is art, not vandalism.

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