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Newlyweds by @alayneni - Married Olicity buys a summer home in Ivy Town. Their neighbors are way weirder than they expected.

The White Queen by @felicityollies - Adrian Chase wants to break Oliver Queen. He thinks Felicity can help with that.

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When a King is Really a Queen by @hope-for-olicity - Oliver Queen writes romantic suspense novels under the pseudonym Olivia King. Felicity Smoak is not pleased when she finds out who her favorite author really is.

Red Red Wine by @lynslogic - Donna Smoak meets Oliver Queen - winery owner - at Starbucks. She decides to show him Felicity’s picture and give him her number.

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Pressing Your Luck by @joyfilled_noise - Felicity gets caught counting cards in a mob casino, but thankfully it’s owned by the one Bratva member who won’t cut off her fingers.

take my hand (take my lead) by @bokayjunkie - Oliver gets “kidnapped” by the kindest, sweetest kidnapper ever. And it’s not technically even a kidnapping. Felicity just needs his help catching Tobias Church and exposing the CEO of AmerTek.

Moving In and Moving On by @hoffkk - Felicity’s getting evicted, and needs a place to stay. Thea just happens to have another spare bedroom. Oliver’s also living with her, but that won’t be a problem, right? Right?

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Wardrobe Changes by @layalee - Five times Felicity wore other men’s clothes. And one time she wore Oliver’s.

Tommmmyy!-verse by @greyhorizon - Tommy lives. What follows is four element-themed fics about Thea and Tommy working with each other to bring Olicity together as the power couple everyone knows they’re meant to be.

Bottom of the Ninth by @dettiot - A series of unrelated baseball Olicity prompts in honor of Opening Day! Super cute, sporty, and adorable.

The Magician’s Final Disappearing Act by @realityisoverrated-fic - Part 100 of the Infinite Love series. Malcolm crosses a line. It’ll be his last mistake. Aka: I always love a fic where Malcolm dies/is murdered. Life made.

Till the neighbors know our names by @nightkeepyr - SPICY AS H*CK. Continuing the smoaking billionaires trend with this fic. Felicity hella attracted to her roommate, Tommy. And his boyfriend, Oliver. What could go wrong?

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Platonic Best Friends Do Exist (You’re Just Not Them) by @somewhereelse - Felicity and Oliver are roommates and best friends. Just friend. Right?

In Another Life (I could be your man) by @angelicmisskitty - Oliver’s homeless due to mysterious circumstances, and one day he saved Felicity Smoak from falling in the subway. What follows is a relationship that will change both their lives.

About Last Night by @wrldtravler - CEO Felicity Smoak hires Oliver Queen as a personal assistant so he can learn more about the corporate world before he starts working at QC. Months of blistering UST come to a head one night.

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Gather Your Darkness by ME - Who wrote an angsty post-5x17 fic? That’s right, me! You’ve got broken Oliver, angry Felicity, and awesome Digg. I’m really proud of this one, guys!

Dr. Merlyn, MD by me, also - Did I write a Dr. Merlyn chapter of post 5x17? You know it. My kink is accurate medical descriptions, situations, and procedures. You’re welcome.


Tumblr should be all over Locke and Key. Why isn’t it? It’s an awesome graphic novel series about magical keys that, when put in the right lock, can do anything. But the story isn’t any regular fairy tale. There’s some dark stuff and plenty of blood and death. But the keys make an excellent spotlight.

There’s a key that turns you into a ghost

A key that turns you into a giant

A key that changes your biological sex

A key that allows you to insert things directly into your brain

As well as allows you to remove things from it

A key that allows you to travel through time

And even a key that changes your race

But that’s not all. There’s some really good content in this as well. There’s dealing with guilt

And there’s dealing with addiction

Dealing with grief

And what it would be like as an oppressed group

Not to mention there’s a unconventional gay couple

But that’s not all. The author is Joe Hill, acclaimed horror novelist, who just happens to be the son of Stephen King. And with that said, there’s a lot of nightmare fuel

All of this is brought to life by the magnificent artist Gabriel Rodriguez who can make amazing spooky images

as well as amazing action scenes

and even a wonderful tribute to Bill Watterson

So check this series out! All 6 books are out, and although they’re kinda expensive, it’s well worth it and is one of the best graphic novels you’ll read. It’s published by IDW, so check out your closest comic book store and ask for book 1 to get on your way! (And although I fully recommend supporting your local comic book store, if you need to, there should be a few ways to download/read it online. Seriously just check it out)

When a King is Really a Queen 4/4

Oliver Queen writes romantic suspense novels under the name Olivia King on his way to reveal his true identity he meets one of Olivia King’s biggest fans, Felicity Smoak, and she is not very happy.

This is based on the Hallmark Movie “A Novel Romance.”  I’m writing as a bit of a love letter to all the amazing romance writers that bring me happy. I so hope you enjoy!

Thanks so much to everyone who took the time to read this story! I greatly appreciate. I hope you all enjoy the conclusion! Also available on AO3.

Thanks especially to @almondblossomme for proofing, supporting and suggesting!

                                                      Chapter 4

Felicity woke up the next morning to her phone buzzing. She grabbed it and groaned “I’m not ready to talk yet Oliver.”

“Oliver? Who’s Oliver? This sounds very promising!” Donna could barely keep the excitement out of her voice.

“Mom! Sorry…I was….dreaming. What time is it?” Felicity turned to look at her alarm clock and jumped. “Oh my God Mom! I’m totally late! I forgot to set my alarm.”

“Well, it’s a good thing I called then.”

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Aries: Is like a first kiss, an explosion of fireworks and excitement.

Taurus: Is like the feeling of bare feet touching cold ground, solid and calming.

Gemini: Is like reading the last page of the novel, suspenseful and memorable.

Is like the smell of freshly printed paper, comforting and homey.

Leo: Is like putting on pajamas at the end of a day, blissful and warm.

Virgo: Is like hugging an old friend, familiar and incredibly relieving.

Libra: Is like riding in a car with all the windows down, thrilling and easy feeling.

Scorpio: Is like a starlit sky, easy to get lost in and safe.

Sagittarius: Is like taking the first bite of homemade pie, heart warming and happy filling.

Capricorn: Is like taking an ice cold shower, motivating and electrifying.

Aquarius: Is like dying your hair for the first time, new and out of your comfort zone.

Pisces: Is like dipping your toes into the ocean, refreshing and bright.

BSD Novel: Dazai Osamu and the Dark Era (Chapter 1, 7/9)

If you haven’t thanked @nakaharachuyaa for proofreading please do! We are literally tumbling into an abyss of hell. Scan by @akutagawaprize (all scans here)

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I'm loving this title/fic summary roll you're on and so here I am, back and begging for more, more, more. I've been reading a lot of romantic suspense novels lately so maybe something in that vein involving military/government agents? i aM rEaDy tO suFfeR.

only if u let me suffer with you ;)

but in all chaos, there is calculation: Jon Snow was on the verge of retiring from being a Westeros Marshal especially after losing his partner Ygritte to the job, but a phone call changed everything. Ned Stark very rarely used his position to call in favors, but with Sansa fresh out of training with her first assignment Ned wants familiar eyes on her back. Sansa is unhappy with the favor her father pulled and tries to make Jon’s life harder than it needs to be. A stray bullet and much more complicated case changes everything in their dynamic.

send me your archive of your own name & I’ll make you a title + summary for a jonsa fic

Review: Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel


One snowy night a famous Hollywood actor slumps over and dies onstage during a production of King Lear. Hours later, the world as we know it begins to dissolve. Moving back and forth in time—from the actor’s early days as a film star to fifteen years in the future, when a theater troupe known as The Travelling Symphony roams the wasteland of what remains—this suspenseful, elegiac, spellbinding novel charts the strange twists of fate that connect five people: the actor, the man who tried to save him, the actor’s first wife, his oldest friend, and a young actress with the Traveling Symphony, caught in the crosshairs of a dangerous self-proclaimed prophet. Sometimes terrifying, sometimes tender, Station Eleven tells a story about the relationships that sustain us, the ephemeral nature of fame, and the beauty of the world as we know it.

Goodreads rating: 4.01 out of 5 stars | My rating: 4 out of 5 stars

I want to say that this book wasn’t what I expected, but really I had NO idea what to expect! I saw it while shelving books at the library once but the cover didn’t grab me, but then a post on here said “post apocalyptic Shakespeare troupe” and I was sold. 

The writing is absolutely gorgeous, first of all - quiet, atmospheric, darkly funny, and perhaps more “literary”, whatever that means, than you would generally find shelved in the sci-fi section. Every character feels like a complete person, even those who we don’t get to know as well (there were a lot of characters I wanted to learn more about.) My favorite thing in post-apocalypse stories is just understanding how people cope and how society changes, and Station Eleven delivered in that regard. We get to see how people react as the world falls apart and how children who never got to see the world before are different from those who remember electricity and the internet. 

Less interesting for me were the many chapters about Arthur Leander, the famous actor who dies in the first scene. He wasn’t really likable for me (though a lot of the other characters from before the apocalypse are pretty interesting - way more interesting than Arthur himself. Most of the time I just wanted to get back to the Travelling Symphony and see more of that world. However, these parts are absolutely necessary to the rest of the book and by the end I was glad to have them even if the characters weren’t as interesting to me. I guess I wish there was more balance to it - I wanted so much more of the Travelling Symphony that I got.

I’m not sure this book is for everyone, but I REALLY recommend it. Everything comes together so neatly in the end, and I think it’s one of my favorites that I’ve read this year.

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