“In an update to the Titus O’Neil suspension story, Pro Wrestling Sheet reports that Titus O’Neil explained to WWE management that the reason he grabbed Vince McMahon on RAW after Daniel Bryan’s retirement speech was a gesture to indicate “ladies first” so Stephanie McMahon could exit the stage first instead of Vince. O’Neil did it in a playful manner, and it was not intended to upset Vince, which it did, and he shoved O’Neil.— “Possible reason Titus O’Neil grabbed Vince McMahon on RAW“


This Day in Trek

Star Trek: Voyager

Hunters Season Four, Episode Fifteen (X)

Original Air Date: February 11, 1998

It’s over, B'Elanna. There are no more Maquis.

You want some coffee?
Cream and sugar, huh?
Two sugars.
Oh, two sugars!?

Coffee – the finest organic suspension ever devised.