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kuroken; don’t call kenma lazy in front of kuroo. just—don’t.

for @dgalerab - idk if someone beat me to it but i too, like kuroo, would defend kenma to the depths of hell and beyond,,

They’re eating lunch when it happens. It’s just the two of them today, Kuroo nabbing a random vacant chair to join Kenma at his desk because the second year doesn’t feel like moving. Or talking. Or really anything, but that’s a whole other can of worms.

Kuroo talks for the both of them, one of his notebooks open next to his bento as he drops broccoli into Kenma’s box when he thinks the other boy isn’t looking. Kenma has his phone out, but he’s barely scrolling through it. Instead, he’s steadily picking through his lunch, silently taking in Kuroo’s babbling about some sort of revelation in the chemistry world. He hums every now and then to let Kuroo know he’s listening. It’s almost peaceful, as familiar this scene was.

Then, of course, one of Kenma’s classmates, a tall kid with glasses whose name Kenma can never bother to remember, has to go and make a snide remark about him, just loud enough for most everyone in the classroom can hear. 

“There’s no way he made the starting line up without kissing ass. I mean, if Kozume’s lazy ass can be a starter, then what does that say about our volleyball team, right?”

Kuroo falls silent immediately, fingers clenching his chopsticks so hard Kenma’s afraid they’ll break. He wants to say something, or run away, or tell Kuroo to ignore them, but he can’t. He just hunches further into his sweater.

“Excuse me,” Kuroo says, turning in his chair. His tone is light, almost conversational, but his eyes are the sharp kind of dangerous when he plays against opponents that don’t play nice. “What the fuck did you just say?”

The kid sniffs, and Kenma isn’t sure if he should be in awe of his classmate for being so undaunted when there’s a large scary third year glaring him down. “I said, i don’t understand how Kozume is on the team. He doesn’t talk, he’s creepy, and he’s lazy—”

“Kuro,” Kenma says quietly, but his friend doesn’t hear him. Kenma can only watch on nervously, fingers twitching around his phone. The whole classroom is watching the exchange with varying degrees of alarm.

Kuroo finally stands, stretching to his full height. He easily looms over the other kid. “Have you ever gone to a game of ours?” he says, staring the kid down. “Do you even know what volleyball is? How it’s a team sport? How each member carries their own weight, how each team relies on its setter? Have you ever seen Kenma play? Do you know that he’s our setter, the setter who is currently carrying us to nationals? Do you know how much time he puts into studying other teams’ plays, how long he stays for extra practice with all of us, individually? Do you?”

The other kid has the sense of gulp. He pushes on his glasses, glancing away from Kuroo, but not even his friends are willing to help him out of that. Kenma understands. Kuroo is real scary when he needs to be.

“If you want to talk shit about Nekoma Volleyball Club, fine,” Kuroo says, tilting his head so his too-long bangs throw shadows over his narrow eyes. “But let’s see you come to an actual game first, huh? There’s a practice match this Saturday. I invite you.” 

Kenma watches sweat gather on the poor kid’s forehead. But Kuroo isn’t done.

“And if you ever dare call Kenma lazy again,” says Kuroo, leaning forwards until the kid has to tilt his head back to maintain eye contact. “We’ll be having another nice chat. Understood?”

The kid swallows audibly. He manages a strangled Y-yes, and then Kuroo is settling back next to Kenma, picking up his chopsticks and continuing his spiel about some unique chemical bond only found in space as if nothing happened. The noise level in the classroom picks up again, and Kenma puts down his phone.

He doesn’t say anything, but when he knocks his knee against Kuroo’s and feels the other boy press back gently, he knows he doesn’t need to.

  • My friend: So you have a thing for guys rolling up their sleeves, gloves, and suspenders?
  • Me: (thinking about Ignis) yeah

ok it took me like ten miutes to figure out what was bothering me about this and it’s that we’re only seeing half of a girl here

WHERE’S HER OTHER ARM AND FOOT/ THE STRINGS THAT SHOULD BE HOLDING THEM? i get simplification of silhouette they were going for, I do, but like……. it looks like this poor girl only possesses the left side of a body…..

(I also feel like there’s something weird about the slope of her leg but i can’t say definitively >:T )


Rafael Barba being unfairly seductive in every episode

  Beautiful Frame (S14E11)

sleep who?????? i only know staying up til 2:21 am drawing klance

A rustic party in the woods….

Alright so in my high school, some of the kids would be so weird and have like a ‘’‘Rustic’’’ party in the woods with like the floating lightbulbs on the trees, the classis red solo cups, with barrels and metal wash basins full of drinks and ice like… Okay well anyway-

I had imagined that Gregg, Casey and Mae were invited to a party like that back in high school (probably invited by Cole) and Gregg just happened to see Angus there. He goes up to him like a smooth criminal, and he stole that nerd’s heart.


170720 TOP at the Court Hearing

*BIGBANG T.O.P: “I’m currently self-reflecting. I deeply regret my mistakes. I have nothing to say to everyone except that I’m very sorry”

*Official Sentence: T.O.P 10 months in prison on probation, suspended 24 months. T.O.P apologized again saying he is sincerely reflecting.

*The court hence kept the sentence demanded by prosecution. There will be no jail if TOP does not violate parole. Also T.O.P’s military service of the remaining 520 days can be resumed as sentence is below 18-month threshold.

*The judge kept the sentence that prosecution demanded. Remember, as long as T.O.P does not violate probation in 2 years, he won’t go to jail.

*Court: T.O.P acknowledged all of his crimes and pleaded guilty. He has disappointed many people but he promised not to do this ever again. Also T.O.P was first time offender, which was taken into account Drugs can make one vulnerable, which could have devastating effects.

*T.O.P only goes to jail for 10 months if he violates probation within 24 months. This is a suspended sentence, also called probation.

Credit: OH_mes : _BBmusic : balloon_wanted


Rafael Barba being unfairly seductive in every episode

  Lessons Learned (S14E08)

MP100 Valentines Week: Day 6- Comfort

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I had wayyy more planned for this prompt, but my mind moves at a mile a minute and it’s really hard for me to focus sometimes! So, here’s Reigen giving Seri some advice about taking a break, I guess!