A 3Dprinted scale model of our project for an art and craft associative building in Jeddah (KSA): “ سلة ” (the Basket). Easily recognizable thanks to its white concrete exo structure made of woven beams and its suspended open air amphitheater. SLS 3Dprinting allows to print fine details even at small scale, therefore you can print small scale models (see the pencil), for a very affordable price. All you have to do is 3D model correctly from the start. #3dprinting #3Dprint #sls by @rapidmanufactory #scalemodel #architecture by #ghouyoum #next_top_architects #design #nylonN 📷: @ghouyoum

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How long has it been since he left? Well, he didn’t really know, all he knew was that he’d been on the run for awhile and didn’t really want anyone to see him, most because they’d be afraid of him. He didn’t want to scare people anymore, it just felt bad. The large Nightmaren had nowhere at all to go, and was at a loss when he finally made it to the real world. He had nowhere to go.

He’d flown for possibly miles and was getting tired, luckily the area he was passing through seemed vacant. There were little areas suspended in the air, and kettles littering the area.

He didn’t really take a moment to think that maybe people lived here before he went and landed, bouncing off the ground at first. His hands scrambled to hold onto something to right his position. Holding onto a tree, he got back upright and looked for a place to possibly rest at.

Prediction for Juuzou

Okay, so,  we know, he was suspended in mid-air, heavily wounded. So, what comes next? My prediction:

Juuzou painfully falls down onto the ground, unable to get back up. Kurona is quickly coming closer, his squad too far away to get there in time.

Suddenly- a person with broad shoulders and a fluttering cape is standing right in front of Juuzou, protecting him. Juuzou, still dizzy and very much in pain, looks up, his vision blurry. He can´t make out the person clearly. “Shino…hara..?”, are the first, hesistant words that escape his mouth. His voice sounds breakable and unsteady, very unlike him.

The person turns around, just a bit and finally, finally, he can see the face. It´s not Shinohara as he had guessed. It is Amon Koutarou, looking at him, one eye a flaming kakugan..

TV Insider shares this exclusive Ash vs Evil Dead photo. 

Guess we’re not the only ones hanging out until the October return of Starz’s demonically fun scarefest Ash vs. Evil Dead. In Season 2 of the gore-soaked follow-up to the cult horror-movie hits, Pablo (Ray Santiago) gets yet another lesson in what it means to be the loyal sidekick to demon-hunting Ash (Bruce Campbell) when he runs afoul of Lucy Lawless’s vindictive Ruby.

“Amongst the many ways Pablo is tortured is by spending a day hog-tied, suspended in the air,” says Santiago, who literally hung in there during the filming of Episode 2. Santiago also praised acting with “the amazing Lucy ‘Flawless.’ The crew wanted to bring me down in between takes, but I refused,” he says. “It’s the Evil Dead, man … I got this!”

A Letter To Dodie Clark

I feel like I’m suspended in the air and the whole world in spinning and moving without me. I feel like my life is moving at a hundred miles per hour and i can’t keep up with it. I feel like everyone around me is so beautiful and talented and I’m not. I’m weird and not like everyone else. I feel like one moment I am running around and having fun and then the next moment I have fallen down and everything irritates me and nothing is right anymore. I constantly feel like my friends and family hate me and that they are all going to abandon me and forget about me. I don’t think I’ll ever be ready to properly live. Because I’m so insignificant in everything I do. I am paranoid, depressed and frightened. My mood swings wreck havoc on my relationships and the constant battle between being happy and then believing I don’t deserve it is causing social reclusion and the breaking apart of all my friendships. I cry for no reason. I wail and scream and fuck things up. Because I’m angry at myself, at the world…at my mind. Because I feel like everyone is looking at the world with hopes and fears and normal feelings and thoughts. While I float around aimlessly without a place being dragged by life unwillingly to the next year and the next. I hate time. I hate the thought of death. I hate emotions and I hate the way i look and feel and think. But the worst part of the way I’m feeling is that there is no way to pin point it. I get anxious. I get depressed. But I can’t put a name on what I am feeling overall and it frightens me. I have nothing going for me one moment and then all the ambition in the world the next. I want to live my life to fullest and feel every moment one day and then the next I cross the road without looking because I wouldn’t mind dying. I self harm in the strangest of ways and I’m reckless. I stop myself from even touching alcohol because I’m scared I’ll do damage. I tell my friends that I don’t want to drink when really I do. I do because I want to forget and rot, but I have to stop myself. I am lost. I am broken. And I don’t want to be fixed, because then I’ll be okay and I don’t deserve that. But one thing settled me today and its the knowledge that even the woman I look up to in every way is struggling and, even if it is just for a moment, I didn’t feel strange or broken. But I felt okay. Thank You. @doddleoddle

One night only– Saturday 7/30! Catch Tangle’s circus-theater at the HOT! Festival at Dixon Place, the world’s longest-running festival of queer art and culture! Six women travel through simmering duets, intricate balancing acts, and a suspended-in-air meditation on the passage of time. Tangle presents a mix of new and favorite circus-theater, including a special preview of Surface Tension, part of the 2016 FringeArts Festival! Plus radical new circus-theater solos by Aya Lane and Naomi Ullian of Small Dangers Dance. Tickets are just $10-12, so get yours now! Photo by Michael Ermilio.

Meteor is in Greece

The Metéora (Greek: Μετέωρα, pronounced [mɛˈtɛoɾɐ], literally “middle of the sky”, “suspended in the air” or “in the heavens above” — etymologically related to meteorology) - is a formation of immense monolithic pillars and hills like huge rounded boulders dominate the local area.It is also associated with one of the largest and most precipitously built complexes of Eastern Orthodox monasteries in Greece, second in importance only to Mount Athos.[1]
Videogames and the Art of Deception - Kill Screen
The visual arts have a rich history of deception. Every painting that attempts to condense the world into two dimensions exploits flaws in the way our eyes work, fooling us into perceiving depth and distance through the use of vanishing points and skewed proportions. Optical illusions trick us into seeing differences in color that don’t exist, while portraits painted to look straight ahead seem to follow us as we walk past. The advent of film and TV pushed the art of deception even further. Green screens convince us that the hero truly is dangling from the lip of a 60-storey…

The advent of film and TV pushed the art of deception even further. Green screens convince us that the hero truly is dangling from the lip of a 60-storey skyscraper. Wire-fu, or the use of invisible wires to suspend actors in the air, allows punches and kicks to seemingly pack superhuman strength. And many of cinema’s greatest chase sequences only seem so frenetic because they were filmed slow then sped up in editing.

For as crafty as these techniques are, they simply laid the groundwork for the master of illusive media: videogames. In addition to packing the same tricks as movies and paintings, games are capable of entirely unique forms of deception that not only make their worlds feel more real, but highlight a level of ingenuity that rarely receives the praise it deserves.

On the behind-the-scene tricks of videogames.

Wonderfully detailed #penandink #airship #illustration by an illustrator with the handle @thisnorthernboy on Instagram. There’s a really interesting #juxtaposition of #architectural and #technological styles in this #drawing…

First you have the #steampunk style #dirigible and various #hotairballoon #flyingmachines. All of those #flyingships are docked or #flying around a #medieval style castle… or is it a stacked #city? Or #skyscrapers? Whatever they are (besides really cool looking), they are then suspended in mid-air by some #futuristic bit of #tech that makes the whole thing itself look like one massive airship. I’m not familiar with the writings of #PhilipReeve, but this is apparently based his books. Whatever the #story is behind it, @thisnorthernboy really brought it all to life in a spectacular way. Don’t you think?

Tag your friends if you like it, and be sure to check out @thisnorthernboy’s page for more #artwork of this style and other really great pieces.

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“This form will not do. I think it’s time to redecorate.”

The form of Reprise was consumed from the inside, the core visibly hovering by a network of red threads, suspended in the air. A haunting voice echoed from the glowing, fist-sized sphere. “Too many lies, and too many wounds. Magdolin yes, but a guise is required once more.”

The core spat out volumes of thread, winding itself immaculately around the guidelines it provided. The red strands acting as a support, not just of form but of the creature’s life itself. Working it’s way from the ground up, Magdolin’s latest form was to be a true masterpiece. 

Gone were the heels of Reprise, or the ballet slippers of Sweets. Elegant black dress boots adorned with pristine white spats were woven into existence. Next, slacks, seemingly built around thin, yet firm legs that arose to a belt with a silver buckle. A white dress shirt, a black vest. Onyx cufflinks. A svelte form, notably tomboyish. Barely taller than Sweets was. Their hair, tousled, thick, and chin-length. Eyes of silver, and a button nose. The only reminiscent thing of the Magdolins before them was a single pointed tooth and skin softer than silk. 

They looked at their outstretched hand with a grimace, before a set of ornate silver jewelry wove onto their fingers.

“Enough of the Magdolin talk. Please, call me Anna.” She spoke with a confidence that rivaled that of Reprise, but with the mannerisms that made her seem almost royal. Anna was ready to play this game. Reprise and Sweets? They had already lost.