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'Stay inside': Moment Speaker suspends House of Commons business amid terror attack in Westminster

This was the moment stunned MPs were ordered to stay inside the House of Commons amid a terror attack in Westminster.

Deputy Speaker Lindsay Hoyle suspended the sitting of the House and told MPs: “This House is now suspended but please wait here.”

The main doors into were shut as MPs sat on the benches and checked their phones while others stood in groups and spoke to each other, witnesses said.

It came as panic was sparked when a 4x4 mowed down pedestrians and a police officer was stabbed outside the Houses of Parliament.

Labour’s David Winnick raised a point of order to try to seek clarity.

He said: “Something serious has apparently happened. Could we know if we were to have a statement either from the leader of the House or the Home Secretary?”

Mr Hoyle replied: “It’s not the time or appropriate to this moment until I have got further information.

"What I would say is the House is suspended. I want members to stay in here until we know where we are.

"It’s far too serious to get into a debate. We can worry about that later.”

Scotland Yard confirmed it was dealing with a terror incident and said officers were called at 2.40pm.

Up to a dozen people were injured after a car mowed down pedestrians along the length of Westminster Bridge.

A man was seen receiving medical attention outside Westminster Hall after a 4x4 vehicle ploughed into railings nearby.

At least four shots were reportedly heard after a vehicle ploughed into pedestrians on Westminster Bridge.

The Prime Minister, who had been in PMQs, was in the division lobby when she was alerted and bundled into a car.

Burchell F. Pinnock. Japan Architect Mar 1989, 29
“First impressions of the plans from the architect were that they were not all that exciting. I mean, okay, so it is a house suspended thirty floors above the city street, but I had asked for ‘comfort’ which I thought meant stuff like a jacuzzi and so on.”

Drarry Tarzan AU Part Two

Part one here

So atm these are just little drabbles I add to when I have a moment here or there… if you wanna be tagged, let me know! (And if you don’t want to be!) If you have a prompt or headcanon for this, let me know too xD

Draco slowly opened his eyes. The large, furry head that was leaning over his own drew back, and he heard someone speak.

“He’s awake, Harry. Though heaven knows how you can possibly think this venture worthwhile. It can only lead to problems, mark my words.”

Against his better judgement, Draco sat up. His trepidation faded away as he immediately began to look around in amazement. He was in what looked like a village suspended from the treetops. Houses like the one he appeared to be resting in - cobbled together with branches and vines, and connected by small bridges - stretched for miles.

“See, look, now he’s sitting up. I told you he was going to be trouble.”

Draco turned to the source of the sound. His jaw fell open. “G-” he stuttered. “G- Gorilla!”

The gorilla sniffed. “My name is Percy.”

Draco, through a massive exertion of willpower, did not faint again. Before he could react properly, he saw movement in the shadows.

A man stepped slowly forward, the sunlight slanting across his features and cutting them into harsh angles. If ‘sullen’ had a face, it was this man’s. He stared at Draco, his deep green eyes piercing and his jaw firmly set.

Draco’s eyes fell to the man’s chest, which was bare: sunkissed, golden skin, covered in a sheen of sweat.

Christ, it was hot in here. How had Draco not noticed how hot and muggy it was?

His eyes fell lower and a flush began to rise on his cheeks. Hmm, nothing but a cloth. Well, this man was the white ape, so a lack of appropriate clothing made sense, really.

Draco froze - this man was the white ape. Not a hairless ape at all. A human. A man raised with gorillas. Gorillas who could speak. Draco gulped.

He had so many questions.

“Why are you here?” the man asked. His voice was soft, but deep, and his accent was unexpectedly cultured, although rough in places. It as almost like he had learned some words with different accents.

Draco realised he was gaping, and shut his mouth. “Because you dragged me here,” he said icily, regaining his composure.

The man’s lips looked like they might have twitched, but beyond that he gave no response.

Draco sighed. “The expedition is to find and study the white ape,” he said pointedly.

The man suddenly laughed, a great big laugh that Draco would never have expected could come from him. “Then congratulations.” He smirked properly this time, and Draco felt his stomach flutter. The expression transformed the man’s face from deeply mysterious to… well… mysteriously amused…

“So, can I go yet?”

“I don’t think so.” The man folded his arms and looked Draco up and down. “Besides, you haven’t studied me yet.”

Draco’s jaw went slack.

“Oh for heaven’s sake,” Percy the gorilla moaned, his voice a marker of abject misery. “I don’t understand, Harry - I’m your tutor, why do you need this human?”

Harry, that was the man’s name, wasn’t it? The gorilla had said it before too.

Harry continued to watch Draco. “Because I want him to teach me,” he said simply.

“Teach you?” Draco repeated, shocked. “I’m not a teacher. I’m a biologist.”

Harry shrugged, the brooding look back on his face. Draco suspected he was a man used to getting his own way.

“What can I possibly teach you?” Draco tried again.

“I’m sure you’ll think of something,” Harry said, and without another word he turned and left the room.

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Don’t be confused into thinking that Ed Sheeran is a lyrical genius. He wrote the One Direction song “Over Again” and made this simile:

Hole in my heart like the middle of a polo.”

Literally what????