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Superman hanger, designed by Roman Ficek of Comunistar.

Designer Roman Ficek created this Superman hanger as a conceptual storage piece, allowing civilians to add a subtle superheroic touch to their closet. Unfortunately, the Superman hanger appeared to be available in limited qualities per request, circa 2007.

Perhaps DC Comics will take a cue from Ficek for potential merchandise ideas in 2012?



Since the AU is set in the 1970s/80s @bitterbrokenbones and I wanted to have Rhys’ arm look like it fit into the universe more than his canon robo-arm in the games so we created two variations! The earlier 70s version is much more simplistic and requires a harness, the 80s one he gets later after becoming Atlas CEO so it’s all decked out with the best the 80s sci-fi aesthetic can offer.

Am I the only one who keeps wondering why Mike staying at Graceland doesn’t put the house in danger of being burned? 

I mean, the cartel knows he’s FBI and that he’s investigating the bus lines. Presumably they could put eyes on him and trace him back to the house and the rest of the roommates at any time, thus putting them and the house in danger. One would think that having someone who is a known Fed stay in a house with UCs would be a really bad idea. Obviously, it’s better storytelling if Mike’s in the house and creating conflict, but the realistic part of my brain can’t get over this. 

Then again, what do I know…

Concept: Shizuo and Izaya watching action movies together and scoffing at how “unrealistic” they are.

“Why’d he die? I’ve had bulldozers run over me and I’ve been fine?!”

“Haha! What an idiot! There was a perfectly good ledge for him to jump up to, only ten or so feet above him!”

“???? Why didn’t he just bite the knife????”

“I think The Hulk is unrealistic. No one could be that green, and I cannot suspend my disbelief enough to believe that someone could throw a helicopter with such terrible aim. Even your aim is better than that.”

peterick | kid!fic | pg-13 | ~3700 words

Twenty-three year old Patrick falls asleep next to twenty-eight year old Pete. When he wakes up, there’s a six year old boy next to him poking tattoos on tiny arms that shouldn’t have any. “Look, I’m pretty,” he says, holding an arm out for inspection when Patrick wakes up. “I have one on my tummy, too. Want to see?”


Interview: The Lion Faced Boy
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Hailing from Tampa, Florida The Lion Faced Boy are a rock trio that have been compared to the likes of Alkaline Trio, Bayside and Transit and with their forthcoming mini-album ‘Suspended Disbelief’ they’ve produced powerful mix of radio-ready rock and lyrically passionate songs that are focused throughout.

Formed out of vocalist’s Rob Scanlon solo project in late 2010, The Lion Faced Boy’s latest release sees them once again working with Ramona, California label Pacific Ridge Records, which they had previously worked with on last year’s Alkaline Trio tribute album and are set to appear on a tribute album to The Movielife in the near future.

Already Heard caught up with guitarist Mark Dongivin to find out more about the band, their influences, and told us what the track 'Push Comes To Shove’ is about.

Already Heard are exclusively streaming 'Push Comes To Shove’ by The Lion Faced Boy.

Already Heard: Who am we speaking to today and can you tell us what you do in The Lion Faced Boy?
Mark Dongivin: My name is Mark and I play lead guitar in the wonderful thunder-dome that is The Lion Faced Boy.

AH: For new listeners, how would you sum up your sound?
MD: I think the best summation would be to just say we are a rock band.  There are a thousand genre/sub genre comparisons that could probably be made, as well as a bunch styles we draw from, but at the end of the day, it’s all just rock n’ roll to us.  Loud instruments, heart, balls, and attitude.

AH: You’ve had a few comparisons to bands like Alkaline Trio and Bayside. What do you make of those comparisons?
MD: We don’t mind at all.  I think it’s because those two bands in particular are huge influences on us collectively and that comes through in the writing.  They just have such a style and wholeheartedness about them.  Everyone in the band definitely has there own tastes and likes different things, but those two among a few others are a common denominator. If we had a band Venn diagram, they would be pencilled in the middle.

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if you’re a regular reader of my blog, or an occasional reader with an awesome memory, or if perhaps you happen to be my spammer/secret admirer that’s been flattering me lately with your attentions (it’s true love, completely reciprocal, and i DO want to see your uploaded body pictures), you might remember that i was obsessed with the PS1 Continental Wallet a while back. i was stymied by its hefty price tag, but still really wanted it/really needed a new wallet. i waited a couple of months for either of these problems to go away, and when they didn’t, i figured i had to come up with a new plan. so when in doubt, half-ass it! i bought the PS1 Wallet: the poor man’s Continental, the Joan Collins version of the Continental’s Liz Taylor…but still a PS1. so yay me!? oh but read on.

i just got it in the mail yesterday, and of course, half an ass is never as good as full ass. it only has ONE compartment. i knew this, it was plainly listed information for me to see and retain, ‘one compartment’ appeared under 'details’ and also was shown in picture form for further visual aid, so i did KNOW it, i just for some reason didn’t BELIEVE that it really would turn up at my house with only one compartment. but it did, it proudly did, and was totally like, what are you gonna do about it. and i was unreasonably dumbfounded. intellectually i can reason to myself that there’s no reason to advertise your product to have only one compartment when it actually has several….i mean, it would be like buying a one bedroom house and upon moving in, finding out it actually has a spacious TWO bedrooms, and turning to high-five your husband in disbelief that you got away with scamming both your realtor AND the previous occupants and got two for the price of one. that’s just unrealistic, and probably rarely happens. so i can’t really complain to Jack and Lazaro (although would it have KILLED them to add even one extra pocket?)…they presented the information and i did what i chose with it. but i CAN complain to you guys. and i just want to say, i’m a little unsatisfied. and there’s a good reason why i just couldn’t believe the information right in front of me. for a wallet, having only one compartment is weird. your credit cards slide around, your change sloshes around, you can never find your subway token in there, and it’s kind of a pain. it LOOKS good. but doesn’t function nearly as well as i thought it would. although few things in my wardrobe do i suppose. so oh well, PS1, you’ll fit right in. welcome. and as for me and 'anonymous’, as he is so coyly referring to himself, we’ll see. if he somehow steals my identity, well, the course of true love never did run smooth. if he finds and murders me, well, i shall only love thee better after death. romeo and juliet, antony and cleopatra, tristan and isolde, anonymous and i, sometimes great loves demand great sacrifices…..


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Suspending Disbelief (Linden House Demo) | Circa Survive

Sherlolly Fic Recommendations?

Alrighty, Sherlollians:

You guys know I’m not much of a fan of your pairing, but your corner of the fandom is so lovely and nice and peaceful and friendly that I would like to give it a chance. Does anyone have any fic recommendations that would turn a naysayer into a shipper, or at least turn my dislike/inability to suspend my disbelief into indifference?

(No Mystrade, please. I’m trying to work on one NoTP at a time)

THIS BLOG HAS REACHED 500+ FOLLOWERS! man i haven’t been on here and i haven’t written anything BUT thank you so much <3

have an andreil prison au (this will be just a ficlet for now, but i might expound on it if i have the time haha dang it school!!)

disclaimer: inspired by the happenings in the latest season of suits so be warned about spoilers (ish?) + i’m completely clueless about anything prison-related, so suspend all disbelief

“You’re only denied visitation if Andrew started the fight, Neil.”

Ah, yes. That made all the sense it needed to. The first time Neil got kicked out of the prison facilities, Wymack had to explain all the rules and technicalities to him. He wanted to punch a hole in the wall for being proud of and mad at Andrew at the same time. It was aggravating.

Being in front of him now, Neil felt like he was close to bursting with frustration. Having been kept from Andrew for the last two weeks had filled him up with an anger he hadn’t been able to let out in practices and games. Too bad he was trying his best not to annoy the warden, who was just outside.

“I had to wait two fucking weeks, Andrew. Do you know how hard that was?”

“He was pretty much asking for the fist in his face, junkie. What was I supposed to do?”

Neil discreetly checked the time on his wristwatch. Marital status granted him a lot more time than the normal visitor, but an hour and a half still wasn’t enough. He had a feeling his time with Andrew was considerably cut back because of his latest inmate transgression.

“You’re in prison, Andrew. Of course you’d think everyone here’s asking to be beaten up by you.”

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smart-syrup  asked:

Umm I'm not sure how to send in prompts but umm "I want to go back home" is one.

You got it, bby! I hope the rest of your birthday was as the first half was. Here’s a lil fic, set historically, during the American Revolution, about Laf missing home while he was stationed at Valley Forge <333

 (ps I know Laf most likely stayed at Headquarters with Washington, so please suspend your disbelief and let me put him in a tent for this lil fic lol) 

“My dear Gilbert,” Alexander opened the flap to Lafayette’s tent and sauntered into the tiny space. 

Lafayette, who was huddled on his cot, intently scribbling on a piece of parchment, barely spared Alexander a glance. 

Alex cleared his throat before continuing to read off of a piece of paper. “My dearest, Gilbert, with a comma after dearest,” he singsonged. “I request you pay me a visit at headquarters at your earliest convenience…”

“What are you reading, Alexander?” Lafayette asked, finally looking up at the smaller man. 

Alex only grinned in response. Lafayette quirked an eyebrow and held Alex’s stare until the other man cracked. 

“Oh, just what you wish Washington would write to you.” He smirked at his friend, then tucked the paper inside his coat. “What, you thought I was bringing you mail?” Hamilton said to Lafayette’s confused face. “I’m not a messenger,” Alexander said with a chuckle. 

He sat down next to Lafayette on his cot. “What’re you scribbling there, mon ami?” Alexander asked.

Lafayette couldn’t stop the tears the formed in his eyes upon hearing his native language. He sniffled, turning his face away from Alexander in the hope that the other man wouldn’t notice.

“Laf?” Alex asked. He put a hand on the Frenchman’s shoulder. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you with the Washington thing––”

“No, mon ami, no…” Lafayette sighed. “It’s not that.” He looked up at Alex, who was perhaps his closest friend on this side of the Atlantic. “I am writing to Adrienne.” He took a deep breath. “Alexander, I miss her. I want… I want to go home.” 

Alex’s eyes filled with sympathy. “Oh, Gilbert,” he said. He held his arms open and the other man fell into them, letting the sobs rise up and out of him. 

Sometimes Lafayette truly wondered what he’d done. He was only twenty. How could he possibly bear this much responsibility? How could he be separated from his Adrienne for so long? How could he have done that to her? 

“I understand, you know,” Alex said after Lafayette’s sobs had subsided a bit. “Sometimes I miss Nevis. Sometimes I miss the way the water looked there. I miss hearing French. What I don’t miss vastly outweighs what I do, but sometimes I just miss the familiarity,” he said wistfully.

“Oui, oui!” Lafayette said, some excitement reentering his voice. “I know that what we are doing here is important. There is nowhere I’d rather be than here, fighting on the front lines,” he paused, his eyes growing sad again.

“But you miss them,” Alex finished for him.

“Oui,” Lafayette said. “I miss my family, and I miss my France, my people, my language…” He looked up at Alexander again. “But this country, America, she is also my country. Her people are also my people. And English is…” he laughed. “But I am here to fight for liberty. I am here because this country is also my home.”

“Oui,” Alex agreed with a grin. “And Laf?” He looked his friend in the eye, suddenly serious. “Immigrants,” he said, gesturing between the two of them. “We get the job done!” he exclaimed.

Lafayette laughed, a real, full laugh, and Alexander joined in. When they’d calmed down, Laf clasped Alexander on the shoulder.

“Thank you, mon ami. This is just what I needed,” the Frenchman said.

“Anytime, mon ami,” Alex said. He hugged Lafayette one last time before standing up and walking toward the entrance of the tent. “Oh, and Laf,” he said, turning back to face his friend once again. Lafayette looked back up at Alexander. 

“I know Washington would be heartbroken if you left,” Alex said with a wink. Alexander exited the tent, leaving a blushing Lafayette to finish writing to his wife.

Once he felt less flustered, Lafayette glanced over his letter, rereading all his praise for America. He sighed and crumpled it up. Even though he would undoubtably feel better by the time Adrienne received his letter, he wanted her to know the truth. He wanted her to know how he was really feeling. 

He grabbed a new piece of parchment and picked up his quill again. Adrienne, mon amour, I must confess that today my heart is heavy with Want of you, our darling Child, and my dear France… 

There’s just too much there, to much to suspend our disbelief at. If the fridge had been in like, a rad pool with loads of nuclear waste barrels around it fine. I guess I can try and believe Ghouls who ain’t feral can survive as long as they have radiation. But you still need to give me a better reason for that kid surviving mentally for so damn long. Hibernation I guess? It’s still weak.

Honestly? This quest would have been more interesting if the kid had been feral and was basically a tragic jump scare. Maybe the corpse has something with his last name on it?

Then you run into the Ghoul couple later and you have the option to give them the item for closure. They talk about how maybe if they hadn’t given up looking for their son they could have found him before he turned feral, or maybe he just didn’t luck out like them in the first place. They’ll never know. But at least they know what happened to him, and they have a body to bury.

I mean how weaker would the Arlen Glass encounter have been if you just randomly found Marlene as a Ghoul hanging around the Cambridge crater?

And I got carried away there oops.


Captain America jacket, $395, by Volante Designs

Volante Design (who previously designed this awesome Wolverine jacket) just produced this prototype based on his Captain America jacket design (as seen on the bottom right). The fusion of military design elements with the structure of a motorcycle jacket perfectly complements the trompe-l'œil underbust corset comprised of the red and white stripes. The jacket is fully lined, custom made to measurement, and has three pockets (including one inner pocket and two outer pockets).

For those of you interested in owning your own custom-made Captain America Jacket, feel free to send inquiries to info[at]enzovolante[dot]com.

[On why he didn’t play as a rapper on Atlanta]
“That would be weird… I wouldn’t have enjoyed that. It’s possible to do that within the show, but it just clouds a lot of things. If David Bowie made a show about him being a rock star, you could definitely watch it, but then you’d be like ‘is this dude playing me?’ There’s a level of magic realism and suspended disbelief that you need for all genres.” - Donald Glover
#AtlantaFX #TCA16

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