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Haha, ouch, I hate early wake ups. Ok then :3. Lets see: Two,four,five,nine,eleven,fourteen,twenty and twenty-eight. Sorryy... :/ haha


2. already done

4. honestly i don’t have any major fears that i can think of? the usual ones like spiders and needles and heights don’t bother me, and neither do horror movies really… but i’m sure if i put my mind to it i could think of something because i am by no means a fearless person, ‘cept i’m lazy and tired and cbf

5. silver

9. to be a writer (and yes, that seems like an odd career choice for a little kid but it is legitimately the first career i wanted, i have a little storybook with a snail on the cover with stories i dictated to my mum to write to prove it - and i was able to write myself when i was four, so yeah, this is definitely the earliest)

11. um hmm it does change tbh but i like lucas for a boy and melody and/or abigail for a girl

14. sometimes i do, sometimes i don’t

20. nope, not that i can think of

28. um idk answering this question makes me feel bad?? probably the people i’m closest to are sammi and dana (rl people for everyone else who follows me) and bree

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2,3,4,7,8,18,20,22,23,26,32,36,49,52,57,70,71,72,81,82,89,91,93. :3. Sorry! they're just so fun to do! you can get me back if you want :3



2. uhm jk rowling, chris colfer, karen gillan, emma watson, the list literally goes on (and on and on and on and on and on and on)

3. my mother hugs the wedding photo tightly against her chest and then places it, along with the book of plants, on our government-issued chest of drawers (mockingjay)

4. already done

7. idek i don’t really have any talents strange enough to be worth mentioning?

8. girls… are hot, boys… are hot /welp

18. already done

20. my greatest weakness is probably the fact that i can be really unintentionally patronising to people when i know something they don’t/they say something that sounds stupid to me which is really horrible and a habit i am trying to break… i don’t even know what my biggest strength is tbh

22. i did with my cousins when we were little but i suppose that doesn’t really count lmao

23. by making a ragey tumblr post about it tagged with various creative ways to die

26. in some ways yes and in some ways no, but i’m too lazy to elaborate

32. i like to try and see the bright side in everywhere i’m lucky enough to go to?? /gr0ss sappy optimism


49. not that i can recall?

52. sagittarius

57. including this one or not? :P well i suppose as of today, three technically…

70. qualities i value in a friend are mostly that they like the same things as me tbh, so in that respect i’m gold… but no honestly i think i would piss me off because i hate hypocrisy yet i’m a hypocrite myself (ultimate irony) and i hate patronising people yet i can be really patronising myself… etc

71. i wish i lived somewhere cool enough to have canals beside the street but alas no /cheating i know but i’m bad at predicting what i would do in situations because i like to be idealistic and think i would do something good but i probably wouldn’t… honestly i would probably yell for someone else to save the dog? if worse came to worst i would save it yeah i think i hope

72. a) i have absolutely no idea… how exactly do you even go about telling people this? b) again i have absolutely no idea my creys c) absolutely yeah

81. here lies emily, lover of books, boobs and dragons /lol i kid idek something short and sweet and not too sappy

82. fuck

89. if you’re afraid to tell the truth on it wouldn’t you not want to draw attention to the question in the first place? /avoids the question spectacularly

91. an endless supply of wishes idk if that counts as a superpower but it does now ok

93. honestly again i don’t get the question because if it is something you wish hadn’t happened why would you dredge it up and why would you post it for anyone on the internet to see? sigh idk