I did it! My first (finished) piece of fanart for this fandom. And of course it’s Mycroft as Lady Bracknell, because that’s amazing and fits like a glove.

Some trivia/personal headcanons:

- The dress is based on the dress of Lady Bracknell in the Takarazuka musical of The Importance of Being Earnest.

- I imagine that Mycroft actually kind of likes to wear corsets. They are fancy, expensive and give him a nice figure.

- Mycroft wears eye-shadow because he is likes to and follows the lead of Uncle Rudy. (And because I couldn’t get the lipstick right.)

- My father thought it he was Tante Sidonia from the comic Suske en Wiske if I made the nose bigger. (And tbh, I already think it’s quite big but I really liked the flow of the line so I didn’t want to mess it up.)

- Last but not least: @animeri2115 Look! I finished this one first after all!