baby's first reading: a review

i was in savannaket, laos when susie contacted me about doing a reading at an event she was hosting for the launch of stacey teague’s book takahē. i hadn’t met susie before but about a month ago she had added me on facebook and followed me on twitter and tumblr.

i had never done a reading before, but agreed to do it because i thought it was a “good opportunity” for me. i didn’t really think about it much because i still had a lot of travelling ahead of me.

but in the week leading up to the reading i considered contacting susie to warn her… did she know i was old and unhip? because i’m old and unhip. i feel like people doing these kind of things should be 21 and have a sort of bohemian air about them but i’m 26 and really anxious and uptight.

instead i focussed all this anxiety into what i should read. all of my writing is depressing and i feel like readings should be funny so i rewrote a bunch of things and tried to match poems together. instead i chose to read a short story about eating marijuana pizza in cambodia.

the event was held at a house in coburg, which is kind of far away from where i live but still easy to get to. there were pieces of art displayed in the hallway and kitchen and music by a guy called ampersand, who does kind of ambient/drone stuff. he played in the laundry.

then there were the readings which happened outside on the back patio near a small bonfire. the readers included susie anderson, dan hogan, anna crews, zoe dzunko, holly childs, and stacey teague. everyone pretty much read poetry which made me feel a bit different. i was really nervous and drunk most of a bottle of wine.

after the readings my boyfriend said i spoke a bit quietly but proudly introduced himself to people as the boyfriend from my story, which i thought was really cute.