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I’ve been asked to compile a list of appropriate terms/words when referring to Indigenous Australians.. So here goes!

As a little bit of back-ground info on us.. Indigenous people in Australia have the longest continuing culture/s in the world. With many different language groups, culture groups, similarities with cultures in certain parts of Africa, Indonesia and nearby countries/nations, Aboriginal Australia is indeed diverse, to say the least.


Terms/words that are appropriate:

  • Indigenous Australian/s
  • Indigenous 
  • Aboriginal 
  • Aboriginal people/s
  • Torres Straight Islander person/s
  • Torres Straight Islander people/s
  • Native (though it’s not used as much here and more often heard to describe the Indigenous people of America, some will use the word)
  • Black (yes, we ARE Black.. the white settlers used the term “Blacks” which reduced us down to our skin color.. we’ve reclaimed that word and is often used like “Black-fella”)
  • ATSI - Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander/s (umbrella term for Aboriginal and Torres Straight Island people’s or for shorthand)

Terms/words that are NOT appropriate:

  • Aborigine/Aborigines (a big no-no and sadly many still use these terms today)
  • The Aborigines
  • The Aboriginal people
  • The Torres Straight Islanders
  • Blacks
  • Colored
  • The n word (pretty obvious, really)
  • Half-caste 
  • Full-blood 

Appropriate area-specific terms:

  • Murri - Qld, north west NSW
  • Nyoongah - WA
  • Koori – NSW
  • Goori - north coast NSW
  • Koorie - Vic
  • Yolngu - Arnhem Land
  • Anangu - Central Australia
  • Palawa - Tasmania
  • Ngarrindjeri – SA - River Murray, Lakes, Coorong people
  • Torres Strait Island Peoples
  • Murray Island Peoples
  • Mer Island Peoples

Also, words that are used to describe us as “less-advanced” when compared to European societies, are not acceptable. We are not less-advanced, or less-modern or a “primitive” people - we are just different. As is everyone. 

Please direct any further questions to black-australia.


White people crying racism about Nick Cannons album name

(Time to break this down for white people especially American Whites…I doubt they’ll ever understand)

First of all for the “White Americans” who are complaining about racism against you…All the African American people in American live YOUR culture. Not their native culture but YOURS. This European language, we’re conditioned to dress like you in order to seem professional, have certain acceptable hairstyles etc. Even due to our own ignorance today a lot of what WE think is apart of their culture NEVER even came from them. I say to hell with that!

Now first of all I think Nick Cannon is a lousy music artist. I don’t even like him.
I stumbled upon this album on itunes and I decided so see the reviews.
Of course, the comments were white people crying out:

“What about WET” ( white peoples version of BET)
BUT…this is my question for white people…
1) How the hell can you complain about BET when over 95% of American television is aimed at your race? You have the super Heroes and much much more.
You have slave movies like the Butler, 12 years a slave etc to make YOU feel comfortable and look like saviors. ( btw in hated those two movies! Pure propoganda.)

2)The people who even maintain most of the worlds wealth look like you.
3)American society and many others where Europeans have taken over are systematically built to benefit you.

To sum it up: not a goddamn thing about that title is going to negating affect the way society treats you. And you know it. Any negative ways were already a result of what your ancestors did to nearly the whole planet of non white people and the attitudes that I’ve noticed many still have today. Smile In Your face but talk shit about you online.

This is something for my black people even the black people who’ve been Europeanized (willingly accepting white culture and abandoning your own carelessly) to keep in mind:

Most white people have to make themselves matter. For survival purposes. They try to make themselves matter by staying on your mind constantly. When you see movies, turn on the TV, who do you mostly see? White people. They’re everywhere being put into
Our subconscious minds even though they’re the minority on the planet earth. We’re conditioned to dress like them, and look like them. They have no significant history so they put themselves in positions that get them attention.
As long as they’re on top everything is good. When that dominance is threatened and it will be you’ll see exactly the two bit sense of self worth they believe about themselves.


Often when the subject of slavery becomes apparent in conversation, white people will often use the counter excuse “slavery was like 200 years ago” and “you cannot blame me for what my ancestors did”. If you are upset about the subject of slavery and feel extreme empathy towards it you have all the God given right to be. When you are told the above statements it is used as an excuse to shut you up and make you stop hurting the oppressors feelings, because then they feel some type of “guilt” once having to face the privilege they know they have. I’m sorry, but there is no way of tip toeing around this fact. I’m going to go ahead and debunk/explain these fallacious statements, to the best of my ability, right now.

Slavery DID NOT end 200 years ago. Slavery was declared illegal (illegal slavery was still going on though) in the United States: December of 1865, the current year to date is March 2014. Anyone with basic math has the ability to subtract these dates by year and realize this was only 149 years ago. So no, you cannot magically round up numbers to aid your ignorant argument as to why people of color have no the right to be angry/sad/disappointed. To be frank, 149 years is not that long ago. If we were to put that into perspective that is the added life span of 2 people who both lived up to the age of 74.5 years. This is also a short enough time to assume that America was and is (arguably) a slave economy built on the backs of one race and the genocide of another (Native Americans).

“Don’t blame me for what my ancestors did”. Now, excuse me if I’m wrong, but when I think of the word ancestor I think of someone or something ancient. Meaning someone who has lived and has been dead for a very long period of time. Some, if you believe in the evolutionary theory, would say it is even a descriptor of our ancient descendants like Homo Erectus, etc. What does not come to mind, is your Grandmother and Grandfather who are alive and who you get to see every Sunday at church or at annual family gatherings. When a white person or an oppressor uses this sentence it is selfishly used as an act of self defense when faced with the blatant realization of the privilege that they have. Again, using the word “ancestor” is a similar tool like adding on years to the end of slavery. It makes it seem like the incident is so far back in history that you should let by gones be by gones. The reality is that we are not blaming you for what those of your “race” have done before you, we are merely stating that you benefit from a system that socially hands you a better life, because of the color of your skin. If anger does occur, it is usually a product of the disappointment realizing that you have the ability as a free thinking human to challenge that system and point out what is immoral about it, yet you willingly stay ignorant so that you may benefit from it. No, you’re not whipping my back, but you may as well be. Why? Possibly, because you are benefiting from the same system that tells people of color they can easily succeed in it while having obstacles that can only be surpassed if you have been born with such privilege.

NEVER AND I REPEAT NEVER, let anyone with privilege tell you what to do or think? Why, because you are a human being and that automatically gives you the right to be treated with humanity and to be able to feel remorse or sadness when faced with oppression. If you feel oppressed SPEAK UP DAMNIT. (:
It’s a free country….. Right? And even if it wasn’t, SPEAK UP ANYWAYS. Challenging white supremacy is NOT racist. Challenging a patriarch is NOT sexist.

- Susie the Moderator

Tune in to part 2 where I will post about why using the excuse the Jewish and the Irish were oppressed is not a valid argument, why it is NOT okay for the elderly to be racist, and how yes, racist people can change through knowledge and realization of privilege (testimony from myself about my step grandmother who is white and grew up in Nebraskan south).

Often when you are kicked down whether it be mentally, physically, or spiritually... These 5 familiar words are often spoken with little to no explanation as to how it will help or what exactly is meant by : "don't fight fire with fire"

What they mean is: Don’t fight fire with anything.

Do not fight fire with water.

Do not fight fire with foam.

Do not evacuate the people.

Do not sound the alarms.

Do not crawl coughing and choking and spluttering to safety.

Do not barricade the door with damp towels.

Do not wave a white flag out of the window.

Do not take the plunge from several stories up.

Do not shed a tear for your lover trapped behind a wall of flame.

Do not curse the combination of fuel, heat, and oxygen.

Do not ask why the fire fighters are not coming.

When they say: Don’t fight fire with fire.

“What they mean is: Stand and burn.”

- Claudia Boleyn “Stand and Burn”

(via @claudiaboleyn)

Hi—Susie the Moderator had asked if I wanted to submit something, and after a gap of many days, I have. If you have moved on and no longer need this, lemme know. I’m just proud that I stopped writing before I actually hit book length.

Stuff like this usually goes on my SemiticSemantics site, but I am also lodubimvloyaar as above.

Thanks for the opportunity!

Are Jews considered POC?

The short answer is, “Yes, no, and maybe.”

This is the long answer:

The terms ‘white’ and ‘people of color’ don’t work very well to describe many Jews, or many Jewish experiences. I’m going to try to explain why, and also to explain

The great majority of Jews are descended from an indigenous Middle Eastern people who, according to tradition, started from Iraq or Syria before settling in what is now Israel and Palestine. A global diaspora resulting from a series of invasions and population upheavals spread Jews across the map. We picked up some customs from the people we lived among, while preserving our own,and our own religion, legal code, and self-concept. We also picked up some genes along the way. Ashkenazim and Sephardim (these terms will be explained below) seem, according to modern genetics research, to be about 70% Middle Eastern, and 30% European. (I’m basically leaving Jews by choice out of this discussion, for several reasons, so I’m taking this moment to salute them and assure them that no disrespect is meant by this omission.)

The bulk of the diaspora can be split into three broad groups, distinguished by region, language, and minhag (a term referring to religious traditions). The Mizrahim, ‘the Easterners’, are the Jews of the Arabic-speaking world and their descendants, but the term is often also used for Persian Jews, and for Jews from West Asia and parts of the Caucasus. The Sephardim (from ‘Sefarad’, the Hebrew name for Spain) are the descendants of the medieval S*panish Jewish communities, expelled from Spain at the end of the fifteenth century, and Portugal during the sixteenth. And the Ashkenazim (from “Ashkenaz”, the Hebrew name for Germany) are the descendents of the Jews of Central and Eastern Europe.

These groups are somewhat fluidly defined and described, not least because Jewish history has been one of continuous upheaval, expulsion and migration. Ashkenazi communities settled in parts of Turkey and other areas within the Ottoman Empire, and Sephardim ended up in Ottoman lands, Holland and North Africa. Mizrahim moved to France. Everyone moved to Israel and the United States. Marriages between the groups happened for centuries, and are now super-common in Israel. (As a well-known pop example, Jerry Seinfeld—yes, that Jerry Seinfeld—has an Ashkenazi father and a Mizrahi mother.)

The cultural divisions above, in addition, do not include the entire Jewish people, by any means. The Ethiopian community, for example, is an example of a large group that falls into an entirely different category, since their diaspora began earlier, and their religious practice reflects an earlier form of Judaism than the ‘beginning of the common era’ model the rest of us walked away with.

However, and this is something that is rarely understood by gentiles, and vitally important to any understanding of Jews, despite all of these cultural divisions and variations, we have actively considered ourselves a single people—am Yisrael—for thousands of years.

So, given all of this, are Jews people of color?

Some groups are undeniably ‘visible’ people of color, such as the Ethiopians or the Chinese communities, and no one attempts to define them otherwise. Ditto, visible people of color who are Jews by choice, or people of mixed Jewish and gentile PoC heritage.

Outside of this narrow zone, however, definitions get tricky.

Many European (both Ashkenazic and Sephardic Jews) have defined and do define themselves as white, since roughly the late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, the point at which the development of whiteness as a social construct intersected with the emancipation of the Jews of many European countries. Many of these hopeful dates, of course, reflected false promises. If whiteness was offered in many places in Europe in the 1800s, one might say it was revoked, emphatically, during a period of the 1900s. Nevertheless, this is the starting point of the idea that Jews could be ‘white people’ in any real sense.

I can’t emphasize enough that this access to whiteness was conditional on the borders and attitudes of gentile nations and cultures. The perception that Ashkenazim were always privileged for being white Jews is entirely false. This extended to some of the Mizrahi communities as well: for example, the wealthy Baghdadi merchant families

I also can’t emphasize enough that all of these groups have, throughout Jewish history, understood ourselves as one people, one am. Despite separations of distance, we shared a language, a religion, a legal code, and an understanding of ourselves as the descendants of common ancestors. I am not going to be romantic enough to insist that distance, cultural difference and gentile concepts of race never got in the way of this, but I find that it is very hard for most gentiles to accept how deeply it ran and runs, and how core the concept that all Jews are a single people has been and continues to be.

In the United States, my experience has been that most light-skinned Jews tend to identify themselves as white. It is how we are commonly perceived by strangers, at least in urban, ethnically diverse areas, and it is how we are defined (like Arabs) on government paperwork. It also reflects, in the last few generations, the degree of white privilege we are able to access. This is not a universal. Some Jews, identifying themselves primarily as people of Middle Eastern descent, or as people consistently targeted historically and in the present day by white supremacy, choose to define themselves outside of whiteness. It’s common for American Jews who feel this way to define themselves as ‘white-passing’ or ‘conditionally white-passing’. Many Mizrahim, regardless of skin color, describe themselves as people of color, because of their cultural and historical distance from what is usually defined as whiteness.

This is the United States. Europe is a different matter, and I would argue that, outside of, perhaps, Great Britain, it’s impossible to define European Jews as being white in a European context. I’m basing this on my own experience, and that of people I’ve been close to, as well as discussions with Jews living or raised in Europe. If a European Jew wants to weigh in with more detail about this, please, please do. In areas where the dominant Gentile cultures are not white, there are other issues, and the concept of white/PoC may be entirely irrelevant, or only relevant in the context of the country’s experience of colonialism.

My back went up when I saw the original question. For Jews in places where it’s a relevant question, whether we are white or not has often been a subject that gentiles feel free to pronounce upon, often with political objectives of their own in mind. Jewish oppression, both historical and modern, is often dismissed scornfully—if Jews are white, how can we possibly have been the victims of racial oppression, the reasoning goes. Non-Jews with little understanding of Jewish history and culture often weigh in as experts, announcing confidently that Ashkenazim are white and Sephardim and Mizrahim are PoC. Not only does this not reflect either historical or modern reality—and reveals that these weighers-in have met very few if any Jews who are not assimilated American Ashkenazim—but from a standpoint of Jewish social and political identity, it can be a direct attack on our self-definition and our concept of peoplehood.

Often, the results of outsiders imposing their ideas of whiteness or color on Jews results in the idea that Ashkenazim are white—and that therefore, their privilege outweighs their oppression as Jews—and that the ‘exotic’ Sephardim and Mizrahim are people of color. As such, the gentile ‘definer’ will agree that they can experience racism—from white people, and from white Jews—but the ‘definer’ will seldom bother to understand their experience of anti-Semitism, nor to understand that the source of this anti-Semitism was often other people who would be called people of color.

The result of all this is to drive an artificial wedge…one not based in Jewish thought…through the Jewish people, insisting that a sociological distinction based on the concepts of white-supremacist non-Jewish cultures defines Jews more accurately than our own cultural concepts, and is entitled to divide us from one another.

To the questioner: ask. Don’t try to put some thirteen million people who were, until recently, flung world-wide into such a small box. One Jew may tell you she is white, another that she is white-passing, and yet another that she is a woman of color. All three may look the same to you, or they may look different. Understand that even if they give different answers, they are tied to one another by thousands of years of history.

Edit: I just sent through a submission, then realized one sentence got truncated. The sentence is from toward the beginning and should read: “The terms ‘white’ and ‘people of color’ don’t work very well to describe many Jews, or many Jewish experiences. I’m going to try to explain why, and also to explain to some extent how Jews actually identify ourselves.”

anonymous asked:

is it ok for people who are from asia (the middle east and around there, so brown) to say nigga/nigger?

No, no no no NO.
It sure as hell is NOT OKAY.

If you are not black don’t say it.
“nigga” and “nigger” are the same word if you’re not black.

It will never be okay, you cannot reclaim a slur that was not directed at your people.

- Susie the moderator

In response to the Anonymous Asker wondering why "white allies" and "non racist" White People are called Race Traitors by their fellow white people:


Personally, I thinks it’s because of the “white lens” their viewing the world from (not excusing btw just giving my theory).
It’s no secret, no matter how many times they try to deny it to save face, that White Pride and White Nationalism are White Supremacy Groups with racially motivated discriminative beliefs. The white people in such groups undeniably and ignorantly believe they are above any non-white human and have an unbecoming sense of entitlement to everything and everyone on our shared planet earth.

The premises of these groups is Hate. Also, to stroke their fragile Egos. Plain and simple it’s to HATE and LOATH People of Color with the full intentions of violence and hindering non-white communities. They know this and they forgo any sensibility that what they are doing is wrong or unethical. Or they know and don’t care, making up relatively false or discriminative misinformation to excuse themselves (willful ignorance and cognitive dissonance).

Subconsciously, throughout White Western communities whether it’s blatant, unknowingly, or subject to circumstance declaring love for your race, ethnicity, and cultural community is strongly associated with Hatred for others. i.e “You cannot love yourself without hating another group. Racial Pride means you view yourself supreme to all others. Self-love and cultural pride stem from the belittlement and dehumanization of those who differ from you”. A very black and white concept, I know. (no pun intended).

*Again, you all know me fairly well enough (as a blogger anyway) to conclude that I’m not giving anyone a free pass to think in this destructive way… I’m just explaining it in a way others can educate themselves and hopefully form strong arguments to combat this destructive thinking.*

*Now, where does this fit in with our ‘White Allies’(using this term very lightly)?*

We know that it is very possible to unlearn toxic mentalities and also to not internalize them heavily during socialization. The ‘White Allies’ that we’re speaking of do not share the false equivalence of “Self-Love=Outward-Hate”. Having the ability to understand that when a non-White person claiming love for their race (i.e. “Black Pride, etc) in response to White Pride/Nationalism it is not an act of hatred toward others, but a proclamation of love/acceptance of ones self despite Institutional Racism and Socialization telling non-white people that you aren’t worth anything. Self-Love is a beautiful revolutionary thought process, really.

IN CONCLUSION and answer your question (finally I know!):

Due to their environmental socialization White People, consciously or not, see non-white self-love and personal acceptance as ‘White Hate’ or 'Reverse Racism’. Witnessing another White Person (their own kin) speaking out against the very institution that allows them their unchecked privileges is disheartening to them. Not to mention seeing White People supporting non-White self love is seen as a White Person saying “Fuck me and my fellow White People! Non-White people are supreme and all around better than us White People). This then brings up conscious feelings of betrayal/anger/frustration to those who are blatantly racist and subconscious feelings of betrayal/anger/frustration to those who have internalized this mentality.

Hence, the term “race traitor” becomes applicable and make more sense as to why it’s used. Regardless of the probable fact that the aforementioned 'White Allie’ doesn’t hate themselves or their people. They just do not support Institutionalized Racism. Despite also having privileged and internalized racist socialization like their blatant counterparts.

HOPE THIS HELPS :) it’s a long read, but worth it to get a good understanding of this subconscious thought process. Again, not excusing, but it’s important to be aware of why people behave the way they do.

- Susie the Moderator

p.s. This knowledge can also be applied to why Feminism is thought of as 'Male Hatred’ and the LGBT+ being seen as wanting to destroy CIS heterosexual relationships, etc etc

virtuallyoffended  asked:

people are really hypocrites like I remember this one blog saying you shouldn't say nigga bc it has deep roots to a different meaning but they call people fuckboys even tho it has deep roots and in prison it means a guy in prison that was raped ugh people really need yo watch what they say

Fuck boy 100% does not mean that literally at all. Like at ALL. The definition you gave was by white people columbusing one of the many African American slang terms.

That post was made by a white person who obviously didn’t know what it meant, looked it up and found it on urban dictionary (that’s right urban fucking dictionary, the website that when you search black people the highest rated definitions are 100% racist and repulsive cuz the majority of the users on that site are immature white people).

It’s an African American slang term for (in my (Susie) own super broad words *feel free to add more definitions followers) an immature man who treats woman poor, uses them for their bodies, etc. He’s a cheat that can’t be trusted and is sketchy and lame with his actions.

- Susie the Moderator

I'm going to take the liberty to assume Pete Wentz does identify as mixed Black Person and that he's a democrat all from that post <3 I knew I liked FOB for a reason

- Susie The Moderator

anonymous asked:

There's a difference between helping PoC because we are all oppressed and only standing up for black people. I used to love your blog but now I'm just sick to see that I stand up for BLM so much and they don't support other PoC movements

….. mmkay honey, I’m not sure if I’m reading this correct.

To Paraphrase: You used to love our blog but not anymore because Eon and I are a supporters of ‘Black Lives a Matter’ and you are unhappy that they aren’t focusing their attention on non-black POC and you’re mad because we support BLM and think we are only standing up for Black People? Do you not see the diversity in our posts or nah?

Okay well first unfollow us and if you don’t it’s okay because I’m blocking your IP address anyway. 💁🏾

Second… You are literally whining in our inbox because BLACK Lives Matter: (BLACK) as in in Blickity-Blacker-than Black… BLAAAAAACK as in Black Diaspora….. As in Black People being the topic of discussion. Focuses solely on Black People? Are you shitting me? Out of ALL the Black run groups that have a base as black rights group, but also touch on POC you’re mad because BLM focuses on Black People? Like how selfish do you sound. There are hundreds of Black run groups that focus on Everyone, why BLM?

Black People have our own racial problems to worry about (if you were wondering) which are quite large and can be found across every ethnic group. Seriously, look in the mirror and reconsider sending this type of message again.

I’m sick and tired, and tired and sick, of this sense of entitlement Non-Black People of Color have when it comes Black run spaces and what we protest about. The majority of your groups focus on y'all damn selves and the majority of black groups focus on EVERYONE TOO.

You want visibility and marches damnit get a group together and do it on your own. We’ll cheer you on. You don’t need Black People holding your hands do you? C'mon we support you guys on so many things while being well aware of the anti-black racism in your communities.

Black Lives Matter is for Black People and Black People ONLY. No one else. Sorry I don’t feel an ounce of guilt or regret for saying this (I’m very unapologetic, quite frankly): THIS. SPACE. IS. NOT. FOR. YOU. IF. YOU. ARE. NOT. BLACK!

I’ll say it again just so there is no confusion: “Black Lives Matter is for Black People.. ONLY”. Deal with it and move on or be unhappy, because it’s not changing anytime soon. 💚

… and you know, as a digress, the irony and humor of your whiny little ask is that Black Lives Matter has fully supported, shouted out, and included Non-Black People literally since it began.
- that time the white kid was wrongfully killed BLM supporters were literally the only ones taking about.
- same with non-black POC getting wronged we made articles and hashtags for you guys.
- 'literally too many examples to list’
***Is this an actual message or are you just trolling to get blocked, Anon?

- Susie The Moderator

It’s Islam Awareness Week here at The University of Minnesota! Today’s theme is: Hijabi for a Day

The very beautiful ladies of the Muslim Student Association are putting on a “Hijabi for a Day” here! Knowing me of course I took their cultural invitation and have been wearing my Hijab the entire day :) and well… It’s very different I must say. I’ll never fully understand what is like to be Muslim, with or without Hijab(etc). But it’s very nice of them to share their culture with us!

I just wish people would stop staring at me… It’s like a spotlight was shown on me once I left the Coffman Union central area and began exploring campus… I’m not sure if they’re like “oh she’s participating today or oh they think I am Muslim”… Either way.. MIND YOUR OWN DAMN.

SOOO.. As much as I love participating in this, I would like to here ALL opinions. Both negative and positive about this?

- Susie The Moderator

anonymous asked:

We ask white people to refrain from doing the hands up don't shoot or saying I can't breathe because they won't shoot you and you CAN breathe. There are plenty of other ways to show solidarity

Exactly. Plenty of ways including speaking up in front of YOUR people. Not just a group of Black People showing you are an “ally”.

- Susie The Moderator

Just a quick update! Two moths ago I asked the reverseracism followers with help finding a styling gel for baby hairs that worked on natural hair AND didn’t leave flakes or crinkle the surround skin.

Thank you so much to the hundreds of people who suggested products! I went with the most suggested: Eco Styling Gel. Just used it tonight on my natural baby hairs anddddd it’s beyond amazing!

Thank you to my RR family (:

- Susie The Moderator

Sooo shamelessly asking for makeup advice. BUT! It helps all my brown skinned make wearers so its okay!

I am on the left with the Senegalese Twists and the red lipstick.
Would anyone recommend some nudes, reds, or purplish colors for lipstick?

THANK YOU! and hey, since this picture has three different Black skin tones if you want to suggest for all of us or the skin tones feel free!

I’ll be reblogging or answering your suggestions.

XOXO, Susie the moderator

queen-cyclops  asked:

I just gave a speech today on how reverse racism doesn't exist and I came up with this really great example I wanted to share: White people saying they know oppression like pocs do is like saying you're starving while waiting in line at a restaurant. No, you're not starving, you're hungry. You don't know starvation like having your organs drop from your muscles being malnourished. The same goes with oppression; you can face problems, but you've never faced oppression.

I’m impressed (: that is a good example on how reverse racism doesn’t exist.

Thank you for sharing.

- Susie the moderator

Include people of color in Emoji keyboard! I'm looking to YOU for help!

Of the more than 800 characters featured in the Emoji keyboard, famously used by Apple, only two resemble people of color. Even then, they are incredibly stereotypical and discriminative. We are asking Apple executives, including CEO Tim Cook and Jony Ive, Senior Vice President of Design, to update the Emoji keyboard in order to more closely represent the diversity of people who use it everyday. We believe that with your support, we can combat this marginalization of people of color, and encourage Apple to implement these necessary and overdue changes.

Dear kingknowbody,

I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you did not read my post. Why? Because If you had read the post you would know that using the names of fallen icons, heroes, and, children in the black community was not mentioned, even hinted in its context.

The purpose of the post was to POC who go about their daily lives and have to police themselves about what activities they partake in, because white people deem them stereotypical which in turn gives white racists “evidence” about being right about racial makeup, etc.

It was an encouraging post for all POC, whether Black, Asian, Native American, etc to continue living their lives to the fullest without barring activities, because they are seen as stereotypical and none moral to the white community.

How dare you mention those who have died and fought for equality in your ignorant post informing black people to go back to the plantation. I can promise you they are shaking in their graves at your audacity. Freedom fighter fought for the right to act “black” or however the fuck you wanted without worrying about other cultural rules. You lack understanding of what chattel slavery was otherwise you would never make a joke about sending a human being back to a plantation. Where is your humanity?

Are you daft? Possibly riddled with internalized self hate? CONGRATULATIONS!! You’re holding the POC community back by coinciding with racist viewpoints. Your mother must be so proud. I assume you believe we should assimilate into white western culture than too, hmm? Or possibly that ALL black women are loud and “ghetto” right. Since us POC are so uncivilized, right? Wrong, mothafucka. Take your Uncle Tom having ass somewhere else; please and thank you! While you are at it, kindly read the last two paragraphs of the post again; you know the one that says “fuck you” and also the one that says POC who judge other POC aren’t worth shit?

With that being said, since you are so opposed to POC participating on anything your “white lords” think is unacceptable. Anybody reading your idiotic response to the post can assume that you’ve: never eaten a watermelon or chicken. Also, you must hate all rap & RnB music right? Right. You’ve probably never said the word “nigger” “nigga” or any variation. We all know you stay inside every weekend and never party with your friends, also know as “turning up”. Lord knows you’ve never had any difficulty understanding something in school and have never ever spoken in “Ebonics”, etc etc (:

No one deserves chattel slavery, but perhaps you, with your livid slave mentality, should take a guided tour of what plantation life was really like and get your bitch ass out of those history books written by old white men.

Now, be gone witcha Ol’ Uncle Tom having self hate internalized POC shaming freedom fighter name dropper anti-black blaspheming ignorant head bitch ass.

- Susie The Mothafuckin Moderator Ya’ll