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Hey Guys! I have an Important Message from Sarge. Please Read.

Hello, it’s Sarge. I wanted to tell you that I’ll be leaving this blog, so Susie will be the sole owner of the blog. I’ve been absent from this blog for many months, and eventually I fell out of watching Markiplier, so I didn’t think it was appropriate for me to stay a mod.

The time when I was active was really great. I’m glad to have made some great friendships through the Markiplier fandom, such as Susie. I remember the regulars of this blog and I’m gonna miss you. It’s been a great 2 years, Markiplites! Keep loving, and being kind to each other. Take care.


I am afraid we do not have a count of the precise number of wings in our archives, @sakura-kagurazaka (reblog blog) and many items are still redacted @imzebrony (RP blog). As for the number of wings in the Library of Canterlot, that would be a question to ask @askteabiscuits (Ask blog).

We are surprised by the rumors, @endarkculi (mod blog) but rest assured that things are under control, Stripes (mod blog). I do hope the situation has been resolved, mercenarymewtwo (NSFW blog) and @ask-werepony-guard (RP blog). I assure you @asklangire (Mod blog) and @jristz (mod blog), there is no need to worry about @susie-queen-of-the-vampireponies (Susie blog)

(Wheels poster in the last frame by the very awesome @pixelkitties, and the BOOKS! poster is done by the very awesome @ottercha0s , who is right now having a sale on commissions, both high end and sketches! Check it out!)