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anonymous asked:

did you see the new Ryuko and Senketsu figurine ? Shit , she is so perfect.

Of course!

A cute thing about this figure is that it’s actually a fan-made garage kit based off of a draft Sushio drew for the Volume 9 cover art

…and Sushio himself retweeted the photo of the figure from the artist, showing that he appreciates and approves of their work!

I just find it really sweet how supportive Sushio is of the fans—and especially so in this case. Because while Sushio has retweeted other figures based off his work as well (such as this figure of little Mako and Guts, which is modeled after an illustration in LOVE LOVE KLKL), the Ryuko/Senketsu figure is a figure based off a discarded, unused sketch

So many artists are a bit embarrassed about drafts and scraps (I know I am), but Sushio saw that someone took his draft and put it into three dimensions and he supported it!

Additionally, this figure seems to be called “Ryuko Matoi and Kamui Senketsu Life Fiber Synchronize (or more literally, “Human-Clothing Unity”) Lovey-Dovey” and that is adorable.